Morning Joe Whines About Being “Low On Totem Pole” Because Hillary Clinton Won’t Come On

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During Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, co-hosts Mike Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough openly complained about their inability to book likely 2016 Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to appear on the show. In a segment discussing early primary states and polls, both Scarborough and Mika took shots at the former Secretary of State, claiming she is scared to appear on a “freeform” show like Morning Joe because the show doesn’t have “dimwits” reading pre-arranged questions from a teleprompter. All in all, the bitterness and resentment over their show’s apparent lack of importance showed through rather clearly.

Brzezinski began the whinefest by claiming she has reached out numerous times to Clinton’s staff to get clarity on some of her positions or to possibly have the ex-First Lady on the show. Later, she contrasted Mrs. Clinton’s lack of communication with Morning Joe with that of some potential GOP candidates like Scott Walker and Rand Paul, stating they’d “reached out” to the show to either appear or provide comments. The co-host said at that point that the show was obviously “low on the totem pole,” perhaps acknowledging the sinking ratings and lagging popularity of the program.

Scarborough took over at this point and provided his typical smug take on the real reasons why Clinton hasn’t appeared on the show. In his opinion, the former Democratic Senator is frightened to come on a show with a tough panel who won’t ask her pre-screened questions. He feels that Clinton sees her approval rating among Democrats and doesn’t want to risk it by getting challenged by the mighty Joe Scarborough.

“If I’ve got an 89% approval rating among the Democrats, why do I want to talk to anybody? Why do I want to go on a show like this one where you have to actually talk about the issues, where they’re not dimwits that read a teleprompter and ask you three questions they were told to ask last night. This is freeform.

There are candidates intelligent enough to handle that and not say stupid things. But there are a lot of candidates, on the Republican side as well, that are just scared to be in this sort of setting. So why would she come?”

While Mika at least somewhat recognized the fact that Clinton may not be appearing on Morning Joe due to its decreasing reputation and plummeting ratings, in Joe’s mind, it is all because she is shaking in her boots at the prospect of dealing with him and his tenacious questions. If you ever wanted to see Scarborough’s arrogance in full effect, this segment is a prime example.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of MSNBC:

31 Replies to “Morning Joe Whines About Being “Low On Totem Pole” Because Hillary Clinton Won’t Come On”

  1. Well we do know one person who will never appear on that show: Lori Klausutis, care to answer some questions about what happened?

  2. Oh Joe..once again you give yourself far more importance than anyone else does.

    No one watches your show because you’re a hack. Go to Faux News and you can be low man there too.

  3. Joe has NO idea just how LOW he and his show really are. Maybe soon he and Mika can just slitter away and never be missed.

  4. Scarborough Challenges Dems To ‘Show You’re Not On The Side Of Jews’ (VIDEO)

    During his tirade, Scarborough railed against Democrats snubbing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whom he called “a spokesperson for Jews worldwide,” and accused President Barack Obama of “allowing the Iranians to roll over him” in negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program.

    “You guys are good at what you do,” co-host Mika Brzezinski said to Scarborough and another Republican at the table, Nicole Wallace, pointing out that Scarborough had called Boehner’s move a mistake only days earlier.

    That set Scarborough off.

  5. Poor Joe. In case he hasn’t noticed, Hillary has not even declared for President yet. She is not ‘afraid’ of him; she is wise not to go and sit on a set full of cretins who don’t like her, her husband, or their policies. Why bother? Every time Obama sits down with O’Stupid, he is subjected to insults and barbs. Hillary will get enough of that in another year. This process goes on too long. Bravo to Hillary for not churning up the shark-infested waters of the ‘news’ shows too soon. Let the GOP whine and speculate and shake in their boots. When she does come on, Joe will look like an even bigger fool. To say that she can’t handle an unscripted show is ludicrous. Just ludicrous. Hey Joe, check out her interview with Charlie Rose recently. There is no one in this country better read, better educated in history, or who knows more world leaders personally and can talk to them calmly. Your mean remarks just show how unsuited you are to return to politics.

  6. Free form? FREE FORM??? This show is nothing more than gotcha’ inquisition. The only difference between his show and Jerry Springer is the lack of flying folding chairs.

  7. I am unable to understand what MSNBC is attempting to do by continuing to feature Morning Joe for three hours every weekday morning. At least the stupidity of Fox & Friends is funny, and the CNN people are likeable while Joe is boring and hateful.

