10 Replies to “Another Obama Success The Media Won’t Talk About: Obamacare To Blow Past 2015 Goals”

  1. and in june, scotus will kill the aca, even though the plaintiffs are phoney. the sicker thing is congress could fix it with a 2 line amendment. but no, the fascists seek complete control…

  2. U.S. Farm Report tv show w/commentator explaining why Obama Care is a huge benefit to farmers. Not the least of which was his comment, “It allowed our son to come home to the farm and work with me.”

    Segment begins at the 39:00 minute mark

    Are we seeing a sea change in the heartland? How’s this shift in thinking going to play in Iowa?

    Is the heart of the heartland of the homeland finally starting to learn why they should luv the ACA?

    ….when the pundits of corn country tv start plain-‘splainin’ the facts about the positive aspects of Obama Care to the soul of the faux newz crowd things may be changing, big time.

  3. In Michigan Governor Snyder coopted the ACA and created a plan called Healthy Michigan.

    This pus is trying to pretend that Healthy Michigan has nothing to do with the ACA.

    Are people republican because they lie with impunity or because just naturally lie?

  4. … irreverent question: has Teddy Cruz’ balls ever dropped??? He sounds like a teenager trying to figure out how to shift from long stroke to short stroke without stripping his clutch…

  5. I’ve witnessed the lies & misinformation these roaches have done for the ACA. What gives? They don’t want government to do Sh*t for the American people. Nothing except for themselves. Yes, they do have mental issues just like the retarded folks that vote for them.

  6. Sammy, you’re right. The Democratic Governor in Kentucky embraced the ACA in its entirety, renaming it “KYNECT” to encourage the rubes in that state from thinking about it as “ObamaCare.” It worked. Now there are a quarter million people covered who didn’t have the means to obtain health insurance before.

    During the last election, Mitch McConnell told Kentuckians that he’d “rip out ObamaCare root and branch,” while praising KYNECT. His opponent, Allison Grimes, didn’t have the good commom sense to campaign as she should have — she just backed away from President Obama and ObamaCare. She lost, miserably.

    I live in Indiana, and Mike Pence is under the delusion that he’s going to run for President. If anything, he’s made Indiana even worse than Mitch Daniels did!

  7. I just wanted to compliment you on your comment. It was clearly written and well constructed. I concur totally with the points you made. It’s so refreshing to read comments that take a position, clearly support that position with facts and do so without ridiculing or denigrating the opposition. I applaud your effort.

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