Terror Spreads Through Fox News As CNN Wants To Hire Jon Stewart


CNN boss Jeff Zucker said that he is interested in having a conversation with Jon Stewart about joining CNN after he leaves The Daily Show. The idea of a Jon Stewart to CNN move should terrify Fox News.

When asked about Stewart joining CNN, Zucker said, “Sure. If he wants to come, we’d like to talk to him. I tried to hire Jon Stewart to basically bring ‘The Daily Show’ to NBC… I’m a huge admirer of what Jon Stewart does…I don’t think it’s in the cards, but if you’re asking if there would be room for it, the answer is yes. Is it likely to happen? I don’t really think so. We’d love to have that conversation.”

I am sure that the potential suitors for Stewart will be lined up around the block after he retires from The Daily Show, but juiciest irony would involve Stewart joining a network that has so often been in his crosshairs for their practice of dubious journalism. The upside of going to CNN would be that Stewart could finally run the kind of cable news show that he has stated for years that he would want to see.

The people who should be really terrified of the prospect of Jon Stewart joining CNN are Roger Ailes and Fox News. Fox has treated Stewart like media public enemy number one for years. Fox News even went as far as to edit one Stewart’s appearances on their network in order to make him look bad.

Jon Stewart is the one person in media who could knock Bill O’Reilly off of his perch as the top rated cable news host in the country. CNN now has the youngest audience in cable news, and has been the one network that is steadily on the rise.

The odds are though that Jon Stewart won’t be trading in four nights a week of television on The Daily Show for five nights a week on CNN. Stewart next project most likely will not be another nightly television show on any network.

CNN’s interest in the retiring Daily Show host is a sign that CNN is serious about dethroning Fox News, and that alone should make Fox very afraid.

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  1. My personal preference would be to see Jon Stewart take over Meet The Press. The lineup would change dramatically, because I think the Republicans who usually wind up on this program every week being soft peddled by Chuck Todd would be scared shitless of Jon Stewart. He’d back their behinds against the wall before he’d let them get away with their lies and distortions.

  2. It would be interesting to see the reactions to it happening, but it won’t happen. Jon would be WAY too controlled by the CNN heads (“Be nice to this guy or he won’t appear anymore!”) or else would be tossed out for being what they claim that they want on the show.

    Plus, I suspect that if he wanted to stay behind a desk, he would continue with the Daily Show rather than leaving. Whatever Jon does next, I suspect that it will be a big change from what he’s doing right now.

    Now excuse me…I am going to enjoy the mental image of Faux News crapping their pants, even if it won’t be happening in real life.

  3. I’d love to see Jon S. take over meet the press to. Couldn’t think of any one better, except the man who has departed this earth an can’t do it for us any longer.

  4. the scuttlebutt here in hollyweird, where i work, is jon is going to direct more movies. he just finished one, and he might be done with tv. i hope not.

  5. Wait a minute… Didn’t Stewart offer to buy CNN? He was going to start an account and he asked us to join him and contribute, and we could all own CNN. What ever happened to that? I’d donate.

  6. Stewart wouldn’t be committing to any place unless is was a step up.

    CNN is definitely NOT a step up.

  7. Stewart at CNN? Don’t see it.

    That said, somebody needs to exploit the CNN/Fox News thing on the national level.

    I remember drunk mass-emailing all departments at Fox News and CNN back in somewhere around 2004 (when you could still do that easily). It was a silly joke on Fox News and Bill O’Reilly (not worth actually remembering), sent after some pints at the local pub.

    CNN folks thought it was great, somebody replied that I could send my thoughts to CNN any time. On the Fox side, I was sent an ominous email with the words, “who do you think you are?!” To which, I replied, “an American citizen exercising my right to fair and balanced speech!”

    And thus, dear readers, was the birth of the internet trolling of Fox News. (For my part, that was my only adventure into such activity — although, no doubt, it has grown to huge, epic proportions, in one form or another, by now).

    An entire industry awaits someone with the right charisma and talent for the job.

  8. I hear you….I pissed off Doucy so bad he DEMANDED that I give him my boss’ name, phone number and email because I was posting ‘during work hours’. I fell out and showed my attorney boss who said, GREAT, keep it up.

    Alison Camerota told me in an email she was reporting me to ‘security’. I said, fine, then report the entire Democratic Party.

    Then they all run away and hide…

  9. Jon made a remark during his departure announcement that anyone with any kind of restlessness should not host the Daily Show. That might be a clue to his internal desires and I doubt another show of the same nature would be in the makings. OWNING the network may be a different story. I’m agreeing with the guy who said movies.

  10. First, I usually don’t see something like this on PoliticusUSA but I can’t resist saying that this article has one of those sneaky, misleading headlines. “Terror Spreads through Fox…”. That in itself is a Fox News Headline because it’s just what ‘some people say…’. It’s in the author’s imagination.

    I agree with the person who mentioned the ‘restlessness’ Jon Stewart is feeling and that he might be heading into movies and out of tv. Whatever he decides I’m sure it will be big and admirable to all his fans. He’s a brilliant man and one of our best fighters to keep this nation honest and on its toes.

  11. One question, why would Fox News be afraid of Jon Stewart going to CNN?

    All I can say if you get your News from Jon Stewart. All your getting is jokes not news.

  12. Jon’s style isn’t just telling jokes. He simply follows the path to truth through a clever use of humor and irony.
    That seems to be the secret to his very unique success.

  13. I agree with Zucker in that he probably will not take the job. And yes, he probably says more factual things than the network sponsored “news”. On a separate note, why does this site accept advertising from Newsmax, which is notoriously right wing?

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