The Numbers Don’t Lie: Intense Republican Hate Is Skewing Obama Polls


A Pew examination of presidential poll numbers revealed that intense Republican hatred of President Obama weighs down his job approval numbers.

According to Pew Research:

Views of the president among members of the opposing party have become steadily more negative over time. Our 2014 report on political polarization documented this dramatic growth in partisan divisions over views of presidential job performance. Over the course of Obama’s presidency, his average approval rating among Democrats has been 81%, compared with just 14% among Republicans.

During Eisenhower’s two terms, from 1953-1960, an average of 49% of Democrats said they approved of the job the Republican president was doing in office. During Ronald Reagan’s presidency, an average of 31% of Democrats approved of his job performance. And just over a quarter (27%) of Republicans offered a positive assessment of Clinton between 1993 and 2000. But the two most recent presidents – George W. Bush and Obama – have not received even this minimal level of support.

These numbers confirm a suspicion that Republican Obama hate is throwing off the polls. President Obama isn’t as unpopular with the country at large as he is with Republicans. Obama’s job approval ratings are being weighed down by the fact that he gets nearly half the support from self-identified Republicans that Bill Clinton did. The idea that Republicans impeached Clinton and tried to throw him out of office, but still got more of their support than President Obama is a real mind blower.

Even if one tries to account for the increased level of polarization in politics by assigning the president 20% approval rating from Republicans, the difference in Obama’s approval rating would be dramatic. The president would go from a 48%-50% approval rating to something more in the neighborhood of 54%-56%.

The Republican hatred of Obama is so intense that it is difficult for pollsters to get an accurate reading on the president’s true level of popularity. The extreme intensity of the opposition prohibits a good read on where the president stands in the court of public opinion, but it does illustrate the degree to which our national politics has become polarized.

Irrational Republican hatred of Obama is making it impossible to accurately compare polls. This doesn’t mean that the polls are wrong, but that the Obama polling is more accurately measuring polarization than the president’s job performance.

52 Replies to “The Numbers Don’t Lie: Intense Republican Hate Is Skewing Obama Polls”

  1. From day one of Obama winning, the republican party has non stop sown hatred and disrespect towards him and the office of President. they have brainwashed their party. They’ve become the party of bullies.

    Remember how unpatriotic it was to criticize Bush? Remember what happened to the Dixie Chicks when they spoke out against the war? My how times have changed.

    Name one time they have given him credit for anything.

  2. It will continue with the next Democratic President, man or woman, black or white. Hilary hate is already be built and encouraged. The Teabagger hatred coupled with Faux News lies are here to stay until the Repubs tear themselves apart.

  3. The world sees that President Obama is treated with blatant disrespect by the TP/GOP. This has had a reverse effect for President Obama is admired by the world. The TP/GOP on the other hand are looked upon as fanatics with no credibility. All their hating is doing is making them look like cult members.

  4. All of their hate has had a reversal effect in the world. President Obama is admired by the world while the TP/GOP are looked upon as fanatical cult members.

  5. When I objected to Bush it was about his policies it had nothing to do with his race because for me a white President was a given.

    Now given the facts it makes me wonder why white people mainly cons hate this man.

    Did he not save the economy? Did he not lower your taxes? Did he not give you access to healthcare? Did he not sign a law so women can have equal pay?

    You people sicken me. Just because he is black you want to send MY country back to the dark ages. Be careful what you wish for because today I am the enemy tomorrow it will be you

  6. The first question any political pollster should ask is “What is your primary source of U.S. and world news?”

    As soon as Faux Snooze comes out of their mouth the pollster should politely apologize for dialing a wrong number. [wink]

  7. When you have a media that is owned, and controlled by 6 mega corporations who have a right wing agenda it is even more critical to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine, and repeal the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

  8. The reason people do not like Obama is not because he is black, but because he is basically dishonest. His whole background is fabricated: his place of birth, his school record, his religion, his sexual orientation. His intrinsic dishonesty has polarized the political landscape: he claimed he wanted to unite the country and the races, but the effect of everything he has done has been just the opposite. When he pushed through the “Affordable Care Act” with a majority in both the House and Senate, he blocked any input from the Republicans. He didn’t read or know what the huge bill contained. He is a good polician, but a terrible leader. If anyone disagrees with his position on any issue it is immediately branded as racism. Don’t forget that Pres. Obama is half white; he grew up in a family situation of wealth, despite the instability of his mother’s marital relations. He really doesn’t know personally the problems of most blacks, yet he gets their vote because he is “black”.

