Koch Brothers Group Shouted Down By Irate Citizens During Montana Town Hall Meeting


A “Healthcare Town Hall” set up by the Koch brothers’ Americans for Prosperity (AFP) group, in Kalispell, Montana, turned raucous on Thursday night. Americans for Prosperity has been crisscrossing the state of Montana, in an attempt to pressure moderate Republican lawmakers into signing a pledge to block Medicaid expansion. On Thursday, they brought their traveling road show to Kalispell. However, the residents of the small Northwestern Montana town were unpersuaded by the Koch-funded group.

The AFP chose to set a meeting in Kalispell because the district is represented by Frank Garner, a Republican who has declined to sign a pledge opposing Medicaid expansion in Montana. AFP targeted Garner along with fellow representatives, Jeff Welborn (R-Dillon) and Tom Berry (R-Roundup), for not bowing to the Koch Brothers’ edict to block Medicaid expansion.

The expansion would extend affordable health care access to 70,000 low-income residents in the Big Sky state. Montana’s Governor Steve Bullock (D) has vowed to support the expansion, but he faces an uncooperative Republican-controlled legislature. However, some Republicans, including Garner, have indicated a desire to compromise with the Governor so that more Montanans can get inexpensive health care coverage. That willingness to cooperate with Democrats has made Garner a target for the Koch brothers.

Americans for Prosperity sent out flyers with Garner’s face superimposed over Barack Obama’s, to tie the GOP lawmaker to the President. The mailers urged constituents to “Tell Frank Garner to stand with us and vote no on ObamaCare’s expansion in Montana”. Garner claims he was not extended an invitation to the meeting. He found out about the event from a reporter on the House floor, in the Capitol building, in Helena.

The Koch brothers may have been expecting an easy propaganda victory in the small Montana town of 20,000. However, the plan backfired, as around a hundred local residents, and Representative Garner, gave them an earful, instead. The AFP spokesperson was frequently interrupted by boos, shouts, and derisive laughter. Feeding on the crowd’s boisterous energy, Representative Garner blasted the Koch Brothers’ organization, declaring:

I promised the people here when I ran that I would listen to you and not out-of-town special interests. If every time they want me to sign a pledge card and I don’t do it they are going to rent a room and have a meeting, then this is going to get real expensive. Cause I’m not signing the pledge card.

Thunderous applause followed.

Local residents were incensed by the outside group trying to intimidate their representative. An audience member, Nathan Kosted, confronted the AFP spokesperson and said:

Why did you call this a town hall meeting? I didn’t get an invite. I wish I’d been invited, because I want to know how we get the Koch Brothers out of politics. I want to know how we get you out of politics.

Another person in attendance was even more blunt. The man stated:

You have pissed me off. Character assassination does not go down well in Montana. If he (Garner) has to take a pledge then I want it to be the Pledge of Allegiance, because they don’t represent you, they represent me.

The Koch Brothers probably thought opposition to Obamacare would be an easy sell in small town Montana, but their town hall meeting backfired in epic fashion. Much to their chagrin, there are still some Republican lawmakers in Montana who can’t be bought off, and some voters who won’t fall in line, no matter how many millions the Koch Brothers’ decide to spend.


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  1. Good for Kalispell! It should be against the law to call something a “Town Hall” when you don’t invite the town.

  2. Truth is if most American hear the truth on the Koch plan to buy America and bring down our countries Democratic Republic they would feel the same :The kochs cannot survive the truth.

  3. Good for Kalispell but this tactic is going to work in a lot of American towns who don’t see how harmful the Kochs are to America.

  4. WHAT???????!!!

    Americans living in a rural area want to expand ACA????



    Going to read a book about the Koch family.

  5. These guys have spread out like an octopus… not only AFP but also ALEC and SPN which has so many tentacles that it looks like a terrorist organization…. maybe that is what all these were fashioned after…

  6. It’s a breath of fresh air to hear people waking up to the Koch brothers’ tactics of intimidation. You know they will now spend heavily to defeat Representative Garner in the next primary, but the people won’t be intimidated and already have a taste of the Koch’s way of persuation. Their ads will fall on deaf ears in this community.

  7. You think the citizens are pissed now just wait if the Reich wing of SCOTUS strikes down the exchanges in what have the be the dumbest and cruelest case since Plessey vs. Ferguson when they will get a tax hike of over 3200 dollars

  8. This needs to happen more and I think it will continue amid the flaccid protests from the Goebbels channel and the American Fascist Association etc. etc. The Koch brothers need to be stripped of all their wealth and power and distributed to the entire nation that they have stolen from through tax revenues handed to them by the Conservatives.

