Editorial Cartoon: Rubber Stamp




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  1. We love your Cartoons, Bill Day!
    Please keep nipping-at-the-heels of The Evil Koch Bro’s.

    “At their most recent retreat in Southern California two weeks ago, the billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch and 450 of their donor-allies announced plans to spend $889 million over the next two years to influence state and federal elections and shape the national discourse. The money would go to bankrolling political activity, funding think tanks and academic research, and fueling grassroots organizing efforts around the country—all in support of the Kochs’ pro-business, free-market-centric ideology. That eye-popping, nine-figure goal made national headlines, but what wasn’t reported was that the Kochs and their allies were already well on their way to banking that huge amount of money”.


  2. I think reporters should interview the Koch brothers and other big donors. Since they plan on buying every area of government with a known nearly a billion dollars not counting all the dark money, just what will a United States of Koch be like. Why do you want to do away with most of government and how does that benefit Americans other than say about 400 people. They should grill all bought and paid for candidates too. It can’t be repeated enough what their agenda is and any pundit that gives a dam about this country should be brave enough to tell the truth.

  3. So much for American freedom, we now have the Congress that Koch bought. They’re the only free Americans. We handed it to them. Time for retaliation in the voting booth.

  4. I think that we can say now that the Koch’s have bought and paid for our government, first they bought Wisconsin and some other redneck states and every law the rethugs are passing is written by ALEC, the Koch’s
    group. If America does not wake up, they will find they have lost the country to these evil people.I think they will bankroll Walker from Wisconsin for president, he has been bought already.
    Apparently he is in the UK but is afraid to speak to the reporters. Perhaps he does not have Koch permission.

  5. I want to see how long the lamestream media will take to condemn the slaughter of 3 beautiful young muslims at Wake Forest NC.

  6. The Sunday political talk shows should forget McCain, Graham and the rest. Interview the REAL leaders, the Koch brothers. Have them tell the citizens what they have in store for the country. When will they change the name to Kochistan? Who will be their chosen “leader”? Cruz, Jindal, Jebby, anyone with no standards of decency?

  7. Seems the British people pay closer attention to US politics than some US citizens do. The Brits recognized Dubya and Rmoney for the duds they are. Christie finally shut up over there, now Walker is clamming up too. No wonder the US has lost standing on the world stage. Disrespecting a duly elected President (TWICE) to pander to Bibi is also disgusting. Imagine if a democratic Speaker had done something similar during Cheney’s rule?

  8. I would doubt it if the rich bastards aka Koch bastards bought all of the voting machines & rigged them like they have rigged everything else.

  9. Whoever runs against a Koch candidate should run ads with this big stamp coming down on them. Fliers should be sent out with the line “Koch financed and approved”. Koch bros the party of John birch with a link explaining what the john birch society stands for.

  10. Mitch McConnell was taped promising to do the Koch’s bidding and the people in his state apparently had no problem with it. They apparently want to be turned into corporate serfs. They can buy all their goods at the company owned store then for elevated prices and go deeper into debt each week so they can never get a better job. Talk about LOW information voters.

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