Before Announcing Departure, Jon Stewart Mocks Fox News’ Newfound Love For Muslim King

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During Tuesday night’s episode of The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart announced that he would be departing the show by the end of the calendar year, ending an absolutely amazing run as America’s top political satirist. Prior to making the announcement, it was business as usual, as Stewart once again aimed his sharp wit at his favorite target — Fox News. In this instance, Stewart highlighted the insane lengths the network will go through to express admiration for a foreign leader in order to denigrate President Obama.

Over the past few days, the talking heads at Fox News have found a new heroic figure, King Abdullah II of Jordan, to idolize and heap praise upon. Stewart aired a montage of Fox News hosts swooning over the king regarding his response to ISIL after a Jordanian pilot was executed by the terror group. This was then followed by the inevitable shots taken at President Obama, with numerous pundits calling Abdullah a real leader while describing the President as weak.

Stewart pointed out that conservatives were asking, “Why can’t Obama be more like this powerful Muslim King?” The comedian observed that this “is weird, because if I may say, that’s also been their biggest complaint about Obama.” Even when confronted with statistics that show the United States has conducted 80% of the air strikes on ISIL, the right continues to claim Obama isn’t doing anything. This was highlighted by a clip of Gretchen Carlson complaining about the President’s inaction while a graphic appeared on the screen showing the number of American air missions against the Islamic State.

Stewart also showed instances of Republicans embracing other foreign leaders who would normally be seen as thuggish dictators. A clip was aired of Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) praising Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi of Egypt, who is essentially a military dictator of Egypt. Stewart also played a montage of conservatives gushing over Russia’s Vladimir Putin while complaining about Obama wearing “mom jeans.”

The Daily Show host stated that conservatives’ “paragons of leadership are a king, a military dictator and a power-hungry wannabe czar.” He then said it was at odd with what it is they all claim to love — freedom. This was followed by the normal band of misfits (Sarah Palin, Rudy Giuliani, Gohmert) all bloviating about how much they love America and freedom. Stewart then ended the segment with the following statement:

“Apparently you love freedom — you just wish it was being administered in this country by a dictator. It’s kind of ironic, because if President Obama started acting like any of the guys whose leadership you admire, I’m pretty sure I know the first place he’d shut down.”

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Daily Motion:


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9 Replies to “Before Announcing Departure, Jon Stewart Mocks Fox News’ Newfound Love For Muslim King”

  1. What I find interesting is how the President has now managed to wait out and get a Middle Eastern Country to take the lead on this issue. ISIL stepped on the crank big time and proved it is a threat to all. In holding off on committing US troops and resources, the President has not made this a USofA vs Islam event instead it is Islam on Islam w/ us backing the forces of moderate Islamists; of course the right wing won’t see this or refuse to because that would mean the Presidents policies were right.

  2. Yes, Michael, heaven forbid they give this President a second of praise for anything. They couldn’t even be satisfied when HE gave the orders that got bin-Laden. Oh, no, that was all Bush’s intel. They can’t be happy about the stock market, or job growth, or people holding onto their homes. They can’t be happy about anything at all, because that would mean that DC is not the home of the evil MuslimDictator/King/weakling/feckless President after all, and IS the home of a very intelligent, measured, calm man who doesn’t think bombs first is the greatest military plan out there. Damn him! Doesn’t he know that there are a lot of unemployed young poor men of color who would jump at the chance to join our military, leave their families on bases with little income, and go abroad to be shot or worse?

  3. I was very disappointed when I heard Stewart was leaving The Daily Show. I wish him the best, but DAMN HIM FOR LEAVING [WINK]. Fox “News” is probably celebrating already since no one can point out their hypocrisy and utter lies as well as he can.

  4. If Jon has to go, I hope he takes the MTP job from Toad. Now, King Abdullah was infuriated and just went on a airstrike craze that possibly killed the young American girl they had hostage by firing at targets without having enough intel. on.

  5. As Bush said: “Dictatorships are great as long as YOU get to be the dictator”.

    This all shows how little respect these fuckers have for our democracy and Constitution. They’re nothing but a bunch of sadistic murderers.

  6. Bip Bob here…actually Obama does not get enough credit for changing the dynamics of going to War. Take Iraq, they are training Iraqi Forces and once they have completed their training…the Iraqi Forces will go in and take on ISIL. The sheer genius of this is that the Americans and Coalition will first go in with Major Fire Power to soften up the targets and then the Iraqi Forces goes in to mop up ISIL. Just sheer brilliant strategy with NO American Boots on ground.

    Check this site out…

  7. What you people are missing is that if there weren’t kings like this dipsh*t who doesn’t allow people to vote and puts in jail the ones who demand to vote,there would be no ISIS. All the monarchies have no right to exist,and they exist because our politicians force our military to protect them,which is how we end up with things like the Al Khobar barracks bombing,and the USS Cole bombing,and the attack on 9/11 done by citizens of our “allies” who don’t allow their people to vote.The “king’ is just as big a “thug’ as ISIS.

  8. The king did this because the pilot was a member of the “royal family”.All the monarchies have family members as pilots because the people they rule just might lob one into the palace if they were trained .

  9. Let’s face it the Repugnant Party never has and never will respect the voters of this Country for electing Obama twice. They have demonstrated their own belief he does not belong on the bus(even in the back) and somehow cheated or used voodoo. Their sense of entitlement and hate of those ethnically different from themselves is nothing less than pure sickness. They profess love of Country but have done anything and everything to ruin it in their quest for superiority. To say the least I an frightened about the future if they fulfill their lust for power at any cost in 2016.

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