John Boehner Throws An Epic Tantrum As His Homeland Security Hostage Scheme Backfires

boehner senate democrats get off their ass

Speaker of the House John Boehner had an epic meltdown in front of the cameras today as the reality is setting in that Republican scheme to hold Homeland Security funding hostage has completely backfired.


Boehner said:

The House did its job. We won the fight to fund the Department of Homeland Security and to stop the president’s unconstitutional actions.

Now, it’s time for the Senate to do their work.

You know, in the gift shop out here they’ve got these little booklets on how a bill becomes a law. Right? The House has done its job. Now why don’t you go ask the Senate Democrats when they are going to get off their ass and do something other than vote no.

Boehner was asked if this was coordination he envisioned between House and Senate Republicans, and his rant continued:

Boehner said, “Listen, the issue here is not Senate Republicans. The issue is Senate Democrats. Seven of whom criticized the president’s executive overreach yet they continue to block consideration of the bill.”

Speaker Boehner is angry because Mitch McConnell gave up on trying to pass the House’s Homeland Security funding bill that overturned President Obama’s executive actions on immigration. John Boehner is trying to hide the fact that he and the House Republicans were warned by the Senate that their inclusion of immigration in the Homeland Security funding measure could derail the whole bill. Boehner didn’t listen because he was preoccupied with pulling off another political stunt to appease his own caucus.

Boehner is caught in a trap of his own creation, and now he is throwing a fit.

The reality of the situation is that Democrats aren’t going to vote for anything that isn’t a clean Homeland Security funding bill. Boehner knows this. McConnell knows this. Everyone knows this, which is why Boehner is melting down. John Boehner is eventually going to have to rely on Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats to come in and save him yet again. The House Republican scheme to get Obama for his immigration executive action is dragging down the entire Republican Party.

Until Boehner caves, Homeland Security may shut down. Speaker Boehner will scream and yell until the end of the month, but he knows what he must do.

Democrats have exploited the Republican Party’s weakest link and they are successfully the House’s manufactured Homeland Security funding crisis against the GOP.

78 Replies to “John Boehner Throws An Epic Tantrum As His Homeland Security Hostage Scheme Backfires”

  1. You call this an “Epic Tantrum” i guess you’ve never met a 2 year old. This was him covering his ass, yea, but he didn’t throw a tantrum.

  2. You really really really need to stop using terms like “Epic”, unless it really is epic.

    “Destroyed”, I want to see smoldering ruins.

    “Heads Explode”, I want to see blood on bulkheads.

    Over and chronic use of hyperbole diminishes impact – it does not enhance it. When every single thing is an explosion no one will recognize a super nova.

  3. Boehner… red nose… red face… we need a vacation…

    McConnell… we can’t get anything done… we’re stymied… and we need a vacation…

    the clown show continues…

  4. Those Democrats had better stick together and support the President! That’s the ONLY way we will get a clean bill.

  5. “why don’t you ask the Senate Democrats when are they going to get off their ass and do something other than vote no” I wonder if John is even remotely aware of the hypocrisy of that statement? Well WE Americans are certainly aware of the last 6 years of you Republicans saying no and sitting on your fat Koch addicted asses! You watch, Fox will crow and beat their chests over Boehners “courage in the face of Liberal bias” and the Sunday talk shows will give Boehner and the NO and NOTHINGS a free pass and the credit.

  6. Republicans continue to prove they are unfit to govern, and also prove they are unfit to serve in our government. Can we skip 2015, and go straight to 2016?

  7. The Republicans are fully aware of what legislation they can get the President to sign and what he will veto. So why are they playing games? And that is all this crap is, is games. Upmanship.

    If they think this makes the President look bad, then they are blind as well as deaf.

    They continue to ignore the fact that the President’s popularity is rising more every day, while theirs is falling more every day. One would think that this would give them pause, but no, they will continue down the path to destruction. So be it.

    What is the old saying? You made your bed….

  8. Boehner is a disgrace and an embarrassment for every American. this clown committed outright treason and should be behind bars.

  9. Do you think people are so stupid that they are going to take a poll taken in June of last year seriously? Nice try bagger. Get lost.

