Mitch McConnell Breaks Campaign Promise By Not Holding Friday Votes


WASHINGTON (AP) — Meet the new Senate schedule: same as the old Senate schedule.

When Republicans routed Democrats in November’s midterm elections, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell promised there would be changes in how the Senate functioned. More open debate, more amendments, more work hours, more votes.

As majority leader McConnell has made good on some of that, holding more votes in his first month — mostly on amendments to a bill authorizing the Keystone XL oil pipeline — than in the entire previous year under Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid.

But McConnell has yet to deliver on his suggestion that the Senate would be in session regularly and voting on Fridays.

“I don’t think we’ve had any votes on Friday in anybody’s memory,” he remarked during a news conference after the November elections.

More than a month into Republicans’ control of the Senate, there still has not been a vote in a Friday session.

On this Friday, Feb. 13, the House was in session and voting in the morning, but senators were long gone to get an early start on the President’s Day recess. They left with the Homeland Security Department facing a budget shut-off Feb. 27 with no solution in sight.

Reid spokesman Adam Jentleson ridiculed McConnell over the state of affairs. “Despite Sen. McConnell’s pledges, the Republican Senate has not held a single Friday vote,” he said.

McConnell spokesman Don Stewart blamed Democrats for blocking debate on House legislation to fund the Homeland Security Department and undo President Barack Obama’s immigration policies.

“Hard to vote when Dems are blocking votes,” Stewart said.


President Harry Truman’s famous saying — if you want a friend in Washington, get a dog — might need to be updated for the Internet age.

Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez of Illinois says he has lots of friends — 380,000 of them to be precise. Facebook friends, that is.

In fact, Gutierrez boasted Friday that he has the most Facebook friends of any member of Congress — even surpassing House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi.

Gutierrez, a leading immigrant advocate, attributed it to interest in how immigrants can sign up for work permits and relief from deportation under executive actions announced by Obama.

“Is it because I’m the friendliest? No,” Gutierrez told reporters. “You want to know why I have them? I’m going to tell you. ‘Cuz we give them information they can’t get anywhere else.”

Gutierrez added, “I passed Nancy Pelosi, like, two months ago.”

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8 Replies to “Mitch McConnell Breaks Campaign Promise By Not Holding Friday Votes”

  1. Maybe this is why the turtle is having a sad and not having the votes of Friday

    One year after it was enacted, Kentucky’s Medicaid expansion is benefiting patients and health care providers—and is expected to generate jobs and economic growth that will more than offset $1.1 billion in state costs through 2021, according to a state study released Thursday.
    The expansion, which enrolled 375,000 people in the health care program for the poor and disabled last year, is now projected to create 40,000 jobs and add $30 billion to the economy in the next six years—more than initially predicted.

  2. The do-nothing GOP congress working more hours, really?

    Much less damage to the U.S. if they don’t.

    (I’m the same Andy BTW)

  3. nah… Mitch needed to make it home to check his inbox for Valentine cards… he needs to feel the love…

    or get away from the laughter and sneers of the Beltway…

  4. I live two blocks from him. Not much love for him in his neighborhood. Needs to troll for the love someplace else. The laughter and sneers are pretty much the norm here.

  5. Francie, do the people in Kentucky know that when he said they could keep Kynect it was a lie, he is busy trying to destroy the ACA. Why in the world did they vote for this
    pitiful creature.

  6. The people in Louisville and Lexington realize it. It’s the rural area’s of the state that he seems to have a hold over.
    Kentucky is a part of the south, and he knows how to exploit the fears and prejudices of certain people.
    Grimes should have run on the success of Kynect, and not away from the president.

  7. There will always be people who believe the ACA is no good and the be enjoying the benefits from it. They know no better. It is like SS, medicare, medicaid, and disability, they are using those program but to them it is listed under a different name so they don’t connect the two. This is what the republicans count on, and if they manage to learn the truth, they still won’t believe it. They have been brainwashed for some many generations that it won’t happen over night to change their minds about any thing positive about anything or people.

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