FBI Steps In To Monitor Investigation Of Houston Islamic Center Fire

islamic fire

The FBI is monitoring the investigation of a fire that caused 100,000 dollars worth of damage to a storage building at the Quba Islamic Institute on Friday morning. The cause of the blaze is still undetermined. However, The Houston Fire Department reportedly believes that an accelerant was used to spread the fire, raising the probability that it was intentionally set. The blaze began around 5:30 a.m. Friday. Although the fire did extensive damage, nobody was injured in the unoccupied structure.

Ahsan Zahid, who is the son of the Islamic Center’s Imam, told reporters that the Houston Fire Department was pursuing two theories about the fire’s origins. Arson investigators considered the possibility that a homeless person may have ignited the blaze, seeking warmth. The other theory was that the fire could have been set intentionally, by a perpetrator targeting the Islamic Center because of his or her anti-Muslim views.

The FBI is monitoring the investigation. The Bureau stated that they are not jumping to any conclusions yet and that they would become more involved in the probe if arson is determined to have caused the fire.

The fire followed a couple of suspicious incidents at the Islamic Center. A visitor who had his face concealed had to be chased off the property earlier in the week. One day before the fire was started, a man drove by the center, yelling mocking chants at the Muslims who were present at the facility.

While the cause of the fire remains undetermined, the incident took place at a time when tensions between Muslims and non-Muslims in the United States have intensified. The murder of three Muslims in Chapel Hill, North Carolina earlier in the week, highlighted a growing concern surrounding anti-Islamic violence in America. That triple homicide, which allegedly escalated from a parking dispute, is being investigated as a possible hate crime.

U.S. law enforcement agencies reported 165 hate crimes in 2013 involving anti-Muslim bias. Hopefully, the nation is not witnessing a resurgence in hate crimes targeting people for their religious beliefs. The suspicious circumstances surrounding the Houston blaze make that hope difficult to cling too.

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  1. Many Americans who hate Muslims don’t know any. If they’d get to know some of them, they’d discover they aren’t monsters like the members of ISIS are. One of my Muslim friends owns a convenience store near my neighborhood. I went to his store Sunday evening and a group of males he didn’t know were there. He quickly ushered me out of the store, telling me, “I don’t know them, please leave the store.” I did. He came out of the store to make sure I had reached my car safely and stood outside until I pulled away and was headed back home. This man is a very caring individual, and so are the other Muslims I know. If any of those who disparage American Muslims had the same thing done to them, they’d be pissed off, writing to their member of Congress, organizing marches and hitting the airwaves to whine about how unfairly they’re being treated. Although they claim to be America’s “moral police,” they apply the Golden Rule in a very selective manner. Shame on them.

  2. If an accelerant was used, why would they think that it was a homeless person trying to get warm? BTW, the cold comment above was not made by me. It is the second “Rick”. I wish PoliticusUSA would not allow two of the same names on its site. Very confusing to others, especially when the one has such mean and ugly comments such as the one above.

  3. Racial profiling and stereotyping have been a blight on the human race for centuries.
    There seems to be no end to it.
    It would serve us right if some futuristic outer space superior race came and wiped us all out because they considered all humans to be evil.

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