New Poll Shows American People Support President Obama In Netanyahu Speech Dispute


A poll reveals that by a 47%-30% margin respondents overwhelmingly agree that it was inappropriate for John Boehner to invite Netanyahu to address Congress without consulting President Obama.

The Huffington Post/YouGov poll of adults interviewed February 4 – 8, 2015 revealed a consensus that Boehner’s Netanyahu invitation was inappropriate. By a margin of 47%-30%, those polled believed that Boehner’s actions were inappropriate. A majority of both men (45%-37%), women (49%-23%), people age 18-29 (39%-25%), people age 30-44 (51%-19), people age 45-64 (51%-34%), and those over age 65 (45%-44%) all thought that Boehner’s actions were inappropriate. Whites (42%-36%), Blacks (67%-12%), and Hispanics (55%-12%) all agreed that Boehner’s behavior was inappropriate. Democrats (72%-11%) and Independents (41%-31%) believed Boehner’s invitation without consulting Obama to be inappropriate. Only Republicans supported Boehner’s disrespect of the president (50%-29%).

By a margin of 39%-30%, Democrats do not want their member of Congress to go to the speech. Overall, respondents are split over whether or not their member of Congress should attend the speech. 46% want their member to attend, 24% do not, and 30% are not sure.

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The Obama administration’s position has been that it was inappropriate for Boehner to invite Netanyahu to address Congress without first consulting the White House. The American people agree that they don’t want the Speaker of the House cutting the President Of The United States out of the process. Most Americans understand Boehner’s behavior for what it was. Boehner and Netanyahu conspired to disrespect the president, and the respondents in this poll did not think Speaker Boehner’s behavior was appropriate.

The data from this poll supports the White House position that they won’t tell members of Congress whether they should or shouldn’t attend the speech. The Republican hope that they could use Netanyahu’s speech to divide Democrats and the country has largely fallen flat. The people surveyed in the YouGov poll had a better understanding of events than Republicans gave them credit for.

The Netanyahu/Boehner conspiracy is one plan to disrespect that has completely backfired.

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