Politicus Radio: Democrats Push Back On Disrespect Of Obama


On this episode of Politicus Radio, Sarah Jones and Jason Easley discuss the Democratic pushback to the disrespect that was shown to President Obama by Netanyahu and Boehner.

Listen to the show (starting at 7:30 EST):

The Democratic boycott continues to grow every day as Sen. Patrick Leahy announced that he would be skipping Netanyahu’s speech to Congress. Democratic anger has not been decreasing in the way that both Netanyahu and Boehner hoped.

It is expected that Democratic outrage and resistance will grow as Boehner and Netanyahu continue to insist on moving forward with a scheme that has turned into a disastrous idea.

The question is how Democratic voters treat those Democrats who choose to attend the speech?

Should Democrats be held accountable, and if so, how?

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  1. The question is how Democratic voters treat those Democrats who choose to attend the speech?
    Cut them off. If the dummycrats goes against the wishes of the party base then all contributions should be withheld. They can go ballwash Adelson for funds

  2. I’ve emailed my Rep twice… the first response back was a song and dance about wanting/needing to hear what he had to say…

    my response to that was Netanyahu’s positions are WELL known and this speech won’t be anything new…

    my Rep is Eric Swalwell… I’m very disappointed in his position… it was couched in much nicer terms than Pete Stark would’ve used but its the same thing I would’ve expected from him… and that’s the reason I voted Stark out..

    I also emailed our Senators DiFi and Boxer but their response was no response at all…

    I continue to urge Dems to boycott this slap in the face of the President…

  3. Netanyahu’s visit here is not only a slap in the Presidents face, its a slap in all Americans face..

  4. Good program but I have to disagree with Jason on 2 things.

    First the reason why this is happening. It doesn’t have anything to do with domestic politics. I truly believe they want us to go to war with Iran. If you ever get the chance read the kirk Menendez bill. That is one scary document that would put our military under the control of what Israel would do without any debate what so ever.

    Second. Our response. I really don’t want to hear after a week we should just let this blow over. We did that with the government shutdown and when it came time for the election most people didn’t even know there was a shutdown. What we have to do is hammer it home everyday that republicans are traitors to oath they took to defend the Constitution.

    Keep up the good work and I will be coming back for more

  5. If not now, when?

    The Republicans orchestrated a bloodless coup on day one of Obama’s presidency to overthrow his administration.

    With Boehner’s outrageous manuever, this should be the final straw for Democrats and it’s time for them to prove they’re not all in it together.

    You know.

    The old Good Cop – Bad Cop Routine.

    The speech is going to be canceled. But…..

    If it’s not, you can count on Boehner jumping up and applauding everything Netty says more than he did for his own President.

    No wonder the likes of Putin and Netanyahu have no respect for the President.

    The treasonous Republican party and their army of darkness have carefully taught these foreign how to carefully hate President Obama just like they do.

  6. Time for some of these bigshot Republicans to be brought up on charges of espionage & treason against the U.S. I do something against the law and get locked the F up. Justice dept.?

  7. All Democrats should attend the Boehner/Netanyahu circus.
    But they should just quietly turn their backs.

  8. The Logan Act is a real law intended to prevent this very thing from happening,and unless the law is followed as written,then
    it is no law at all.The so called equal treatment under the law as it has been applied in recent history,has shown the average citizen knows they are not being treated the same,and as should be the case,they are disappointed & angry !

  9. All Dems should walk out after he is introduced. If they want to hear what he has to say, I’m sure it will be recorded.

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