#GOPMoveOver: Immigration Activists Storm Capitol Hill To Confront Republicans


Calling February 11 a day of action, activists staged protests in approximately three dozen Congressional offices on Wednesday. The group urged Congressional Republicans to stop separating families and to “stop playing politics with the lives of immigrant children and families”.

Hundreds of activists demonstrated in multiple House and Senate offices, targeting hard-line anti-immigrant Republicans. The protests took aim at high ranking Republicans like House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. The group also went after notable anti-immigration hardliners like Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions and Iowa Congressman Steve King.

The activists photographed their efforts and spread their message across Twitter, under the hashtag, #GOPMoveOver. The protesters flooded the offices of GOP members of Congress, expressing opposition to the so-called “SAFE Act”, and support for Obama’s recent executive order that would offer some protections for immigrant families.

The SAFE (Strengthen and Fortify Enforcement) Act was first introduced in June 2014, as H.R. 2278, by Trey Gowdy (R-SC) and Bob Goodlatte (R-VA). The national measure is patterned after Arizona’s controversial SB 1070, and it would call for expanded law enforcement, more detentions and harsher penalties for undocumented immigrants. The measure would also authorize deportation for DREAMers, children who were brought to the U.S. through no fault of their own.

The protests mostly seemed to catch Senators and Representatives off guard. The Center for Community Change reported on Twitter that at least five activists were arrested. Protesters were escorted out off several offices by police. Idaho Representative Raul Labrador, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, and Texas Senator John Cornyn, all reportedly, had police escort demonstrators out of their offices.

Immigration remains a hot-button political issue, especially within the Republican Party. In deep red Congressional Districts, Republican politicians exploit anti-immigrant sentiment to gin up their mostly white base. However, this strategy tends to undermine the national Republican ticket in presidential years because it alienates Latino voters in pivotal swing states like Colorado, Florida, and Nevada.

Wednesdays’ demonstrations serve as a reminder that the Republican Party continues to take positions that lack compassion for immigrants. They can call police to remove demonstrators from their Capitol Hill offices, but that does nothing to address the failures of Republican policy. Nor does it improve their chances of winning a national election in 2016.


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4 Replies to “#GOPMoveOver: Immigration Activists Storm Capitol Hill To Confront Republicans”

  1. These are very brave people. It tears me to see families breaking up, when they just want the opportunity for a better life. I really hope that the heartless republican party loses big in 2016.

  2. The year 2016 is a pivotal year for Latino Voters. They have the power to throw these racist republican bastards out of office and make sure 1600 Pennsylvania Ave stays blue.

  3. Republicons have shown their contempt for the American people yet the American people refused to come out to vote. They now have both chambers of Congress and they’re doing absolutely nothing to help the people of this Nation, instead they’re trying to do everything to hurt them.
    Wake up America and realize that you’re dealing with an Enemy within.

  4. Congress writes and funds Laws. The White House executes the enactment and fulfillment of the laws passed by Congress. Or he vetoes.
    Politics is not American Idol. It’s a group effort.

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