Top Dem Slams Republicans for Endangering the American People by Forcing DHS To Shut Down


Squinting into the searingly bright sunlight this morning, Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and Members of the House Democratic Caucus called on Republicans to honor their sacred oath to protect the American people, warning Republicans that they only have four legislative days left before the Department of Homeland Security shuts down.

In response to House Republicans wondering why (and if) they have to pass a clean bill, Pelosi explained, “(F)orcing the Department of Homeland Security to shut down endangers the American people.”

Watch here:

“Good morning, everyone. Today, House Democrats gather on the steps of the Capitol to demand immediate action to fund the Department of Homeland Security. Next week, there will be only four legislative days left until the Department of Homeland Security shuts down. Twice this week, House Republicans have voted to block funding for a clean Department of Homeland Security bill to restore long term security to America’s families.

“Four days left: the clock is ticking. When asked whether the House would take up the DHS spending bill, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said: ‘Why do we have to?’ Here’s why: forcing the Department of Homeland Security to shut down endangers the American people. Republicans must stop holding our homeland security hostage to their anti-immigrant grandstanding, and honor our sacred oath we take – all of us – the oath we all take: to support and defend the Constitution and the American people.

“Now, I’m pleased to turn it over to Congresswoman Roybal-Allard. She and Congresswoman Lowey are the authors of the clean funding of the Homeland Security bill. Thank you for your leadership, Congresswoman Roybal-Allard.”

Republicans have been playing a game of chicken between the House and Senate now that they are in charge of both chambers, with each tossing the hot potato to the other chamber and throwing their hands up in despair, refusing to take responsibility for the need to pass a clean funding bill. Conservatives in the House still believe that it’s no biggie to shut down homeland security, while vulnerable Republicans in the Senate are side eying bad poll numbers and getting queasy.

Republicans promised that if they had control of both chambers, things would be getting done — no more obstruction from them! But here we are, six weeks into their “leadership”, and we have but one law to show for it and a whole lot of dysfunction and puzzling self-inflicted wounds.

15 Replies to “Top Dem Slams Republicans for Endangering the American People by Forcing DHS To Shut Down”

  1. The Republicans will just tell their base that it’s the Democrats’ fault (because they won’t let us attach our poison pill to the bill).

  2. Hold firm Dems, don’t give in. A clean bill is not asking for the world, it is common sense, and the American people deserve nothing less.

  3. DHS is the spawn of Dick Cheney.

    The opportunity to drown it in a bathtub should not be missed.

    Break it back down to its parts. Take the overhead to beef up useful security programs, and cancel all those ‘terrorist adviser’ contracts. The whole security machine.

    Too big to succeed. Wrong for a free country.

    Kill the monster, now.

  4. The Republicans are like Bank Robbers that get caught before they can leave the bank. They grab a child or a pregnant woman to use as a shield. They have no intention of letting the shield live.

  5. This is how childish republicans are. The house will not pass a clean bill because they feel they need to put that Kenyan in his place by winning this fight.

    When you have Raphael Cruz being the voice of reason among that clown car by saying go back to the drawing board and send us something we can pass

    But noooooooooooo.. The baggers of the house are not having that. Now they telling the turtle to change the rules on the filibuster. The turtle may be a lot of things but he is not stupid.

    He knows even if they change the rules it wont mean a thing because of the Presidents veto and he knows he has only slim majority and come 2016 that republican majority will more than likely lose.

    A more progressive Senate with Clinton as President is his worst nightmare

  6. I agree 100%. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to continue this spawn of Satan. The money could be well utilized elsewhere. We know what security is – a strong energy grid, access to clean water, safe bridges and roads. THOSE are Homeland Security issues.

  7. Just need a little clarification. Isn’t FEMA now under the control of DHS?

    I thought Bush combined the two agencies back in 2003. If that’s true, how will a shutdown of DHS affect FEMA if there is a national disaster? People have a right to ask if the Republicans have learned anything from the catastrophic blunders (9-11 and Katrina) of the Bush Administration.

  8. Fema is under DHS

    Who Joined DHS

    Learn more about how the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was created through the integration of all or part of 22 different federal departments and agencies into a unified, integrated Department and how DHS has become a more effective Department.

  9. I am amazed that those of you who support Obama, after his daily lies, he has destroyed our American economy, he has spent more money than all the previous presidents combined, he lied about you keeping your current doctor and your current health care insurance, he lied about ISIL, he lied about the RED LIMNE in Syria, He supported the Ferguson Law breaker over the police who were doing their job, he lied about Solyndra, he lied about same sex marriage, he imported millions of ILLEGALS, ILLEGALLY, He has muffed up the Iraq and Afghan gains we had made, he let 5 MURDERERS GO TO GET A U.S. ARMY TRAITOR FREED.He supports Al Sharpton, a tax cheat, liar, and Black instigator who makes money only when race issues are created and he stirs them up, this gains black support and the money comes in from these Morons, he supports anti Christian values, HOMOSEXUALITY, ABORTION, SAME SEX MARRIAGE, WHICH GOES AGAINST GOD ALMIGHTY, AND GOD WILL JUDGE ALL WHO SUPPORT THESE OBAMA SINS. OBAMA IS NO GOOD.

  10. Oh, WOW! You have just demonstrated true ignorance, racism, homophobia, and are a true TROLL! NO ONE will believe you unless you provide absolute proof of what you say. YOU, dumass, are the liar. Now be a good teathuglikkkan and go suck some Koch!

  11. Boy you really got all the fox bs talking points covered. They’ve done a good job of brainwashing you. I actually feel sorry that you are unable to have an original thought. Just canned talking points that have been seared into your brain.

    I guess you thought George bush was a great president because they told you that on fox.

  12. Republicans, Libertarians, conservatives and teabaggers are clearly the party that doesn’t want to govern, doesn’t know how to govern and doesn’t seem to understand why governments exist at all.

  13. Jerry, Jerry, Jerry. <> It will probably never occur to you that the verbal vomit your fingers are typing the biggest load of bullshit this side of the Mississippi.

    Please, for your sanity’s sake, turn off FOX Propaganda, don’t click on Breitbart, Tucker Carlson and the rest of the rightwingers sites that lie to you daily.

    I really do pity folks like you, Jerry .. . .. because living in an imaginary world has got to cause high blood pressure, heart attacks, and generally unhappy, fearful people. You poor, pitiful guy!

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