  8. Now we know why MJ has plummeting ratings: Scarborough has an inflated ego regarding his power. He is a has been Congressman. He only wants Hilary on his show to increase ratings.
    He spends much of his program allowing white, elitist, Republican males expound GOP talking points, but now he wants Hilary to appear. Really? Why?

  9. Hillary Clinton is not afraid of taking questions from anyone sounds like the pontificating Joe is baiting her….

  10. Joe is an effing idiot!

    Most tribes and cultures who use totem poles place their most prominent figures at the bottom.

    They are closer to the observers and they are thicker, which signifies they are the pillar of strength for all above it. The weaker, more flighty carvings are on top. There are some tribes who place the order as part of a story being told, but that is more the rarity. In those cases, the order on the pole means little.

    Colonial Westerners always screw this up.

  11. Your right Sally, why would Hillary go on his show, when all he does is humiliate his guest when they say something he doesn’t agree with. I don’t understand either why MSNBC has given them to FAUX commentators yet? Also Willy, why are you there?? I can see by your facial expressions that you don’t want to be there, and you look much happier on the Today show. They drag you over there because they don’t have enough guests, right?? Hillary is not scared at all, she is too smart, too much of a woman to be associated with either one of them, Mika that is why you are being ignored just like your ratings, MJ is not just being ignored by Hillary but many, not just one or two but many. Keep inviting all the unpopular ones like Gov. Walker, Dick Cheney and Senator Paul. Please get the hint and go over to the FAUX commentators. Both of you will fit right in.

  12. joe doesn’t realize that the lowest image on the totem pole is the strongest one, carved by the best, most experienced artist. he can’t even properly insult himself.

    bottom of the sh#theap, yeah. totem? never, ever.

  13. Maybe Hillary has had enough of pontificating blowhards in love with the sound of their own voices.

    she is a work horse, not a show pony. she has better, more productive things to do than be insulted by white male clones.

  14. Why would Hillary go on a show who’s named after one of the leaders of her husbands impeachment hearings. Scarborough was one of the smart ass Cons who were always on their soap box. Now look at him. His smug rudeness with anyone that doesn’t agree with him is costing him his show. Besides, Hillary hasn’t even announced yet!

  15. If Hiliary were to come on MJ, she’d have to speak very slow so that Joe could understand. Seriously, intelligent women frighten Joe. Rachel had him screaming in the night on Meet the Press. And on The Road to th Whitehouse, he HIT the road. So Nope. She won’t be coming to MJ.

  16. I wish Mika would stand up for herself she is so much smarter than Joe(Hannity) he is a total ah××× Hilary will wipe the floor with him why should Hilary go on his show he hates her he’s only looking for ratings he should call Palin she is in his league

  17. So when she was being grilled by all the idiotic GOP questions in the Benghazi hearings, those were all pre-screened questions from dimwits?

    Thanks for clearing that up, Morning Joke.

  18. I’m up at 3 am sharp every morning, Monday through Friday, and I immediately turn on the early morning news… ”Morning JOE”? Hardly, I said NEWS not the rantings of Racist, Homophobic, Greedy, Religious Right, GOP Cool-Aide drinking, Koch Brothers bought and paid for Puppets, found on M.J. They are idiots!!!
    Though I often wonder how MSNBC can produce such GREAT News praise worthy programing during the day and evening, yet start their day with M.J.’s Circus of Dumb Monkeys?!?! Go figure….

  19. MSNBC should get rid of Morning Joe and give the 3-hour spot to the Cycle.

    Let’s face the reality. Reagan Democrats are dead or a dying species. Even Hillary Clinton, AKA moderate Republican, rejects the show.

    I cannot stand domineering Joe. I cannot accept Mika who behaves like a spoiled brat with temper tantrums, instead of standing up rationally. Mika is a very bad role model for girls.

    If MSNBC cannot fire Joe and Mika for some reason, switch them with the Cycle and move them to the 1-hour spot.

    I still wonder if MSNBC is serious about their business. I cannot stand RERUNs of Lockup. Even though I care about the marginalized population, I am fed up with it. I do not want to watch prison stuff repeatedly, again and again. Who wants to watch that show repeatedly? I am also fed up with RERUNs of Caught on Camera.

    No wonder MSNBC has low ratings.

  20. I am so glad that I was watching New Day on CNN this morning, instead of Morning Joeker on MSNBC.

    Chris Cuomo was brilliant by slapping Alabama Chief Justice, Roy Moore, for almost 30 minutes.

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