54% of Americans Want Congress To Have President Obama’s Back Against ISIS

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A new NBC News poll revealed that a majority of Americans want Congress to vote in favor of President Obama use of force authorization against ISIS.

Via NBC News:

When told these details, 54 percent of Americans say they want their member of Congress to vote for this authorization. This includes a majority of Democrats (60 percent), Republicans (52 percent) and independents (51 percent).

Just 32 percent of all respondents want their member of Congress to vote against such an authorization.


– two-thirds of Americans (66 percent) believe the United States and its allies will be able to defeat ISIS;
– only 40 percent think Obama’s proposed authorization will receive bipartisan support in Congress;
– and a plurality of respondents prefer sending a limited number of U.S. forces to combat ISIS (40 percent), versus a large number (26 percent) or no ground forces at all (26 percent).

The support for the president’s use of force authorization, among a population that is suffering from war fatigue, indicates the level of outrage over the terrorists’ brutal strategy of killing their hostages. Secondly, the president’s message of no more combat troops in the Middle East appears to be working. The president has often repeated that he has no interest in sending US combat troops to fight ISIS.

There are two congressional arguments that are hovering over the president’s request for the use of force authorization. Democrats are concerned that the language in the president’s proposed resolution is too vague. They are also not interested in repeated the same mistake that they made with the 2002 use of force authorization that turned into Bush wars run amok.

Republicans are opposing the authorization because they want to send US combat troops to fight ISIS. The concerns of Democrats can be addressed by tightening up the language in the resolution, but some Republicans won’t support anything less than the opened ended possibility of more war in the Middle East.

President Obama has the majority of the American people on his side. It’s up to Congress to stop tripping over their own two feet and get something done.

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  1. If Netanyahu’s attitude and desire is to go into Iran and bomb nuclear facilities—He should also be part of the coalition to go fight Isis too. Or is that asking too much? Isn’t ISIS a threat to Israel’s homeland too? Republicans believe ISIS is coming to OUR Homeland. {{{Sigh}}} Just Ask Lindsey Graham and McCain. —“Republicans are opposing the authorization [use of force] because they want to send US combat troops to fight ISIS”—–Use of force does not include sizeable boots on the ground. Yeah we spent 13 Plus years in Afghanistan to defeat the Taliban….They’re still undefeated. Think about that. So how long you think it will take to remove, defeat and degrade ISIS? With thousands of our troops in?

  2. Since when does the Congress listen to the voters they only listen to their bagmen. We have already turned into an Oligarchy ; If you haven’t seen the Hunger game or read the books you should because thats us.

  3. The problem is not that we cannot defeat the Taliban or isis, the problem is we forgot how to fight a war. War IS NOT pretty. People die. Since the Korean war we have tried to ” win the hearts and minds of the people.” Sounds good but the reality is its bull crap. Screw their hearts and minds, you crush their spirit. You bomb them back to the stone age. Yes there will be a lot of civilian casualties. We didn’t seem to mind them when we were carpet bombing Germany during WW2. Throw the entire might of the US military against them. For each American casualty there should be 10 of them.
    You may call me a war monger or what ever, but just like Vietnam, give them a can of soup they take it. Eat the soup, then use the can to make an IED and kill Americans.
    Let them starve, let them be ravaged by sickness and disease, until they beg for peace.

  4. Off topic but I think should be getting more Press

    Historic Senate Resolution Welcoming Netanyahu to Congress Gets 50 Cosponsors … Zero Democrats

    Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, working in concert with John Boehner, have together accomplished what nobody in the history U.S.-Israel relations have managed to pull off, and that is to make Israel an unquestioned partisan issue.

    Today, the Senate passed Resolution 76, introduced by Senator John Cornyn (R-TX), “welcoming the Prime Minister of Israel to the United States for his address to a joint session of Congress.”

    So with the topic of Isis and now this we now have two visions of American policy. Republicans will burn us all alive unless we stop them

  5. A very nervous day in Iraq — and in the WH, I’m sure A few moments ago I heard, on CNN, Pentagon spokesman Adm. John Kirby repeat the myth of a distinction between U.S. combat and advisory forces in a war zone, namely that of Iraq’s Anbar province, where ISIS is closing in on a training base that houses more than 300 American soldiers — excuse me, “advisers.” The good admiral maintained the myth as he was destroying it, conceding, as he had to, that if American troops are shot at, they’ll “shoot back.” – See more at: http://pmcarpenter.blogs.com/p_m_carpenters_commentary/#sthash.vgJB0Zah.dpuf

  6. DJ, Seriously? They are introducing a resolution to welcome Netanyahoo to the US? What does that have to do with taking care of the business that affects the lives of everyday Americans? They are supposed to be working for us — not Bibi. This really pisses me off.

  7. Trust, the neo-cons and the Likud party has plans for everyday Americans. First they will want your sons and daughters for cannon fodder and second they will fleece your ass to the tune of 2.7 trillion dollars to pay for it. And that’s jut for the first 3 months

  8. Are you kidding me? We should back out and let the Arab neighbors clean up there own criminal element . Get out of U.N.

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