Scott Walker Humiliates Himself On The World Stage By Dodging A Question About Evolution

Scott Walker evolution

Scott Walker’s 2016 presidential hopes were dealt another blow when the Wisconsin Republican refused to answer a BBC reporter’s question about evolution while addressing a think tank in London.


Walker was asked if he was comfortable with, and believed in evolution. It was a simple question that made the Wisconsin governor look like a fool, “For me, I’m going to punt on that one as well. That’s question a politician shouldn’t be involved in.”

Moderator Justin Webb of BBC Radio4 took Walker to task, “That is a question any British politician right or left wing would laugh and say, “Of course, evolution’s true.”

Gov. Walker replied by digging himself in deeper, “To me, I’m here to talk about trade, not to pontificate about other issues. I love the evolution of trade in Wisconsin. It’s going really well, and I’d like to see it even bigger.”

Walker’s campaign later put out a statement stating that their candidate does not believe in evolution.

The evolution question pratfall was Scott Walker’s second major stumble in less than two weeks. Earlier this month, Walker fell flat on his face when asked about foreign policy during an ABC News interview. Scott Walker’s stumbles highlight one of the major problems facing the Republican Party in 2016. Republicans want to run a foreign policy campaign against Hillary Clinton, but none of their candidates can get through basic foreign visits and foreign policy questions.

Republican voters love Scott Walker because he is a union busting college dropout who blindly subscribes to the Koch economic agenda. What Scott Walker is quickly proving himself not to be is an electable presidential candidate.

Gov. Walker is trying to take the disaster that he has inflicted upon Wisconsin global, and the international community is not impressed. Scott Walker is loved by the Republican base, but he would eaten alive by Hillary Clinton in a general election campaign.

27 Replies to “Scott Walker Humiliates Himself On The World Stage By Dodging A Question About Evolution”

  1. it must be very difficult to be sitting on the fence all the time Walker will never be POTUS Its laughable

  2. Every time some ignorant bible thumper calls Evolution my “opinion” I want to punch them dead in their stupid mugs! Evolution is NOT an “opinion” it is a FACT! Religion and faith and the creation myth are “opinions” not facts.

  3. Oh Scotty, you expose your stupidity more and more each day. It’s a beautiful thing to hear how ashamed he is to answer that question spirited on by his unwavering commitment to God, ha! Way to stand up for your beliefs. I am sure you made your God proud the way you dodged that question. What a moron. God doesn’t need you Scotty. God isn’t thinking, “oh boy, that Scott Walker, don’t know how I’d get by without him..” Get over your self importance.

  4. Poor little Scotty. He is at a loss for answers until his owners, the Koch brothers, tell him what HIS opinion will be on any subject. He really is as dense as he looks. Look at those dead eyes, no spark at all.

  5. Along with a few SENATORS AND HOUSE MEMBERS. Throw in some Gov’s and you have the trouble with the US to day.

  6. Props to the British media for calling his ass out just like they did with Mitt the Twit.

    The problem with our media, well not the only problem but they are always trying to find a so called sane republican to sell regardless on how much damage they have done.

    Mark my words this will be the last you hear of this. Next week on the Sunday gobshites of bovine excrement they will be singing his praises or anyone who wont be in jail as a sensible conservative

  7. “While addressing a think tank in London.” Therein lies the problem. Walker and the other Republicans do not think
    They mimic whatever answers that have been fed to them by their pumps.

  8. In any other country, interviewers hold politicians’ feet to the fire – and they can be brutal. Our dumb@$$ pols manage to pull the wool over people’s eyes here and get away with softball questions on the American media. I’ll bet reality was a pretty unpleasant surprise for this dweeb.

  9. Every fuckin day I have to tell my 92 YO MIL what a horrible guy he is, she thinks he’s gonna be POTUS, I know, don’t even bother, but she votes every year…

  10. Maybe Walker thinks he can schmooze the dumbed down in the USA, but BBC is not going to buy his snake oil, and they already know he is an incompetent.

    What a circus it is going to be.

  11. Much ado about nothing. Regardless of which party a candidate is from, is his belief or non-belief in evolution really that important?

    Now if the subject were foreign policy, our nation’s defense, government spending, the deficit, illegal immigration, oil, terrorism or health care….now we’re talking about some of his positions we can weigh in on.

  12. Well, of course you are absolutely right!

    I mean, hell, science and technology have played ABSOLUTELY NO PART in the advancement of civilization.

    So it doesn’t really matter if Walker believes in gravity or not. Hell, it’s just a “Theory” anyway.

    (Do I really need a “Snark” tag?)

  13. He is an otherwise total moron who’s only ability is being able to lie with a straight face and cover his Koch agenda from the voters. He already rose to his level of incompetence as a marketer for the American Red Cross.

  14. your Suppose to look a person in their eyes and you can see how honest they mite be you can’t with Him

  15. Actually discussing foreign policy before being elected in a foreign country is not a good idea.

    As for the infantile question about evolution, it is about as childish as asking him his favorite color. Only of interest to people who are really too ignorant to be voting. A pols views on evolution will have no impact on the lives of voters. Furthermore, most journalists are unable to discuss evolution above the 3rd grade level as evidenced by the framing of the question.

  16. Really? Have you even heard any of his rants on health care? (0ver 12 million enrolled and growing) Terrorism? (AKA Unions)or oil? (because fracking is perfectly safe)You do know about the government shut down he supported right? You know? the shut down that cost us tax payers $24,000,000,000.00 yes, that was BILLION. And, in only 16 days. Please give us proof of what you’re saying. Or, will you just keep blowing smoke?


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