The Koch Agenda Brings Pain And Woe To People In Republican Controlled Red States

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Some Americans likely recall that after the 2012 general election, establishment Republicans allegedly regrouped and conspired to purge teabagger extremists from the party. Obviously, not only did they keep the ideological cretins in place, they embraced them wholeheartedly because their conservative fanaticism comports with the two men willing to spend upwards of a billion dollars to take complete control of the federal government. Republicans also comprehend that aligning with, and using, teabagger extremism guarantees their base will continue supporting their agenda; no matter how fanatical or damaging it may be to their existence or America.

It is important to understand why the Koch brothers created and funded the tea party extremists in the first place, and although teabaggers closely adhere to the Kochs’ John Birch Society ideology, their extremism is driven by ignorance, anger, and religious fanaticism. The Republican base was best portrayed recently by one of America’s most ignorant, angry, and highly religious teabaggers; Sarah Palin. Palin told the tea party base in Iowa a few weeks ago that they represent ‘real America’ and are the best hope to preserve freedom and liberty conservative style. Palin said, “because you sit on your front porches holding onto your god, your guns, and your Constitution” you are the only Americans defending this great nation’s continued existence.

Although it is true Palin’s ‘real Americans’ have never read, much less comprehend one word of, the Constitution, she did describe the type of stupid voter that the Koch brothers depend on to impose their vision on Americans; sooner than they imagined. Even though the Kochs now own the Congress and the Supreme Court, they do not yet own the White House. So as they await implementation of their fascist vision on the national level, they are focusing on the states and succeeding due to the inherent stupidity and fanaticism of what Palin calls ‘real Americans.”


The fascist Kochs are proceeding ahead of schedule in Republican-controlled states due to the support from the people Palin flatters by telling them they are saving America by electing conservatives. The Kochs’ surrogates are successful by appealing to the base’s extremist views on social issues; not good policy or governance. Because they own most of the Republican state’s governors and legislatures, it is there that the Kochs’ ideology is doing the most damage that their GOP surrogates are unrepentant about. And they are getting ardent support and valuable assistance from incredibly stupid Americans who are “sitting on their front porches holding onto their god, their guns, and their Constitution” while their states are ravaged by Koch-teabagger ideology.

There is no other reason than voter stupidity for why someone like Kansas governor Sam Brownback, whose trickle down experiment is bankrupting the state economy, keeping roads in ruins, and starving education could ever have been re-elected except that he masterfully distracted voters with religion and he is still at it.

Brownback just issued a biblical executive order repealing employment discrimination protections for LGBT employees because bible, god, abomination. Put another way, by an unconstitutional executive order, Brownback just mandated state-sanctioned discrimination against LGBT employees and diverted the poor saps holding onto their god, their guns, and their Constitution’s attention away from the state’s economic disaster. An economic disaster, by the way, that is the Kochs’ libertarian vision for the entire nation; if they only owned the third branch of government.

In South Carolina, another Koch-teabagger state suffering Republican economic policies, including a significantly higher than the national average unemployment rate, there is proposed legislation to mandate three weeks of NRA-written curriculum of each academic year in all public schools. The purpose of the “Second Amendment Education Act” is to provide “all public elementary, middle schools, and high schools with instruction for no fewer than ‘three consecutive weeks in one grading period’ (a semester) with NRA-written curriculum

.” The purpose is to  ensure that all South Carolina students graduate after twelve years of indoctrination into the teabaggers “insurrectionist interpretation of the Second Amendment;” including a revisionist history teaching that the “Framers envisioned the Constitution the same way the leaders of the Confederate States of America interpreted it.” By keeping Palin’s so-called ‘real Americans’ focused on their war against ‘gun-grabbing’ Obama, and inculcating an ‘insurrectionist interpretation of the Second Amendment‘ in the sight, residents are distracted from their tea party governor and legislature’s economic malfeasance.

In North Carolina, another Koch state suffering conservative economic policies, extremist Koch surrogates Art Pope and Republican governor Pat McCrory are publicly conspiring to assault higher education by eliminating several University of North Carolina academic centers that do not comport with teabagger racists or Koch brother libertarian philosophy. Academic centers targeted for extinction are the Center for Faculty Excellence; the Center for Law and Government; the Institute for Education; Center for Black Culture and History; the Center for Civil Rights, the Institute on Aging, and the Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity.

Later this month, a panel staffed with Koch devotees will begin a review of the University of North Carolina’s academic system under libertarian Art Pope’s direction to begin eliminating those academic centers from existence. Why? Because they run contrary to the Koch’s libertarian “vision for America” under corporate fascism and they will be successful because the Kochs have convinced so-called ‘real Americans’ Palin described that their way of life and their god, their guns, and Constitution can only be preserved by eliminating higher education focused on reducing poverty, combatting racism, and reducing economic inequality.

There is no other reasonable explanation for why the right-wing turned out in force to re-elect governors and state representatives that are either certifiable failures or teabagger extremists. It is important to note that none of the Republican failures were elected due to their successful economic records or policies, but because of fanaticism that appeals to their inherently ‘real American’ base who gave the extremists control of Congress and most states.

It is a mistake, and a deliberate one, for the media to parrot the narrative that the Koch brothers’ tea party is in decline, or that Republicans are in any way, shape, or form interested in or leaning toward a more moderate position. If anyone thinks otherwise, they are no more intelligent than Palin’s ‘real Americans’ because the only reason John Boehner and House Republicans refuse to pass a clean Department of Homeland Security funding bill is because the de facto leader of both houses of Congress, Texas Senator Ted Cruz and his extremist teabagger cabal, will not allow it. Not because it is bad policy, but because ‘real Americans’ are distracted by claims President Obama’s immigration action is somehow unconstitutional; a ridiculous claim to keep their attention diverted from Republicans blocking tax cuts for the middle class, passing legislation to grow the economy, or creating jobs. Sadly, the Republican distraction is working because instead of focusing on how Koch Republicans are economically raping Americans, many of them are seething with anger while they “hold onto their guns, god, and Constitution

;” that and they are incredibly stupid, angry, and religious extremists.

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