President Obama Is Days Away From Dropping The Veto Hammer On Keystone XL


This week it is expected that President Obama will quietly veto the bill that would authorize the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.

The Hill reported:

President Obama is just days away from issuing the biggest veto of his tenure, with Republicans poised to send him legislation that would authorize construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Obama’s veto — just the third of his presidency and the first since 2010 — is expected to come with little fanfare, with even opponents of the pipeline arguing the White House should avoid further angering Democrats and unions who want Keystone to be built.

In what can only be described as delusional thinking, Republicans are giddy about the veto because they think that will be able to paint President Obama as opposing job creating bills. The problem is that 61% of those surveyed in a recent poll supported the president’s position that Republicans in Congress should not short circuit the pipeline approval process. Even among Republicans, 43% want to let the review process to play out.

The politics are on President Obama’s side on the Keystone XL issue. With the EPA finding that the pipeline could raise environmental concerns, the Republican argument for rushing through the process is falling on deaf ears.

Lower gas prices have also taken the teeth out of the Republican argument that the pipeline must be authorized right now. A majority of Americans don’t share the Republican-controlled Congress’s sense of urgency on this issue. All signs point to the ridiculous Republican strategy of painting President Obama as a job creation obstructionist falling flat on its face.

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  1. Do it Barack, its time to show these billionaires that America is not for sale to the highest bidder or biggest polluter! America belongs to us people, not corporations.

  2. Labor unions, like the Teamsters, are PRO Keystone XL?? WTH??

    Why are they fighting for 35-50 permanent jobs while being totally mum about the American Jobs Bill that’s left under a bunch of dust on Boehner’s table??

    I don’t understand this position, and it doesn’t make me want to support those labor unions as diligently as I have been.

  3. Why don’t they run the Xl pipeline accross the southern boarder of Canada, it would be a shorter distance to the Pacific Ocean than the Gulf of Mexeico. Not sure about the terrain in that area but I’m sure the backers have the money to take care of that!

  4. Please give Peace A Chance build lifelines transporting
    organic, naturally occurring, hydrocarbons without spilling blood.

    The following links illustrate what already does and increasingly continue’s to ‘Significantly Increase’ Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

    Syria’s Illegal Oil Wells

    The World’s Biggest Fuel Consumer

  5. This will be great news for the chinese. They have shown great interest in building a shorter pipeline to the canadian coast. We will just keep importing oil from not so friendly nations. Yes I know that some of the oil would have gone on the world market most would have ended up at our refineries. This veto makes so sense. we will be dependent on fossil fuels for many years to come.

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