Republicans Claim Obama’s “Quasi-Amnesty” Will Create An Epidemic of Non-Citizens Voting

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During an appearance on Fox & Friends Friday morning, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach told host Steve Doocy that there was an epidemic of non-citizens illegally voting due to the immigration actions made by President Obama. The Republican said there have already been instances of immigrants who have received social security numbers and driver’s licenses voting in elections and the problem will only get worse due to President Obama’s “quasi-amnesty of illegal aliens” allowing as many as five million more people to receive documentation.

Kobach, who claimed in November that action on immigration would lead to ethnic cleansing, is currently in Washington with other GOP secretaries of state to discuss what they see as a huge problem facing the nation. The Kansan testified in front of a House committee on Thursday, claiming the President’s action would lead to “stolen elections.”

“If you increase the population of people who are not U.S. citizens getting driver’s licenses, it necessarily follows that these errors that keep happening will increase as well…It is a certainty that the administration’s executive actions will result in a large number of additional aliens registering to vote throughout the country. In states like Kansas, we have been working hard to address the problem of aliens illegally voting in our elections. The administration’s actions have set us back in our efforts, increasing the risk of stolen elections and gravely undermining the rule of law.”

Of course, this really just amounts to Republican fearmongering in the face of immigration reform. Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap also testified before the House and said that there was no basis in fact for concerns that there will be widespread voter fraud due to executive actions made by President Obama. Also, back in 2013, Ohio’s Republican Secretary of State, Jon Husted, conducted an investigation to see how many non-citizens voted in his state. In the end, the report found only 17 instances even though 200,000 non-citizens had received driver’s licenses in the state.

While this is much ado about nothing, it isn’t going to stop the Fox talking heads from grasping on this to strike fear into their old, white, racist audience. This fits perfectly into the narrative that the Muslim Kenyan usurper is bringing in his hoards of non-Americans to transform the United States into a socialist wasteland. During this particular interview, the look on Doocy’s face and the tone in his voice say it all.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Fox News:


13 Replies to “Republicans Claim Obama’s “Quasi-Amnesty” Will Create An Epidemic of Non-Citizens Voting”

  1. KKKobach lies again. He really should head back home and try to figure out how to save the disaster that is Kansas before my taxes have to help bail them out.

  2. translation from Doocy the dunce : Conservatives are scared that Hispanics will NOT be voting for their overwhelmingly racist party!

  3. That’s it.

    I am turning in my Ruby Slippers.

    I am afraid I might accidentally tap them together and end up in Kansas circa 1850.

  4. “During an appearance on Fox & Friends Friday morning, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach told host Steve Doocy that there was an epidemic of non-citizens illegally voting”

    This is so much bullshit!!! If you are illegal the last thing you want to do is to draw attention to yourself.

  5. Well Kansas, you got exactly what you voted (or didn’t bother voting) for. Be very afraid, but not of illegals. Be very afraid of what you voted back in.

  6. They worry about people that don’t live here will vote, but if those same people were writing a check for a few million to them, I doubt they would even blink.

  7. It was revealed earlier this week that although Kobach has screamed continuously about voter fraud being a major problem in KS and the U.S., he has submitted no voter fraud cases to the U.S. Attorney in Kansas. Not one. He decided long ago that he would ride the voter fraud claim to electoral victory. He likely knows there have been few cases of actual voter fraud in the U.S. As for this claim, he’s blowing more hot air because immigrants can’t vote unless they’ve successfully completed the naturalization process and have become U.S. citizens. He’s a corrupt politician who is not above lying to his constituents to advance his career. Note, too, where he went to tell his latest lie–the network all liars go to–Fox News. He knows no one at the network will challenge anything he says, not if they want to remain in Roger Ailes’ good graces.

  8. How true this is. I am a legal Permanent Resident here in the US, and I cant vote. I have a Social Security card but that does not give me the right to vote. I am so sick of the lies these Republicans tell all the time. They are sending this country down the tube and fast.Honestly, they need to be held accountable for the lies but who is going to do this !! Sad so sad.

  9. Sorry to say I live in this state with all these idiots. They’ve already made it more difficult to vote and I guess they’re gearing up for 2016 now. Bring on the Socialists! I want to see these guys shaking in their boots!

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