The Media Wakes Up And Busts John Boehner On His Homeland Security Lie

john boehner won't rule out DHS shutdown

Speaker Boehner refused to answer directly whether he believes the Department of Homeland Security would shut down when pressed repeatedly by reporters. The media kept pressing Boehner on his promise that Homeland Security would not shut down. The result was a busted Speaker who was caught in a lie.


Reporter. You said at one point – a few weeks ago – that the Homeland Security Department would not shut down. You offered your assurances that that would not happen. Can you still offer those assurances today? Or is that a possibility?

Speaker Boehner. The House has done its job. We’ve passed a bill…it’s up to the Senate…

Reporter. So is it possible that it’ll shut down?

Speaker Boehner. The House Republicans have passed a bill. We’ve done our job. I can get that little booklet out of the shop and you can read it. Alright? The House passes a bill. The Senate passes a bill. The Senate has to pass a bill. Senate Democrats are blocking debate on the bill.

Reporter. Is is problematic if Homeland Security personnel aren’t paid and are putting their lives on the line to protect people like you and President Obama?

Speaker Boehner. Well, it would be bad. That’s the House passed a bill to fund the department.

Reporter. So are you okay with funding lapsing? There’s a lot of people in your caucus who say it’s okay because there’s essential personnel.

Speaker Boehner. No. We did our job to fund the department. Now it is up to Senate Democrats to do what they have to do, and that’s to help pass a bill.

Reporter. Why does this immigration language have to be a part of the DHS funding bill? If Republicans believe that on principle they also have Democrats who agree them, why not heed the calls of these Democrats and have that as a separate debate?

Speaker Boehner. They can offer amendments in the Senate if they get on the bill. They can make the changes. Their body can do whatever their body has to do. The House has done its job. We’ve spoken, and now it’s up to the Senate to do their job, and we can meet in conference and work out the differences.

The media was all over Boehner, and they asked a very simple question that the Speaker wouldn’t answer. If Boehner believes that Homeland Security funding is so important, why doesn’t he take the immigration language out of the House bill?

John Boehner lied when he promised that Homeland Security would not shut down because not he is trying to provoke a shutdown by refusing to change the language in the House bill. Republicans are trying to blame Democrats for their decision to insert an unrelated issue into the bill.

Boehner and the House thought that they could strong arm Democrats into voting to overturn President Obama’s immigration executive orders. Judging from the media’s line of questioning, no one outside of the Republican Party is buying Speaker Boehner’s blame the Senate Democrats excuses.

If Homeland Security shuts down, Republicans will be blamed, and even the usual Republican-friendly media isn’t helping John Boehner with this one.

48 Replies to “The Media Wakes Up And Busts John Boehner On His Homeland Security Lie”

  1. It wont mean a thing if the Democrats let them get away with it like they did when they shutdown the government. I for one am sick and tired of hearing my good friend on the other side.

    Democrats lost because they didn’t kick ass and take names. From the 60;s the CONS have said we are at war while Democrats keep saying can we just get along. FUK THAT

    We are the majority and its time we start acting like it

  2. Someone should tell him that our enemies have the internet and could try to attack if our security at airports lapses.

  3. Between the Homeland Security funding scrap and the Netanyahu screw-up, I think Boehner and his party have finally gone as low as they can. But then again, I fully expect them to prove me wrong and go even lower.

  4. In reality it’s time for the American people to tell Boehner enough is enough. Either do your job properly, or we will sue you. To much of the American people’s money is being wasted on these GOP Terrorist.

  5. “They asked a very simple question that the Speaker wouldn’t answer.”
    That’s because he was not given crib notes by the Koch Brothers
    Try asking Boehner if the sky is blue? His answer would be a non Answer. This is what has happened to the GOP. Pathetic.

  6. The dipshit isn’t thinking. He is setting a precedent of intense scrutiny by the media. The GOP can’t survive a press asking REAL questions and the last thing the gopers need is to loose the hounds. Giving the media the opportunity to ask for facts is a no-no!

    The press has a lot of faults, but they have a keen sense when there is blood in the water that translates into high ratings.

