Hillary Clinton Crushes Scott Walker In Poll Of Early 2016 States


A new NBC News/Marist poll of the first three states in the primary process found that Hillary Clinton would smoke Scott Walker in Iowa and New Hampshire. She tied Walker in the red state of South Carolina.

According to the NBC News/Marist Poll:

In Iowa, Clinton holds an eight-point advantage over Bush, 48 percent to 40 percent, and an 11-point edge over Walker, 49 percent to 38 percent.

In New Hampshire, Clinton is up by six points over Bush (48 percent to 42 percent) and seven points over Walker (49 percent to 42 percent).

And in the GOP-leaning state of South Carolina, Bush leads Clinton by three points, 48 percent to 45 percent. And Walker ties her at 46 percent each.

The most surprising result is Clinton being tied with Walker in South Carolina. South Carolina hasn’t voted for a Democrat for president since 1976. His supporters are trying to sell Scott Walker as new blood based on his age, but Walker’s policies are the same old agenda that Republicans have been pushing since Ronald Reagan successfully was elected president in 1980.

Walker may run well against Jeb Bush in the Iowa caucuses, but he matches up very poorly with Hillary Clinton in a general election. It doesn’t take much reading of the tea leaves to figure out that if Jeb Bush wins the nomination, Scott Walker could be in line to be his running mate.

Scott Walker’s refusal to say if he believes in evolution was the latest misstep for a candidate that has much more appeal with Republican voters than he does with the rest of the country. Gov. Walker (R-WI) is one of the Koch brothers’ preferred candidates, but he may be nothing more than a speed bump for Hillary Clinton.

If Republicans think college dropout Scott Walker is the answer, they are underestimating Hillary Clinton.

30 Replies to “Hillary Clinton Crushes Scott Walker In Poll Of Early 2016 States”

  1. The poll only measures registered voters which makes it pretty worthless. You have to measure likely voters which can’t be accurately done until much closer to the election. You Democrats keep underestimating Governor Walker. Governor Walker, you just keep on winning! Walker 2016!

  2. And your dumbass just keep getting screwed. BTW have you read, oh you are a bagger so you don’t read, his tax policies for the middle class?

  3. And you underestimate President Obama’s campaigning mastery – just as you and your ilk had done in 2008 and 2012. Come 2016, he will be out campaigning for his Democratic successor and together with SoS Clinton’s strength and popularity, I don’t see a Republican winning the White House – unless they successfully steal it a la G.W. Bush.

    But in an honest election, there is NO WAY a Republican can win the White House, and there is, geographically, NO WAY Republicans can keep control of the Senate. The anti-immigrant xenophobia Republicans are proudly displaying these days won’t get you the 40% of the Latino vote you need in order to win national elections.

    So if SoS Hillary Clinton decides to run and wins the Democratic nominee, you better start practicing your “Madam President Clinton”.

  4. Yeah, thats exactly what we’d say if Hillary was losing to everyone. She beats the whole clown car by double digits, including John Ellis.

  5. Scott Walker is just another fail to make Jebbie look good by comparison, but then, that describes the entire Republican primary process to this point. Eventually Jeb can really get started on his campaign meme, “losin’ tah Hillary 2016.”

  6. Everyone who has observed the way the GOP/TP does their nominations already knows that Jeb Bush will be on the ballot in 2016. The money men/women have already chosen Bush, the same way they chose Romney early on, even though he wasn’t the choice of the rank and file members of the party. After Romney was the last man standing, the rank and file forgot what they didn’t like about him and lined up to support and vote for him. Lemmings tend to do what they’re told to do. Everything else coming out of the party about Walker and the others at this point is only noise. The plutocrats have chosen Jeb as the nominee, and Jeb it will be. We’ve all seen this play before. This time around, it will have the same scenes, slightly different actors and the same ending–a nominee chosen by the plutocrats.

  7. She’s got 20+ years of name recognition. Of course she’s going to trump anybody, including Jebediah Bush.

  8. I’m with you, Kt. From your lips to God’s ears!

    I would love, Love, LOVE if Scotty “So-What-If-I-Got-Kicked-Out-of-College” Walker was your nominee!


