Seriously? Republican Lawmaker In Montana Introduces Bill To Ban Yoga Pants

david doc moore

On Tuesday, Montana lawmaker David “Doc” Moore (R-Missoula) introduced House Bill 365 into the Montana legislature to strengthen the state’s indecency laws.  The Republican wants to enforce stricter modesty standards on the state, to end the scourge of yoga pants and visible nipples.

House Bill 365 would ban the exposure of genitals, pubic hair or nipples. It also bans any tight fitting clothing that would simulate the genitals, or pubic hair region, or that would give “the realistic appearance of a nipple or areola”. An exemption is made to permit breastfeeding mothers to allow their babies to nurse.

During the debate, Moore stated that tight-fitting beige clothing could qualify as indecent exposure under his proposal. Following the hearing on his bill, he added that “yoga pants should be illegal in public anyway.”

Montana’s indecent exposure laws carry unusually harsh sentences. A first-time offender can spend up to six months in jail. A repeat offender committing his or her third offense can face up to a 10,000 dollar fine and life imprisonment. Moore apparently recognized the absurdity of life imprisonment for a three-time yoga pants wearer, so his bill does, at least, call for the maximum sentence to be reduced to five years in jail and a 5000 dollar fine.

The legislation was apparently drafted in response to a “Bare as you Dare” bicycle event, where nude cyclists peddled through downtown Missoula on August 17, 2014. Moore’s bill would not only reaffirm his opposition to public nudity, but it would extend protecting the public from having to view tight-fitting beige yoga pants as well.

Moore serves as yet another example that while the party of “small government” considers requiring corporations to abide by safety and environmental regulations needlessly burdensome, they have no problem with a state mandated dress code for ordinary citizens. To Republican conservatives, regulations that prohibit corporate exploitation are an infringement on liberty, but laws that regulate personal wardrobe choices are just dandy. Wear yoga pants to the fitness club and some Republicans want to put you in jail. That is a strange way for Republicans to show how much they value individual liberty.

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  1. Why are republican men such perverts obsessed with womens’ sex lives. Its odd that women are called sluts as if men arent the ones having sex with them.They act like men are totally innocent in the pregnancy. Yoga pants really? What about jobs?

  2. I personally think he has an issue where Viagra is needed if he wants to ban yoga pants.

    I’m sorry, but since when was it OK to hate on hot chicks in yoga pants?

  3. Big government Repugs trying to dictate what you wear.
    Someone needs to check out his computer for all his porn!

  4. Don’t you think he could find something better/bigger to spend our tax money on I mean Really are you bleepin kidding me

  5. TYPICAL conservative . Crying about Dems and big government while being as bad and 90% it will always be women who they target .

  6. Well, he thinks everyone is consumed with sex as he apparently is, and he doesn’t want to be tempted. Just look at that face. Would you, as a woman, want to meet a guy alone in an alleyway who looked like that? I sure wouldn’t.

  7. Yep, a slap on the wrist for poluting our drinking water, but five years in prison for wearing yoga pants. You gotta love these small government conservatives.

  8. I could be wrong, but I’ll bet the most important issue of concern to Montana residents isn’t women in form-fitting clothing.

    Perhaps Montana voters should consider that fact when grandstanding control-freak David Moore comes up for re-election….

  9. Are you serious???? YOGA PANTS????????? First of all, anyone that voted for this yahoo needs to hang their head in shame — and hide in the basement until his term is up. They should also lose their voting privileges for no less than 20 years! Sweet baby Jesus, folks – the world in which we live has FAR more serious issues than YOGA PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. …do the people of Montana even read the teachings of Jesus Christ???
    It don’t seem like it; just like their anti-Christian brethren across the country they pick leaders to represent them that do the opposite of what Jesus Christ commanded; this does not make the people of Montana look like Christians…it shows them all to be Koch-suckers…

  11. The war against females go beyond the birth control thing.
    It is the private prisons looking for additional inmates. Since the inception of for profit jails, the number of females incarcerated continues to go up for some very stupid reasons, like: her children ditching school.
    We pay the rate of $50-60,000.00 per year per inmate, it makes it a very profitable business, they just need to increase the number of “nice” prisoners, so they need less security and make even more money.
    Then, contract them to go and clean the roads for no pay (or nominal pay), and keep that profit as well. Then the report will read:
    “WE are tough on crime, see how many bad people we have in jail”

  12. What this boils down t is the very FACT that the people who align themselves with Republican/Conservative family values Christians, have been PROVEN to have voracious sexual appetites that can get into very kinky territory. They are weak and cannot control themselves so they want all things sexual to be removed from their sight. They are weak because of guilt brought on from intense religious belief conflicting with REAL human emotions and physical needs.

  13. “Freedom” is just another buzz word the GOP like to use, like “Fiscally Conservative” and “Christian Family Values”. It’s all BS and a hoax.