  10. So – Boehners next trick is another doozy –

    Any seats left empty by democrats in the Netanyau speech in congress will be filled with staffers to ensure standing ovations
    for Bibi!!!!!!!
    Could we ever make this stuff up?

  11. Well at least he didn’t cry. Now he can fan some of the stinkers he’s been creating Mitch’s way. Never take credit for what you can blame on friend. Although I believe Bitch and Boner share the blame for this latest crap fest.

  12. That survey was done MONTHS BEFORE the immigration action was taken, so the people answering it has NO IDEA what Obama was going to do, so it means NOTHING.

  13. So now Boehner is going to propagandize his treason with staffers? Now more than ever does the Justice Department needs to charge Boehner for treason, and Naziyahoo for espionage.

  14. This is almost but not quite the same as when I was a “seat saver” at the Oscars at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in 1986. We were to run and sit in empty seats when a person got up to go to the bathroom, or whatever, so the audience was always full for the roving cameras.

  15. Take your anti American Nazi propaganda somewhere else. Byt the way Is your swastika armband on upside down?

  16. None of them remember anything of the past, it’s as if they ALL have amnesia.

    The Republican Strategy of Stupidity

    Conservatism as a Mental Illness
    Republican polls have recently exhibited 10 telltale signs of mental illness:
    Denial, Delusion, Hallucination, Disordered Thinking, Anger, Anti-social Behavior, Sexual Preoccupation, Grandiosity, General Oddness, Paranoia

  17. No one will ask him why he wants to deport people who have lived here most of their lives and don’t know any other way than being Americans without the documentation and why he thinks it’s best to tear families apart. Never mind the cost and time it would take to deport millions of people. I don’t know what all the solutions are, but just scaring people into screaming deport solves nothing.

  18. It was sarcasm. Not surprising you didn’t understand that, especially in this place where terms KLAN, KKK and Neo-Confederate are slung around so easily against republicans.

  19. “why don’t you go ask the Senate Democrats when they are going to get off their ass and do something other than vote no.”

    I find this statement by Boehner sadly humorous. Hasn’t it been the Republicans that have done nothing but say “No” to everything proposed by President Obama and the Democrats for the past 6 years?

  20. I thought the president was the commander in chief. As far as I know, the Constitution gives no particular authority to the Speaker of the House to conduct foreign policy. With his invitation to Netanyahu which in Boehner’s words signified “an unwavering commitment to defend Israel” and now his critique of Obama’s attack plan on ISIS, Boehner seems unable to stick to his own job.

  21. The shoe is on the other foot, and Boehner and his GOPTP buddies are finding that that sucker sure is tight! If a democrat had stood before a bank of cameras and cursed, we’d never hear the end of it, but we won’t hear one objection from “god’s own party” about this. Note, too, that when Boehner and McConnell were playing their little game of saying no to everything, the democrats never went before the cameras and threw tantrums about it. The GOPTPers should be happy. They wanted the majority in both houses of Congress and they got it. Now they’re trying to figure out how to govern. Even the Wall St. Journal is wondering whether they can govern. Me? I have no doubts about how ineffective they are at governing, after watching them for 40+ years. Maybe they’ll be forced to learn that compromise is a necessity in governing. At this point, they’re looking very weak. It’s time for them to eat the same sh*t they’ve been trying to feed the democrats for 5+ years. Bon appetit!

  22. You are absolutely correct. When I see those keywords, 99% of the time I do not bother reading or viewing. It is exactly like “The Boy Who Crying Wolf”.

  23. I want you to explain to us how immigration affects security. Americans want immigration reform, but do not like the way PBO is handling it. I pay be heed because I know the majority of people polled, as always are predominately white. And since many of these people just voted to re-elected the same people back into office, while saying they do not trust the GOP, I cannot take them seriously.

  24. Someone from the DNC called me earlier today, Mariann, and I gave the caller an earful. I told her that I’m not giving the DNC another penny until the democrats begin supporting the president. I also told her how disappointed I was after the November elections because democrats ran like little titty babies and wouldn’t stand up for what they believe. I thanked her for calling and hung up the phone. I’ve been a steady contributor to the DNC, DSCC, the DCCC, and individual democratic politicians. I meant every word I said. I read that the DNC is $10 million in debt. I think there are other democrats who feel the same way that I do. They’d better get their act together or they’re going to have a very hard time retiring their debt.