  9. This article would make sense if Republicans were not part of the electorate. The polls accurately reflect President Obama’s standing with the American people and correctly notes that the partisan divide has grown with the last two presidents. Oddly, the article does not suggest that President Bush’s approval rating was not reflective of public opinion.

  10. In other words, you don’t want the truth; you just want to hear praise for Obama. I do NOT hate Obama; I never have. I just wish he and his cohorts would look more deeply into issues and be cognisant of the consequences of taking the positions they have taken.

  11. RACISM, BIGOTRY, PREJUDICE. Why were these words not mentioned as the reason why there is so much hatred toward President Obama ???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. All of the hateful comments about conservatives and Republicans in messages above don’t need to be “moderated”? If you use the same criteria for acceptance?

  13. Three things to remember…Evil does not prevail, what’s in the dark comes to light,when the Republican thugs get through with their b.s. & we must vote this garbage out of our gov’t.

  14. Hey Roy, guess what? You never knew Prez Obama’s mother. You are scum. I didn’t ever touch the petri dish so I won’t post anything about your mother, Mr. Scumlord.

  15. Since before his tenure in office took place McConnell said he would vote everything down…..the hate began then and it continues.

    As we speak, they are starting the same campaign against Hillary, the hate is growing and they will include Bills infidelity as a tool…..

    The Republican, right winged Christians are the worst, vile, hypocritical group in America and they have the balls to call out Muslims. They are no better than the extreme Muslims IMHO.

  16. “His whole background is fabricated: his place of birth, his school record, his religion, his sexual orientation.”

    You, of course, can provide proof of your accusations? You have made statements that have been used repeatedly by the right, with all of them fabricated from wishful thinking. Show me the links that prove what you have claimed.

    “Don’t forget that Pres. Obama is half white; he grew up in a family situation of wealth, despite the instability of his mother’s marital relations.”

    Obama is half white…. so what? As near as I can tell, his mother’s marital relations weren’t any more unstable than at least 50% of everybody else. AND she was only married once, so “marital relations” implies that there were more than one husband, which we know is a lie. So, what does this have to do with anything?

    Everything you have posted is based solely on a PERSONAL denigration of Obama. One really, really has to wonder why.

  17. Roy, Your white sheet is peeking out of your collar. All your talking points are ones that you have been neurolinqustically programmed by the right wing fox rush machine. You poor baby, you don’t realize you are the one who needs to be informed. I challenge you to turn off fox rush etc for one month and get educated by watching Free Speech TV. But I know your head would explode when you realize you have been lied to by your corporate slave masters.

  18. That sir, is without a doubt the stupidest thing I have read today. You need to crawl back under the rock.

  19. Roy, after your ridiculous remarks about Obama’s place of birth, his education, his sexual orientation and his religion, how do you believe it is possible for anyone with even a spark of intelligence to take you serious?

  20. The only fabrication is your cute, little summary of debunked right wing talking points.

    To address one of your points. The republicans have more than 160 amendments in the ACA. Aside from knowing that, it took about 5 seconds to Google “republican amendments to the ACA.”

    John McCain accepts the ACA, and even Chuck Grassley admits the current case against it at the Supreme Court is a load of crap.

    Prior to it’s passing House Republicans invited to the President to speak about the ACA at their retreat near Baltimore. It was their plan to bombard the President with questions about the ACA, thinking he’d look pathetic with his responses. Foolishly, House GOP leaders agreed to the White House request to film the session. To say it imploded and backfired on the GOP is an understatement.

    Question after question the President dismantled the opposition. It was so masterful that CNN, MSNBC and C-Span each re-ran it a few times that weekend with analysis of how great a job the P…

  21. Have read only two comments and agree with both.
    Our Pres should do what Pres Roosweveldt did two the Bush Family(Prescott Bush) during the Sec WW. Prescott was selling and dealing with the Nazis while our country was at war. The Pres, called him into the white House wood shed so to speak, and warned him if, he did not stop. his company as going to be nationalized. Needless to say Prescott stopped.
    The men in our Gov of today are no less traitorous, rebellious, dishonest men filled with betrayal who should be called to account for their actions. Please Mr. Pres. do as much, as a previous Pres did….these men, think they are untouchable. they ARE NOT the Kock money does not reach that far YET!!!!