  7. And judging by how often they are caught lying on posted videos, none of them know how to use a computer.

  8. SOME of the media wakes up. Apparently CNN is more interested in getting that 3rd republican primary debate than reporting the news from Capitol Hill. I have not seen one single segment from The Hill on CNN since December, and very very little coverage of politics in general. What they have done is provide free advertising for the republican talking points, with absolutely no push back from the hosts when they prevaricate, mislead, misdirect or outright lie. hmph. So much for “The most trusted name in news.”

  9. Only 1/3 of the eligible voters voted in Nov. 20 million more Dems voted for Dems than repugs voted for repugs, it’s the system where a tiny small state gets the same number of senators as the really big states. It was also due to the fact that it was ONLY the gerrymandered constituents that vote for repugs. If repugs are so cock sure they can win with a conservative message, let every eligible voter a vote and get rid of gerrymandered districts. (for both parties.)

  10. Dakota, If the GOP was so sure they would win and had good ideas that the “American people” want, they would not have to work on voter suppression. They are good for nothing, nothing at all.

  11. This is the Koch Bros script as the answer to every question the media asks Boehner:

    “The House has done its job. We’ve passed a bill…it’s up to the Senate…”

    That’s all. That’s it. He doesn’t answer any questions, just tries to relay the blame on Democrats for not bowing their heads to the Teapublicans in the House that Boehner is terrified of.

  12. “The House has done its job”…lolol…what a freaking laugh and a half!

    He acts like they have been working their nose to the grindstone!..He is not fooling intelligent and informed Americans. He is not even fooling himself!

    We know where his nose has been, and it has not been to the grindstone!

  13. He hasn’t done his job if he puts the bill together in a vacuum, ignoring the people’s will. Until you put together a clean bill, Mr. Boehner, the House of representatives has not done its job! Democrats better stick to their guns and insist on a clean bill.

  14. This caught my eye. Israeli Official: Boehner And Netanyahu Conspired “To Defy and Humiliate President Obama. I got to tell ya that obama really doesn’t need Boehner or Netanyahu for humiliation he does a fine job all by himself. Here, find out how your lord and master got to be your lord and master

  15. The Department of Homeland Security IS fully funded, just like it is right now and was last year in the House bill. But the Party of No will shut it down to keep illegals coming across our borders.

  16. I agree that gerrymandering should be abolished. Districting started when our country was relatively new, and it took weeks to gather all the votes to determine a winner. With electronics, results are known immediately. We still need districts, but make them with (relatively) straight lines with an equal populace in each, not dependant on party affiliations. (Unlike the wiggly mess we have now with winding lines going around homes and neighborhoods so one party has a majority, then have it change when the other party wins majority.) Let the chips fall where they may without the wind blowing hard from either side.

  17. All these arguments between republicans & democrats have brought higher government governing to a near standstill. My hands are wringing & I am in near tears, NOT.
    The last 6 years have been great for America. Without excess government intervention in the lives of the citizens and constant excess changes we have been able to deal with the status quo and actually understand in part the tax codes, wow our economy is in recovery. My only hope is that the bickering continues so the people can live their lives without idiots changing everything almost daily.

  18. When funding for Homeland Security runs out the only things that will change are (a) non essential personnel will be furloughed without pay, and
    (b) essential personnel will be working as usual, but without pay.

    Our stalwart Congresscritters will of course continue to receive their paychecks on time together with large gifts from their owners directors.

    There is of course a huge economic backwash when hundreds of thousands stop getting paid.

  19. There is an impeach Boehner petition on There are petitions on there for all of them. Or you can start one yourself.
    Spread the good word!! Have to get rid of this nut!

  20. “The House has done its job.” Boehner sounds just like Marshawn Lynch at the Super Bowl Media day…

  21. So this putz thinks the military should be the ones to decide if we have boots on the ground and go to war?

  22. The party of NO is/was the republican house who chose to not negotiate on anything no less put forth legislation they knew wouldn’t pass. All to frustrate the American public. Problem with such antics is you set yourself up for payback, and it’s appropriate. Obama in his Presidency has deported and not allowed more illegal immigrants into this country than any previous President. You might want to think of who is deluded you and why?

  23. The sad truth is that the Democrats aren’t any better than the Republicans – they both pander to big money and protect their interests over the interests of the American people.

    They keep each side fighting over God and guns while they BOTH systematically pillage the hopes and dreams of EVERYONE.

    The way ideology has been drug to the right over the last 30 years makes the Democratic party the left wing of the Republican party.