  25. First of all, how are staffers allowed to sit in the House of Representatives?
    Second, if indeed they are allowed, then it behooves the Democratic Reps to attend, and then walk out when Bibi is about to speak.
    There, problem solved!

  26. I agree with you! I expected a melt down. I saw no such thing. However….I found it perfectly laughable when he asked when the Senate Democrats are going to get off their asses and do their job! “Hello, Pot…this is Kettle. You’re black”!

  27. I happen to agree with the Republicans on immigration & abortion. Boner shouldn’t be surprised that the Senate Democrats keep voting no. They learned that from the House Republicans that did that for Obama’s first 6 years in office.

  28. I’m pro-choice, but think the immigration bill is a waste of time. They’re not gonna get deported. Only felons do. Where I live it’s absolutely obvious that we need way more border enforcement and less laws that encourage MORE illegal immigration. I live about 15 minutes from Romney’s house BTW, and about 20 from TJ. We’re freakin’ flooded here, and I don’t mean rain…

  29. “especially in this place where terms KLAN, KKK and Neo-Confederate are slung around so easily against republicans.

    That is because that is the republican constituency.

  30. Boehner is just buying time with comments like this because he knows that he will have to double cross his tea party caucus and bring up a clean bill that will pass with Nancy’s democratic minority’s help. Another episode of the gang that couldn’t shoot straight.

  31. They’re a bunch of children whining about wanting to “play” government, but when they get their chance, they don’t have clue.

    The intellegent ones already knew they weren’t ready for their “close up” and never will be.

  32. The security issue of immigration are the people apprehended who’re from Islamic states.. Not a large number, but enough to cause concern.

  33. There are no laws encouraging illegal immigration. We don’t have any laws encouraging crime. What we have are unscrupulous people who hire illegal workers. Mitt Romeny’s hiring of illegals to do his landscaping is well documented.

  34. democrats ran like little titty babies…

    Wow, who would’ve thought that little titty babies could run!

  35. OT question about new phrases and such: what the heck does “setting up the optics” mean? I read this in another article this evening and there was no way to comment to ask.

  36. Nomad, Bonehead can’t stick to his job because, He has visions of grandeur. Believing he, as the third in line has some special power.

  37. this reply is actually for Pandora…

    setting the optics goes something like this… back when the Dems had majorities in both the House and Senate they passed the Stimulus Act… the ‘fiscally’ responsible Republicans voted against it so they could show their constituents how responsible they were… good optics… ie it looks good at home…

    then when the money was passed out they all showed up in their districts with the big checks to show how good they were for their district.. double win…

    they voted against and hometown projects got funded.. it LOOKS good..

    56 votes against the ACA (ObmamaCare) because it looks good at home even tho it has no chance to actually pass…

  38. Six years of Bonehead sitting with his thumbs up his ass, and he’s upset after one month ??? JERKOFF !

  39. It’s visual image-making.
    “Optics” are a high concern in politics, and politicians will go to great lengths to ensure their message is effectively communicated VISUALLY. Lousy optics can cause their message to crash and burn.
    Just as politicians employ speechwriters to write memorable speeches, they also have “advance staff” to create and capture emotional and vibrant images. Image-makers attempt to control the politician’s dress, facial expression, lighting, backdrop etc. and events are staged so that photographers/ cameramen are limited to favorable camera angles selected by the campaign. (A single photograph of a candidate can influence voters’ judgments regarding their competence, leadership ability and integrity.)
    Google Marco Rubio SOTU rebuttal. Great example of losing the optics. No one was going to remember a thing that was said during his speech after that now renowned sip of the water bottle, which is exactly what politicians want to avoid.

  40. If it looks like a drunk, and talks like a drunk, and thinks like a drunk… is a drunk. STFU and sit down and let the men figure things out.

  41. I haven’t the slightest idea.
    That Poland Spring bottle stole the show.

    What I do know is that politics never ceases to amuse me.

