Bernie Sanders Goes On CNN and Destroys Boehner and Netanyahu For Undermining Obama

bernie sanders to skip netanyahu speech

During an appearance on CNN, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) destroyed Speaker of the House John Boehner and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu for conspiring to undermine President Obama foreign policy.


Sen. Sanders said:

A President Of The United States, whether that person is a Democrat or a Republican leads us in foreign policy, and when you have a situation in the Middle East where the politics and the dangers are so volatile, the idea that the Speaker of the House would invite Mr. Netanyahu to Congress without consulting President Obama is I think a very very bad idea.

The second point, and I think President Obama made this point is that it is wrong to give any politician, not just Netanyahu, the stage of a speech before a joint session of Congress as part of his reelection campaign. That’s wrong for politics in Israel. That’s wrong for politics anywhere in the world.

And the last point that I would make, Mr. Netanyahu has every right in the world to disagree with President Obama or any of us about our relationship and we proceed with Iran in terms of how we prevent them from getting nuclear weapons. He has every right, but he doesn’t have the right in my view to inject himself into an American political discussion by being the speaker before a joint session of Congress to criticize the President Of The United States. There are all kinds of avenues open to him to speak to members of Congress, and that’s fine. I don’t think it’s a good idea to have a foreign leader coming before Congress to rip apart the President Of The United States.

The CNN anchors tried to compare Netanyahu’s speech to Congress to President Obama’s Berlin speech months before the 2008 election, but Sen. Sanders was having none of that, “Several months is different than several weeks…And by the what Obama and our allies are trying to do is what the American people want I believe is prevent a war with Iran. Now, I understand there are differences of opinion, but I think it is bad precedent to invite the leader of a foreign country to come before a joint session of Congress to attack the president’s position on a very sensitive issue.”

Sanders said that his constituents want to see foreign policy done in a non-partisan way, “I think what Speaker Boehner has done is very much politicized the situation in a way that is unprecedented….The point is the President Of The United States, and again it doesn’t matter to me whether it’s a Democrat or a Republican, leads foreign policy, and to invite that Prime Minister, that foreign leader, without consulting the president is a horrible move.”

Sen. Sanders summed up the entire opposition to Netanyahu’s speech very effectively. It was wrong for Boehner and Netanyahu to politicize this process. None of this should sit well with the American people. The fact that Boehner and Netanyahu are conspiring to undermine a sitting president on foreign policy, and the fact that a foreign leader is trying to influence American foreign policy are very troubling aspects of what Boehner and Netanyahu are doing.

What Republicans are doing is disloyal to their country, and Bernie Sanders called callous partisan politics on national television. The opposition to Netanyahu’s speech is growing louder, and the conservative conspiracy to undermine Obama is beginning to crumble.

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  1. Gawd they are sooooo stupid.

    Which countries governing body did Senator Obama speak too as a candidate ?

    Which world leader did he undermine ?

  2. Just goes to show you how stupid the media are and you will idiots repeating “well Obama spoke in Berlin”

    First he did not go before the Bundestag(that’s he German Parliament for you baggers) and try to humiliate the German leader.

    Second President Obama was speaking to the German people on his vision for the world not trying to blow it up.

    I must say Sen Sanders has been eating his Wheaties lately because of cowering before the neo cons and the American Likud party he is telling the truth.

    Now the question will be are other DEMS paying attention?

  3. I left a message on my Senator FB asking him NOT to attend! This is the time all the Nation is watching to see if our Senators/Congressman, woman will stand behind a Foreign Power or Our Own President! Netanyahu is betting against America, that our Legislators will stand behind him, before they stand behind their own President an the oath of office they took to be Loyal to their own Country an it’s people. Netanyahu/Rep. Boehneer is playing a Dangerous Game with the relationship of our Two Countries an our Domestic Politics to undermine the United States President! Those who show up at that SPEECH by this Foreigner who when he couldn’t mow over the top of this President to get his way found the Weakest Link in our Government an slithered in the back way to meddle in our Gov/Foreign Policy!! We are now at a cross road, where the whole World is watching to see if America is stand behind/honor an be Loyal to our own President or if Israel MORE important than our own country!

  4. We KNOW that every Republican who believes that #1. Obama is not an American (Birthers). #2. Who believe that Obama is NOT their President. #3. Don’t like him for who he is. #4. Who believe they know far better than Obama and his administration how to conduct foreign policy (Bomb ’em). #5. Who believe that he is a Muslim sympathizer. #6. Is A Commie. #7. Privately say– “Who the hell he think he is?”. #8. Who would love to see Obama fall flat on his face and fail (not happening). #9. Who have been outmaneuvered by Obama (revenge). #10. Thinks that Obama is too well liked around the world (and not them). #11. Who see eye to eye with Netanyahu. All of these Republicans WILL show up at Bibi’s speech to spite Obama.

  5. Let’s keep up the good work, guys!

    I sent my comment to the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) insisting they speak with one voice to stop as many democrats as possible from attending this farce.

    Unfortunately – and don’t hold this against me – I’m from Texas, and even though it may be like trying to catch a moonbeam in my hand, I’m still going to send them my two cents.

    Can we start a friendly wager that the speech will all of a sudden be canceled?

  6. What digby said: Don’t lose sight of the real story in the alliance between Netanyahu and the GOP

    digby gets to the real point about the latest Republican attempt to make President Obama look bad by making themselves look worse. Let’s not get caught up in process. This story is about much more than process.