  24. I don’t see anywhere that Boehner lied. Keep in mind that I am no fan of his and I am a conservative republican. Wonder why it is that the media will jump on something as trivial as this but won’t call out Obama and his lies. If anyone here has lied it is the reporter who claimed Boehner lied! DHS was a bad idea from the start and needs to be disbanded along with the Patriot Act. Overstepping way, way too far.

  25. Im sure that Republicans have a good plan to send boots on the ground to another war. It help their friends, on the other hand, the same party does not aknowledge Global Warming who is “the major thrait” for humanity….. Go figure !!!

  26. Several weeks ago John Boehner said that there was no way he would allow DHS to be shut down to try to block the President’s immigration actions. This weekend he said he was willing to see DHS be shut down and tried to blame the Democrats for it. How is that not a LIE? Is it simply that we’re never supposed to believe a Republican is telling the truth in the first place so that when they completely contradict themselves you can’t tell which one is the lie?

    As for President Obama, he not only hasn’t lied about anything, but the Right Wing Media has consistently tried to call him out for contradictions and hypocrisies that don’t even exist.

  27. The Koch Money is taking hold, every “bill” coming out of the House is a poison pill. A threat, this is typical, to undo the immigration situation the house closes the Dept. of Homeland Security. To undo the scrutiny the IRS imposed on 501c4’s&3’s the House slashes the IRS budget, To evade scrutiny from environmental concerns the House passes a bill limiting scientists’ contributions to the EPA. To continue to defraud ‘Merika and allow the 1% to rule ALEC(Kochs) introduce voter suppression and the Roberts Court “make it Law”.

  28. Speaker Boehner has become a mouthpiece for the Koch brothers and their ventriloquist dummy, the Tea Party. He has lost all moral authority and political muscle in his desperate attempt to hold the Republican caucus together and maintain his position as speaker.
    Unfortunately, the Democratic members of Congress, both House and Senate, are doing too little to join the fight and point to these inconsistencies, half-truths and lies.

  29. Even the “REALLY GOOD STUFF” does not do the trick (for very long) with this type of TRULY-INSANE and very EVIL-SHIT that our U.S. “GOP” Govt. Officials are now actually doing to you and me and the entire country (U.S.A.). And the fact THAT THEY ARE BEING OPENLY BOLD AND “BLUNT” ABOUT THIS WEIRD SHIT!!! Its like none of us that live and die in the in the peasant class structures of the U.S.A. society actually matter to these evil bastards any longer. Could it be described as the “GOP GOD BLESS AMERICA” or the “GOP GOD DAMN AMERICA” syndrome??? I’m still not smiling. Why are we allowing this too persist???

  30. Bought and paid for. Look at Boehner’s holdings in TransCanada, its subsidiaries and sub-contracting companies. He’s not the only one. I can name at Least 29 of our own on those lists!

  31. Are you laying the Department of Homeland Security and the Patriot Act on President Obama? You have Republican majorities in both houses who don’t seem to be in too much of a hurry to disband either. Rather, all they want to do is give more tax cuts to the extremely wealthy and continue in their quest to eliminate the middle class. It’s phucking idiots like you who encourage them, make them think they are serving their God. When the Koch/Adelson vision of America is achieved, people like you will be high on the list for elimination – you just don’t have the bank account to earn their worthiness.

  32. James Stevenson – you appear to be oblivious to the multitude of changes that have taken place over the past six years, mostly to do with our tax code. Maybe you can take your head out of your ass long enough to recognize that people like you are the reason funding for the needy, funding for education, funding for veterans, etc. has been slashed while your Congress has provided more corporate welfare for those who need it the least.

    You probably think think the XL Bill is a jobs bill.

  33. we do not need homeland security or any other government program.. shut the government down, get our soldiers back home, burn NAFTA and all other trade agreements, bring our jobs back home, everyone buy guns and ammo, secure our borders and run these career politicians (TRAITORS) out of this country. We the people will defend ourselves and our country, these treasonous clowns are selling us out and destroying this country from the inside out.

  34. This is disheartening Every word Boehner said contradicts every article I have read on this subject. If I go onto Fox News, am I going to hear his version of events? He acts as if his congress cohorts delivered a clean bill to be funded. I am disgusted by Boehner and his tea/GOP parties in congress.

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