Yoga Pants Wearers Rejoice As Proposed Montana Ban Is Stymied In Committee

david doc moore

Representative David Moore’s (R-Missoula) proposed changes to Montana’s indecency laws, which could have banned wearing yoga pants in public, failed to pass through the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. House Bill 365 was defeated in Committee. The measure would not only have banned exposed nipples or genitals, but it also would have prohibited tight fitting clothing that simulated the appearance of a person’s buttocks, genitals, pelvis or nipple.

The ill-conceived measure was widely ridiculed on social media. On Wednesday, the bill was killed in Committee. Fellow Committee members giggled, before rejecting the proposal. No discussion was held on the measure and it was tabled on a voice vote.

Articles referring to the proposed yoga pants ban often read like political satire. Yet, the easily mocked proposal was all too real. Fortunately, however, common sense prevailed on Wednesday and the Judiciary Committee failed to move the bill forward.

For Montanans that fear tight workout pants will lead to social ruin, Wednesday’s measure may be cause for concern. However, Big Sky residents who wear yoga pants can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that they will not be arrested  for heading to the gym in a pair of beige yoga pants. Law abiding yoga pants wearers can rest assured that the state’s attempt to impose new restrictions on their attire has been scuttled in Committee.

While the entire debate over wearing yoga pants gave fodder to bloggers and comedians, the GOP’s attempts to curtail freedom is no laughing matter. Women, in particular, still need to be concerned about the lawmakers in Helena, and other Republican-dominated legislatures across the country, as they seek to limit personal freedoms.

The Montana House Judiciary Committee recognized the absurdity of the yoga pants ban, but some of the same lawmakers may be less circumspect when it comes to rejecting equally ridiculous bills designed to scale back women’s reproductive choices on issues like contraception and abortion. For now, Montana men and women alike can rejoice that the legislature decided not to infringe upon the people’s right to don yoga pants in public. However, residents need to be prepared to speak out against the next goofy proposal that comes down the pike in Helena. Tea Partiers in the legislature are, almost certainly, in the process of crafting another equally absurd bill at this very moment. Montanans beware.

25 Replies to “Yoga Pants Wearers Rejoice As Proposed Montana Ban Is Stymied In Committee”

  1. Glad to hear they came to there senses in Montana. The tax payers should tar and feather this pervert moron and ride his fool ass out of town.

  2. Moore is now saying that his comment about wanting yoga pants to be banned was satire, which indicates he doesn’t know the meaning of the word. He is embarrassed because his own colleagues were laughing at him. Before his yoga pants comment, he most likely saw nothing wrong with his misogyny and extremism. If he has kids in school, I suspect they’re hoping no one asks them if they’re related to him.

  3. Well, the “small gubment” big brothers of the Republican Party lost this one. Next they’ll try to ban people from licking ice cream cones. Hope that doesn’t give some idiot any ideas.

  4. With the numerous problems facing this country, THIS is what these clowns focus on? Who voted for these losers?

  5. What’s next from these nutbags? Arresting males for having too large a basket showing through their jeans?

  6. What it boils down to is this idiot can’t control his dirty mind. Just because he sees beige pants and thinks “naked!”, the rest of the world has to change the way they live in order to save his soul. Another Christo-fascist.

  7. This guy is a complete moron. I’m glad he got laughed at. His career is shot for sure and is gonna get him a quite disturbing rep at work lmfaoo

  8. Maybe we should make this suggestion-give him his yoga pants ban if he gives up anyone named Cheney for war crimes and revocation of their US citizenship. Deal?

  9. Your daughter is your problem and should have no bearing on whether or not I feel like putting on real clothes today.

  10. They should take all of the Republican congress people (I hate to refer to them as ‘Law makers’) put them in a mixer, grind them well and serve them to the dogs. They have no clue about governing, but talk about what American people want and need in accordance to their way of thinking (if they can think at all).

  11. How did fear-mongering on other people’s “pre-teens or teenage daughters” become the issue here?! Why don’t you just mind your own va*ina…

  12. You’ve got to watch YouTube: Tim Hawkins’ video “yoga pants”. Maybe it’s a little too close for Moore, but we need to laugh at absurd ideas like his

  13. When my daughter was in Grades k-12, I purchased her clothing. If I didn’t think the clothing was appropriate, I didn’t buy it. Women are not responsible for the lewd and lascivious thinking that happens in some men’s minds when they see some women wearing certain items of clothing, and vice versa for women as it concerns men’s clothing. Moore’s bill would be more suitable for Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, or some other nation where sharia law is accepted and practiced. I find it strange that a small government politician would want to expand government enough to outlaw yoga pants on females. This isn’t small government, it’s big government and a major move to control what women can/cannot wear.

  14. Libby, that is your job as a mother, not the government’s. Even a “big government” Progressive like me know this much.

  15. Representative David Moore’s (R-Missoula) proposed yoga pants ban? Wait…first a war on the middle class, then women, then the poor, and now… THIS! OUTRAGEOUS!!! Have they no shame??{wink}

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