  14. Wow! I do believe the United States of America has bigger fish to fry than “yoga pants”, that most people wear to get back into shape or to meditate in. I am so glad to see our tax dollars, that we all work so very hard for, in order to give back to the government, is being used, along with a lot of wasted time, to introduce a bill on “banning yoga pants”! Seriously why don’t you as law makers that we all elect put some time into thinking about balancing the budget, feeding and housing the many homeless that live in the frigid cold on a daily basis. Or how about the terrorism that is spreading into the United States, or how about finding a way to bring back the many U.S.A companies that went oversees so that the many people who are out of work and live on public aid can find work and have a piece of the so called american pie. Come on guys get your heads out of the sand and use our hard earned tax dollars for something much more important than “Yoga Pants” worn in public.

  15. I wonder if he ran on “Banning Yoga Pants”?? Only for women, I see. Men can continue wearing them, especially around this clown.

  16. All of these absurd actions are driven by their hate filled obsession of controlling women. Also punishing all women for having sex.

  17. I’m divided on this. The whole point of yoga pants (outside of exercise) is to show off the wearer’s fitness level. So on one hand, well-toned women walking around in these is great. On the other hand, the 99 out of 100 people wearing them that would probably look more appealing in a muu-muu cancels that out. Maybe his objection comes from seeing too many of the latter.[WINK]

  18. I guess he would prefer a burqa, abaya, hijab or niqab for women.
    Are these the nut jobs terrified of sharia law?

  19. They’re too busy trying to “help” ‘murika!

    The republicans have introduced the following bills:
    46 bills on abortion
    113 bills on religion
    73 bills on family relations
    36 bills on marriage
    72 bills on guns
    604 bills on taxation
    467 bills on government investigations

  20. Andy, you are so correct. Ive learned in all my years that people, especially men, who constantly talk about sex, werent gettin any.

  21. The facts prove that “Red” areas have a higher rate of pornography sales and subscriptions, higher rape numbers, higher child molestation numbers, higher teen birth rates, higher alcohol and drug usage, higher suicide, higher gun deaths etc. etc. you get the point. BUT it is the Democrats and Liberals who are the “perverts” They say that we on the left are the ones in those “Red” areas that are responsible for the high numbers.

  22. Too bad that David “Doc” Moore’s FB page requires him to accept someone via a “friend request” before they can comment on his page.

    It would be “blowing up” with responses from reasonably incensed U.S. residents who believe that Montana has much more important concerns than freakishly Conservative urges to legislate whether or not women can wear form-fitting clothes in public.

    What–are we back in the 1800’s? Why does this imbecile believe that he is justified in wasting his time in public office, and the taxpayers’ money, in pressing red herring boondoggle legislation like this, and which will never hold up to any major scrutiny by state and Federal courts?

    If this is what the general constituency of the state of Montana believes should be a priority item for their elected representatives, then they are woefully ill-informed about the greater issues in their state that need to be addressed by their elected officials.


  23. I understand his next bill is to make it illegal for teenagers to make love in the backs of taxicabs. Why? He fears it might lead to dancing [WINK] !

  24. What are you saying ?
    Chunky girls can not show the inventory?
    what about less fit males?
    no swimming for the not-perfect people?
    Is this the arian nation?

    If god wanted people to wear clothes, they would have been worn dressed…or with feathers or fur… or something like it.

  25. Geez, if they’re gonna ban visible nipples it will be illegal to show the Batman and Robin movie with George Clooney. Dem’s some nipples on Batman and Robin’s uniforms!

  26. So guys cant walk around shirtless anymore right? Can you see it in jail – “what you in for?…nipples”.

    So many issues that need attention going on, and this is something that our government is focusing upon. How is it that we vote these idiots into office?

  28. I heard there is a bar in Montana now. Which is offering free beer to anyone who shows up in Yoga pants or speedo’s lol.
    I think that pretty much says what most people think of this.

    It’s pretty sad and pathic when we have representives. Who think this warrents wasting tax payers time and money on.

    God forbid we actally address issues like jobs, economic growth, heath and public safety.Instead focusing on wearing Yoga pants.

    Which should be a federal offence with life imprisonment. Someone lock this loon up and throw away the key. With representives like this who needs enemies. :(

  29. I heard there is a bar in Montana now, which is offering free beer to anyone who shows up in Yoga pants or Speedos lol.
    I think that pretty much says what most people think of this.

    It’s pretty sad and pathetic when we have representives who think this warrants wasting tax payers’ time and money on.

    God forbid we actally address issues like jobs, economic growth, health and public safety, instead of focusing on wearing Yoga pants.

    Which should be a federal offence with life imprisonment. Someone lock this loon up and throw away the key. With representives like this who needs enemies. :(

  30. He probably has a very sore penis from masturbating at pictures of ” pubic hair areas, nipples and penises. Typical conservative twat…

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