  42. When we elected President Obama it was because we wanted not just him leading our country, we wanted his vision for America. Boehner and his cronies, decided that we shouldn’t get what we voted for, and was the party of obstructionism. I say, GOOD, that he’s getting a taste of his own medicine. I hope they suffer! They have made my family suffer with their policies and unrelenting war against the poor and working people. I hope he chokes on his responsibilities because he definitely doesn’t know the first thing about being a leader.

  43. And it’s so hypocritical how the press is going after Brian Williams but they never go after bat crazy liars in the Republican party or faux news.

    Only in America…….

  44. Republicans are really big on dishing it out, but wimp-city when it comes to taking it. It’s the House and the Senate’s job within their Legislative branch to negotiate with each other for the finality of a bill….one that clears both chambers. He’s refusing to do his job by saying he’s already done it. If the bill doesn’t leave the Legislative Branch having been signed off on by both chambers and hit the President’s desk in the Executive Branch, then his job is not finished. Same with McConnell in the Senate.

  45. “Boehner is caught in a trap of his own creation, and now he is throwing a fit.”

    No wonder his nickname is Bone-Head.

  46. Awww, poor baby. He isn’t getting HIS way so he throws a fit. Really impressive, NOT!

    Why is it that executive action by TEAlibans is okay but not if it is done by a Democrat?

    All the GOPers did was say NO, NO, NO when they were in the minority. They don’t like it being on the other foot. Ain’t that easy to rule, is it?

    They’re getting what they bargained for, but they didn’t realize how tough it was going to be. Heh, heh, heh…

  47. I wonder if John Boehner considered the hypocrisy of his statement wondering when Senate Democrats are going to get off their asses and do something other than voting no. If memory serves me correctly, Republicans have done it now for 6 years while Democrats have only been saying it for a little over a month. That being the case, Boehners head will have exploded by the end of the year. They can dish it out but can’t take it. On another note, Democrats know already that the Republican agenda is to destroy everything this President has gotten done so they need to suck it up and stand with him. I have not been in total agreement with everything President Obama has said and done over the last 6 years, however, the majority of the population spoke in the last election about who they wanted to lead this nation so people need to either get with the program or sit down and STFU.

  48. boehner is in bed with the Kochs, and he is their worst nightmare. He realizes that he can’t force the POTUSto do his bidding.

  49. If Boehner would have gotten off his ass and done his job for the last six years — doing something other than just voting no — this country could be a lot better off.

    If Boehner had gotten of his ass and let the house vote on the bipartisan Senate immigration reform bill that’s been sitting on his desk for almost a year, we wouldn’t be discussing any executive action, would we?

  50. That is not a meltdown, that is a cynical response trying to dumbfound the American people. It is BS and that is serious.

  51. Boehner complaining about Demos voting ‘No” and not seeing a strategy for dealing with ISIS….Now this is rich…
    Hilarious! They haven’t had a strategy for ANYTHING in over 6 years because all they have done is say “no” themselves and -like now – blame someone else for their own lack of work ethics.

    After his poor leadership what did he think would happen? After a low voter turn out and voter suppression laws he expected the country to allow him to lead now that he feels like it?

    Ignorance + Arrogance = Stupidity. ( Trying to stick with math since we all know their aversion to science.)

  52. SERIOUSLY, Boehner? More finger pointing and now threats to shut down Home Security? As long as the GOP gets their way they care so little for American citizens? No wonder people are leaving the Republican party. Or are these “terrorist” reports just made-up news by all nations’ wealthy donators an effort to keep workers in line?

  53. Why is it that Democrats overwhelmingly feel they are so superior to anyone that holds a view different than their own. I would like to see all you liberals that want all illegals to have amnesty which gives them healthcare, education, welfare etc. paid for by us, take these people into their homes and their schools and their healthcare facilities so they can see how the middle class has always had to bear the brunt of these liberal policies. If you want this country to continue you better start looking out for the middle class because all these massive giveaways such as Obamacare are killing us.

  54. Again bagger show where the Presidents order said anything about amnesty. I do know who granted amnesty, can your feeble brain say Ronnie Raygun

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