Chris Christie’s Hopes Dashed As His Popularity Sinks To New Low


A Rutgers University-Eagleton Poll, released on Friday, shows New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie sinking to new depths of unpopularity with his constituents. The survey found that his favorable rating with New Jersey voters has plummeted to just 37 percent, with 53 percent of Garden State voters holding an unfavorable opinion of the Governor. The decline represents a 7 percent drop from two months ago. It also marks the first time during his tenure as Governor that a majority of New Jersey voters have expressed an unfavorable opinion towards Mr. Christie.

New Jersey voters gave multiple reasons for why the Governor has fallen out of favor with them. His brash personality was listed as the primary reason, but concerns about his role in the “Bridgegate” scandal also was a factor. In addition, many voters felt he was spending too much time running for President, and not taking care of problems in New Jersey.

Chris Christie’s problems at home might not doom his presidential campaign, since New Jersey is generally regarded as a fairly safe Democratic state at the national level anyway. However, a Governor who is hemorrhaging support from his own constituents can hardly use his position as a resume boost, since the people he represents have soured upon him so resoundingly.

Furthermore, the Governor’s woes extend beyond the borders of the Garden State. For example, a Wason Center for Public Policy Poll released on Thursday, showed Chris Christie’s support has cratered in Virginia as well. A year ago, Governor Christie was viewed favorably by 46 percent of Virginia registered voters. This year that figure sits at a dismal 30 percent.

Governor Christie’s arrogant demeanor combined with his political shortcomings in New Jersey threaten to derail his hopes of becoming the Republican nominee for President. While GOP voters may be forgiving of his faults, they are also inclined to back a candidate who is both ideologically pure and one who they also believe can beat Hillary Clinton in a general election.

Chris Christie’s abrasiveness might even appeal to some GOP voters. However, if Chris Christie’s favorable ratings continue to plummet with voters in general, even Republican voters who like his confrontational style may look elsewhere for a viable candidate. Hardly anybody wants to be stuck supporting the candidate who is circling the drain. Right now, that candidate appears to be New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Voters have grown weary of both the style of his rhetoric and the substance of his policies.

22 Replies to “Chris Christie’s Hopes Dashed As His Popularity Sinks To New Low”

  1. Nobody in their right mind wants this man to be their President! Look how he talks to taxpayers! He’s a bully, he’s uncouth, egotistical, and the back end of a donkey

  2. OH!!!! the HUMANITY!!!!

    remember the Hindenburg..

    need donuts to watch the Christie clown show…

    big FAT jelly donuts….

  3. Christie along with his ever present wife with her frozen smile entering #10 Downing Street the other day is not what we want representing our country abroad.

  4. He’s a good bullshitter in addition to being a bully. He’s an underhanded sleezy lawyer too.

    Maybe people are finally seeing and understanding these ugly character flaws.

  5. I don’t see how any Republican can get elected, besides what greedy, lying horrible people they are, they hate over half of all Americans and don’t give a shit about the rest. Christie would a great diplomat and give the world a fine impression of us. He reminds me of a mob boss. Plus he is as ugly outside as in. Come to think about it all their hopefuls are ugly inside and out.

  6. He is actually the very embodiment of the way our country is viewed abroad. The rest of the world is used to viewing America as an uncouth bully.

  7. ” Voters have grown weary of both the style of his rhetoric and the substance of his policies.”


  8. Christie has always suffered from the same self-inflicted disease—he thinks more highly of himself than he should. He thinks he larger than life, and he is in one major way, but in others, he’s a loser and a social climber who uses others to advance himself. He has new problems, too. Business Insider had an article on its site today about how he is holding up an online gambling bill because Sheldon Adelson doesn’t want it to pass. I hope journalists stay on this story because I believe there is something to it, and that it will give further insight into just how corrupt Christie is.

  9. To be a Republican or Libertarian, one has to be sociopathic. They possess little if any empathy, and have persnalities arrested in adolescence. And we the people, elect them.

  10. couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person. karma has arrived at the GOP doorstep- finally!!! knock-knock righties!! hahaha!

  11. His dismal performance on the economy of New Jersey should doom him on the national stage and being reelected governor on its own. New York is doing very well right next door due to progressive policies. Pick most any red state and you get the same results, Louisiana, Wisconsin, etc. Vote these GOP assclowns out of office.

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