Politicus Radio: Another Day, Another Republican Caused Disaster

The DHS funding fight that Republicans provoked with President Obama is a hole that John Boehner keeps digging himself deeper and deeper into.

Listen to Sarah and Jason discuss the GOP’s six weeks of disaster:

Speaker Boehner and the Republicans provoked a confrontation with the president over his immigration executive actions, but now they find themselves painted into a corner. Senate Republicans will try once again to move the House-passed bill that would fund Homeland Security while overturning President Obama’s executive actions on immigration on February 23.

The bill is widely expected to be blocked by Senate Democrats. To date, Republicans have yet to pick any additional votes of support from the Senate Democrats on this bill. The Republican reign as the congressional majority has resulted in one passed bill becoming law in six weeks.

The Homeland Security funding crisis is another in a long line of Republican manufactured crisis over the last few years. Republicans can’t govern. They won’t govern, and creating a crisis is their way of distracting from their failures.

One of the major consistencies in American politics right now is that the Republican Party can be counted on cause drama and crisis.

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