  9. Kalispell and Whitefish are two of the loveliest towns in Montana, and Kalispell just got even prettier!

  10. The elderly Koch bros have more money than they could ever spend. This is about creating a Utopia for them and their kind. A new “Gilded Age”. Oh, I forgot. They inherited their money. Never really “worked” a day in their lives.

  11. This is the GOP’s worst nightmare. People are waking up to the fact that millions of people have been denied health insurance for far too long – due to cost, due to pre-existing conditions, etc. – and they are starting to realize that health care is a RIGHT that all people should have.

    I hope this starts to happen more and more.

  12. The Koch family are the personification of selfishness and e vil.
    1) This family helped Stalin turn the USSR into a superpower. They had no problems with the thousands of slaves who died in the process long as uncle joe paid in gold.
    2) The German side of the family enriched itself on the Jews who died in the Holocaust. The American side of the family is doing its best to wipe out our disabled, elderly, poor by denying them the basics for survival.
    3) This family is composed of clinical psychopaths. Their total lack of empathy is selfevident.
    4) This family is also suffering from OCD. They are hoarders plain and simply. Instead of filling their house full of junk they will ever use, they hoard money. It is not enough they have more than they need or will ever need, they have a problem with Americans having safe drinking water and a bowl of soup.

    The only thing worse than a member of this vile family is their supporters.

  13. Yah, I hear the public sector labor unions were able to get their people out. Wonder if they got paid overtime? I also hear that the representative made promises to voters he appears he is not willing to keep. It’s amusing after the wholesale slaughter the DEMs took last November because of ObamaCare, some people are still willing to jump over the cliff for Obama’s policies.

    Montana would be smart to refuse to expand Medicaid. Obama already tried to negotiate down the federal share in his 2013 budget.

    Plus, Medicaid is a terrible program. Lots of doctors wont take or really limit the number of Medicaid patients they see because they couldnt afford to keep their practices open — the reimbursement is so bad.

  14. Union haters will never understand the bloody fight the workers went through long ago with abusive employers unless they read the whole history. As for medicaid, my disabled son gets medicaid and has all the medical care he needs. You are seriously brainwashed if you say these things you said. My suggestion is re-education.Healthcare law needs improvement and some tweaking as all new laws do. Maybe you should put your endeavors into that goal instead of destruction OF ACA because you will NOT see replacement of this law with anything good for the people from the GOP.

  15. “…I hear the public sector labor unions were able to get their people out.”

    First of all, incomplete sentence and improper use of verb.

    Secondly, you did not name “what” union.

    Thirdly, rumors do not qualify as fact
    (as in “who”).

    “…some people are still willing to jump over the cliff for Obama‚Äôs policies… …Lots of doctors wont take or really limit the number of Medicaid patients they see because they couldnt afford to keep their practices open…”

    Your attempt to say something “on message” is full of weasel words (or should I say “mee-mee-mee-words”) and ramblings, indicating your lack of knowledge on the subject.

    You get an unapologetic “F”. You are not “political girl”–political pose-person is more accurate…stick to playing “Kings in the Corner” at the local Cracker Barrel.

  16. Heritage Foundation, CATO Institute, American Family Association, FreedomWorks, Georgia Pacific (Home building supplies), and tons of paper product manufacturers. The list goes on and on.

  17. Perfect example of a paid-for sockpuppet representing pathological hoarders who simply aren’t and will never be happy that someone, somewhere, a poor person has clean drinking water and affordable health care.

  18. It’s ironic . reading the story.. even though I’ve read it before, people are starting to wake up. it’s that one single, solitary person, who is in denial that makes it harder. Hey, ” Political Girl” allow me to give you a wake up call. Incumbent presidents usually lose congress late into their 1st and 2nd terms. I was hoping it wasn’t going to happen, but it did. The ACA is working. It has lowered costs for out of pocket, and it has been a whole lot easier to get insurance and keep it. If you have a serious illness, like my wife, they could kick you off. Not anymore. Roughly 100 million people have insurance. And you want to take people off insurance? For what logical and sane reason?

  19. Good for them-hopefully, this is a preview of the people in Montana thoughts and positions on the Keystone Pipeline-the domino effect!

  20. The Koch brothers are billionaires. They have enough money to last many lifetimes. Whether you agree with them or not they have the right to spend there money anyway they want. I know they also donate large sums of money to many charities. oK I get it that many people on this blog don’t like the Koch brothers. This is America and they can do what they please with their money. People disagree a lot on politics. it gets bad when people name call and closed minded when it comes to the issues.

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