  9. Do you guys really think the gop is gonna let a old drunk women who can’t even control her husband become president your nutz. Walker looks foward to destroying bollary in the debates she has nothing on him his plans work for America. Not union America but everyday hard working america. And we’re kind of sick of hillary drinking and lies. She doesn’t have anything she can hang her hat on at least find someone to run against walker that he’s not going to destroy in the first 2 min

  10. To all those shaking your heads and asking “Who votes for these @#!*?€~#%@’s?!?”, I give your answer. This ^ guy.

  11. His real full name is John Ellis Bush, not Jebediah Bush.

    Excellent and well-paid propagandists, knowing the American penchant for all things folksy, most likely had him embrace the name, “Jeb”, in order to make him appear like “a guy you’d like to have a beer with”, but just like his big brother, John Ellis Bush is as elitist as they come.

  12. Walker’s ‘Job Creation Agency’ Gets A Closer Look

    •Walker used the WEDC board as a place to stick his unqualified former campaign workers, even though they had no experience in economic development
    •The money they lost track of was in the tens of millions of dollars
    •WEDC was involved in bid rigging
    •They used taxpayer money to buy iTunes for their iPads and tickets to Badger games
    •Many of the companies that received WEDC money were also Walker campaign donors

  13. Being an “early state” doesn’t mean anything in matchups between potential nominees of opposite parties. Everyone votes the same day in the general and these three states don’t have that many electoral votes anyway.

  14. Reality Check, the party of RICH OLD WHITE GUYS, once again can’t present ANY legitimate candidate!! contrary to many of my liberal friends, Hilary isn’t the best the democrats have to offer!! Bernie Sanders is the REAL DEAL!! but of course Hilary is OUR corporate democrats flavor of the year!! Hilary will be americas next president!! WHY? because corporate america like Wall Street, Chase Bank, etc. etc ETC!! will throw money at her like theres no tomorrow!! and because the the GOP from 2000 to PRESENT, can’t field a halfway credible candidate!! com’ on!! rick perry? newt gingrich?? rick santorum?? chris christie??!! jebby bush??!!!! the republican party is a CLOWN CAR!!!

  15. @kt, I guarantee on many other websites you troll, theres volumes of post from you claiming mccain and the ”DILF” were gonna win in 2008! and how willard rommey was gonna win in a LANDSLIDE in 2012, RIGHT?? @kt, be honest!! YOU want you AMERICA BACK!!! RIGHT??

  16. Right, because the Democratic Party is the party of the young and poor. Hillary 67 net worth $50M Jim Webb 69 net worth $10M Elizabeth Warren 65 net worth $8.75 and the youngest of the bunch uncle Joe 72. Oh… and I forgot
    White…white…white and white. Stop consuming what they feed you

    Its not age or even color you closet bigot, its the policies that Democrats uphold. And no idiot, its not giving shit away.

  18. You neatly left out all the ones that aren’t white, and somehow, you couldn’t come up with any billionaires.

  19. @dona, @dona, @dona!! WTF are you babbling about? the GOP is 98% caucasian, that’s according to Gallup, now go scream at them

  20. So either way we get stuck with a conservative.

    Why progressives hold out hope for the modern Democratic corporate party is lost on me.

    We can do better then another Clinton or Bush folks. Walker is just fresh faced neocon as is all the GOP candidates. The Democratic party used to be the party of the working class and has lost that vote the past two midterms by a wide Margin.

  21. Now is way to early to be talking seriously about polls. bush or walker will probably get the gop nod. I feel clinton will be the next president unless they put Bernie sanders or Elizabeth warren on the ticket. That would be a disaster for the democrats.

  22. Evidently you don’t know squat about the morals of Walker. His corrupt governance has run a gestapo vendetta against those show signed petitions for his ouster. He has stopped programs benefiting all those who are against him. He lies about his background and is just another bought and paid for PUPPET of the Kochs. Move to Wisconsin and see for yourself.

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