Obama Warns Republicans That He Is Going To Run Through Their Opposition


President Obama is putting Republicans on notice that he plans to run through their cynical politics and opposition during his final two years in office.

While speaking at a DNC fundraiser in San Francisco, the president said:

And one of the things I am absolutely determined to do over the next two years is not just consolidate the gains that we’ve made, not just move forward on new initiatives like free community colleges for young people around the country who need to be trained for the 21st-century economy, but part of my goal is also to restore a sense of possibility in our politics and our government. And in some cases, that means challenging folks who are practicing the worst kind of cynical politics, and a politics based on fear rather than hope. In some cases, it’s going to be finding areas of cooperating with Republicans. In either case, we’re going to need people like you to support these ongoing efforts.

I’ve only got two years left, but two years is a long time. And two years is also the time in which we’re going to be setting the stage for the next presidential election and the next 10 years of American policy. And so I intend to run through the tape and work really hard, and squeeze every last little bit of change and improvement in the lives of ordinary Americans and middle-class families that I can. But I can’t do it alone. And that’s why your support for the DNC is so greatly appreciated. And for those of you who have been there every step of the way, I just want to say thank you.

One can toss out the part of the president’s remarks where he mentioned cooperating with Republicans because Boehner and McConnell don’t want to cooperate with him. The worst kind of cynical politics is exactly what Republicans have been practicing since the president took office.

The country is into the fourth year of a Republican controlled House, and Boehner’s bunch continues to try to govern by demands and hostage taking. The Republicans haven’t learned anything from their numerous failures, so the odds are zero that they will decide to cooperate with the president over the final two years of his term.

Obama message to congressional Republicans was that he planned to stay on offense through the end of his term. This means that things aren’t going to get any easier for the Republican Party. This president isn’t going to sit around and run out the clock on his presidency. Given the president’s comments, his executive actions might be best viewed as a way of setting the agenda for the 2016 election.

The president is already making the case for Democrats to keep the White House while reminding Republicans that he isn’t going anywhere for two more years.

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  1. This is the only way republicans can be dealt with. This will ensure a democratic victory in 2016, and the destruction of the GOP as well.

  2. It’s been a long time coming, but it’s kick-a$$ time. The GOP has ripped this country apart with their paid-for-political positions. They have tried so long to hand this country over to the Koch Bros and their kind. It’s karma time and time for all of us to put them on notice, America is not for sale. They have told us and showed us that they did give a damn for nobody but the rich. Well, it’s not the rich that makes America, it’s the poor and middle class, who are willing to sweat blood and tears to get what they need. People it’s time to send Boehner, McConnell and the rest of the bums back home where they belong. Let them know from here on out, every damn day they come to work, be prepared for a fight. It can be done if we remember that we can’t sit on our conveniences and let the GOP/Tbums do what they want. We all must get involved not just a few.

  3. “People it’s time to send Boehner, McConnell and the rest of the bums back home where they belong.”

    They don’t belong back home. They belong impaled on stakes on the outskirts of town, where the crows can pick the flesh off their skeletons.

  4. The republicans have brought this on themselves. Shame on them. Instead of working with a President that was overwhelmingly voted in by the majority of the people in this country, they obstructed and unpatriotically plotted against him.

    We voted for President Obama’s policies and ideas, twice! And the republicans did everything in their power to block them.

    Shame on them and it makes me angry!

  5. karma has finally arrived at the GOP doorstep. its about time too. six long years of GOP obstruction, sabotage, and interference. the republicans are reaping what they have sown. I could not be happier or more excited about the 2016 election cycle.

  6. I cringe at the thought of having another Republican in the whitehouse. Each and every time a recession results. Their mentality is very unstable and oppressing for us all.

  7. If you go to MoveOn.org there are all kinds of petitions there. There’s one there to impeach McConnell and Boehner..plus others you may be interested in. Have fun! For the people!

  8. So the fact that the Republicans are in control because the majority of Americans elected them means nothing to Liberals/Progreesives/Democrats. Nor doe it mean anything to Mr. Obama, to whom the constitution is meant for someone else.

  9. In addition to what’s been already pointed out to you, House dems also received more votes than House repubs the last two, at least, election cycles. Gerrymandering has been a disaster.

    About the Constitution, why are republicans hell-bent on stripping voting rights and women’s rights, just to name two examples?

    Also, provide examples yourself of how the President ignores the Constitution. Use facts and not right wing talking points.

    We’ll await your response.

  10. LOL! You don’t look at the big picture, do you? Long story short: Republicans won seats, but they didn’t win a mandate. Years of propaganda, gerrymandering, and voter suppression got them in those seats. I am sick of their use of “The American people” this, that, and the other thing as if the whole country voted them in. One half of just over one third of the entire voting block of this country is not a mandate. As djchefron said, Dems got 20 million more votes. That shows you how successful their gerrymandering is. So get off your brainwashed, uninformed high horse.

  11. Republicons continue to do the same thing because they have won 2 midterms since the country elected the first person of color as president. They (republicons) think those victories mean they are doing what “the people” want. Wrong!
    What it means is that their effort to break the back of Democracy by voter suppression, gerrymandering, lying, cheating and stealing has caused the sane people to give up and stay home. But, 2016 will be the beginning of the end of the GOP. The tide is about to turn. When you have both Houses and STILL refuse to govern, the jig is up…..
    So Long Farewell!!

  12. And your Rethuglican-led 114th Congress – House AND Senate – were going to show Americans they could “govern”.

    Yet since Rethuglicans took over they have managed to pass just ONE BILL in JANUARY! And all it did was reauthorize the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program.


    Rethuglicans clearly can’t walk and chew gum at the same time, let alone “govern”.

    Pitiful … just pitiful!

  13. Democratic candidates in all of the races won by Republicans or Democrats got about 98.7 million votes. Republican candidates in those same races got 94.1 million.

    Republicans have the majority through gerrymandered districts, nice try though. Why should democrats fall to their knees when the GOP didn’t accept that President Obama won the presidency twice.

  14. Nope they did it again. Google voter suppression 2014. They didn’t win it they stole it. They’re getting too bold. Taking what THEY want instead of earning it. They are really showing who they are working for…don’t they? I’m glad Obama has made it all very clear to us.THEY might not like it..but I DO!

  15. Hate to ruin your image of the dummycats but you need to Google voter suppression 2014. You’ll see that your Kpublicans didn’t win it they stole it! You just wait til 2016. You’ll see!

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