    Yes, the way it was done was wrong. The Speaker of the House should not be inviting foreign leaders to speak without clearing it with the White House. This is the kind of thing they should agree upon before it happens.
    But the real issue here is that Netanyahu and the Republicans are trying to tank the nuclear negotiations with Iran. Even if they had crossed all their Is and dotted their Ts they’d still be trying to stand in the way of a more peaceful world. That’s the problem, not the lack of protocol. And it’s a big one.

  7. Doesn’t everyone get it??? The GOP just can’t get over that They Lost 2 elections for President to Obama. Considering McCain and Palin, then Romney and the idiot. It is a blessing that they have both houses now. 2016 NOV the American people will get out the vote and prevent these Greedy morons from ruining this country.

  8. What Boehner did is not only wrong, but isn’t also illegal according to a law put on the books in 1799 by our founding fathers? I for one would like to see it investigated further.

  9. The pres of Israel should keep his nose out of U.S. Politics or maybe we should let him go it alone. Boehner should think more about the American people and less about his own political gain! Maybe get off the b——.

  10. Here’s what I would like to see happen: The boycotters all attend. And when the Israeli PM is introduced, they all stand up, turn their backs, and walk out. All of course televised live.

    PM’s are very used to addressing chambers that are vastly empty; wouldn’t phase him a bit. But to have so many turn their backs and walk out would be a huge slap to his face.

    Just my hope. Sadly, I doubt it’ll happen.

  11. Well said Yvonne. I do believe we can get this speech cancelled. He is already having second thoughts about it.

  12. Edwin. The President of Israel hasn’t said anything that I know of. Naziyahoo is prime Minister. Most Israeli folks are against it according to Haaretz, a left leaning Jewish paper.

  13. What would be better than cancelling Naziyahoo’s speech is let him think it’s going to happen, then when he gets off the plain he is met by federal agents who are there to arrest him for espionage.

  14. I hope Senator Sanders can convince most Democrats to walk out of the speech or not attend at all. Handing out checks from the tobacco companies on the House floor wasn’t low enough for Mr. Boehner. Now he thinks it’s ok to violate precedent and possibly Federal law.

  15. I am truly amazed to see that some people are willing to disrespect our own American President just to prove a point. I may not agree with many of Obama’s policies, but he is still the President of the USA, and disrespecting him shows lack of respect for America. Regardless if you are Republican, Democrat or neither, keep your Allegiance and Respect for the USA and NO one else.

  16. The incompetence of those in our media was on full display in this interview. Netanyahu is the PM of Israel. When Sen. Obama made his speech in Berlin in 2008, he was not POTUS. Big difference between the two situations. He did not make a speech to Germany’s national legislature against Merkel when he went to Germany. Again, a big difference. These CNN hosts should have known this, and the fact that they didn’t shows that they were trying to create a false equivalency and failing in the process.

  17. The only time I see CNN is through the videos embedded in stories like this. So I have to ask, who the hell were those twits posing as news people asking Sanders questions?

  18. What will Republicans do if Netanyahu loses?

    When 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney declared, “We will not have an inch of difference between ourselves and our ally, Israel,” there was no mistaking which Israel he was talking about. As he put it in December 2011:

    “I’d get on the phone to my friend Bibi Netanyahu and say, ‘Would it help if I said this? What would you like me to do?'”

  19. John Boner needs to learn that his place is in CONGRESS and NOT in the White House no matter how much he desires it and act accordingly! He has overstepped his boundaries time and again and gotten away with it without so much as a slap on the wrist. But this time he’s going behind the President’s back to do something involving national security! He should be arrested!! Who the Hell does he think he is and why is he allowed to get by with it? Boner needs to go!

  20. I love Bernie Sanders; an often lone voice of reason against the plutocrats, and their Republican enablers, who are eating our democracy whole. However, even he, is not entitled to his own facts.
    . . .the idea that the Speaker of the House would invite Mr. Netanyahu to Congress without consulting President Obama. . .”
    January 30, 2015 An earlier version of this article misstated when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel accepted Speaker John A. Boehner’s invitation to address Congress. He accepted after the administration had been informed of the invitation, not before.
    See Also: []
    Boehner’s invitation was motivated purely by malevolent Republican partisanship. However, Israel is the Czechoslovakia in Obama’s craven Chamberlainesque outreach to Iran. Netanyahu is justified in accepting any opportunity, no matter how tainted, to combat it.

  21. As for meddling in another democracy’s electoral process; It behooves the pot not to complain about the soot stains on the kettle.

    “According to the Independent Media Review Analysis, Haaretz reported today in its Hebrew edition that Jeremy Bird, National Field Director for Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign, former Deputy National Director of Organizing for America, and South Carolina Primary Field Director and Ohio General Election Director for Obama’s 2008 campaign, will now be running an anti-Netanyahu campaign out of Tel Aviv. According to the report, the funding for Bird’s position appears to be coming primarily from outside of Israel. Front Page Magazine adds that Bird is taking a break from the Hillary Clinton campaign in order to spend this time in Tel Aviv.”

  22. The Washington free beacon?
    The Beacon’s chairman is Michael Goldfarb. Its editor in chief is Matthew Continetti. Sonny Bunch is the managing editor. Bill Gertz is senior editor.
    Child please. This is called propaganda to cover your ass.

  23. Undermining US Foreign Policy is an act of treason by those who perpetrated this Netanyahu speech before Congress , getting a Foreign Head of State to try to influence policy is truly treason . This is a long way from just wanting your own way for the Republican Party . This would not happen to a White President (lots of racism permeates the Rep. Party now )

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