  22. (Ran short earlier). The President obliterated each and every point from republicans, all while not lowering himself to their level of disdain, hate and name calling.

    And afterward? All the congress critters were clamoring to have their pictures taken with the “dictator” along with their family members.

    They were thoroughly embarrassed, humiliated and demolished.

    So WHO hasn’t read the entire law?

  23. Now who’s been drinking the Birther Kool-Aid?

    A bad leader? Seriously? He’s improved the U.S. economy, GDP and the situations of the workers of America; he’s brought affordable healthcare to millions with an even better economic impact than expected. He was elected – twice – with a majority; and all of this with a pack of Conservative hyenas howling for his blood an attempting to oppose him at every turn. If he were a white republican guy facing down against such hostility and achieving even half what he’s done, there’d be a fifth face on Rushmore.

    And if it isn’t racism, why has no other President ever been asked to produce proof of citizenship and/or birth? Why has no other president been accused of being non-American/communist/socialist/muslim? None. Without googling, can you name where Ronny Reagan was born? Or any of the Bush clones?

  24. President Obama gave them enough rope to hang themselves and we see what they have done with it. This BS that it’s the democrats causing it again is not working for Boehner this time. Time will tell. I honestly believe that if any part of the govt. is shut down, congress and the senate should be without pay as long as any other federal employees without their pay. This is the only thing that will stop this ridiculously childish behavior.

  25. Republican hatred of Democrats is a given. For President Obama his crime is being a Democrat and Black. The media, especially Fox News, helps fuel the fire. I find it amazing this President has been able to accomplish so much given the opposition he has faced. Unfortunately, I do not see this toxic environment changing anytime soon.

  26. Yup, FDR took him to the woodshed, by invoking the “Trading with the Enemy Act”.
    I do wish our President would have used the bully pulpit in the way that FDR did.
    From day one he was damned if he did, damned if he didn’t.
    He shoulda just ‘did’.

  27. You should pull your old white man head out of Sean Hannity’s ass and actually get an education. How’s that last 6 years of yelling “Birth certificate” “Bill Ayers” “Kenya” “Benghazi” working out for you. At your age you don’t have much time left, you should use it for good not evil. Tic Toc….that’s your life clock….

  28. Roy, that’s the stupidest post I’ve read in a LONG while.

    The ignorance and stupidity just drip off that post. My word, I weep for my country.

  29. Fox “News” Channel and our airwaves filled 95% with RW HateRadio has made it a-ok for any closeted KKKer and other assorted White supremacists to not be ashamed of their bigotry and racism, but to even come out and openly discriminate and publicly be the racists they were brought up to be.

    Unless and until this changes, unless and until they’re shamed and shoved back under the damp rock they’ve crawled out from under, it’s only going to get worse.

    It’s time to bring back the Fairness Doctrine and rescind the Telecommunications Act of 1996. Either that, or pass a law like other countries that exempt hate speech from protections under the First Amendment.

  30. This only serves to prove that republicons are NOT a Christian group, but rather a racist hate filled group……

  31. Vast majority of republican who hate Obama like 90% are unhinged RACISTS! They are hooked on hate on anyone person of color who gets “out of their place”

  32. One of the things I remember about election night in 2008 were the scenes of jubilation in the streets as compared to the looks of distress and shock at republican locations. It was easy to see how this great moment in American history damaged the GOP psyche. I can imagine the main point of conversations that evening, interrupted by sleep but revised the morning after. Seeing the news triggered something. and that something is still here. This was the opening salvo in the battle to re-claim what was taken from them.

  33. During the time that FDR had a huge Dem majority, a lot of stuff got done. Obama never had that huge majority. (When the Dems were in charge is really wasn’t that big of a majority) Obama had the repubs meeting the night he took the oath of office promising to destroy his presidency. Why isn’t this treason?

  34. President Obama has been called WORSE by the ignorant, uneducate4d tea bag/repubs.

    He’s been called N*****, muslim, Nazi, facist, it and he’s been called it.

    I’ve been called a we have EVERY RIGHT to call a tea bag an ignorant tea bag because YOU ARE.

  35. like Dubya looked deeply into starting a war based on lies?
    Dumya lied and over 6000 US citizens here KILLED.

    President Obama has shown diplomacy rather then getting boots on the ground to have them KILLED.

    President Obama could cure cancer and you’d still hate him.

  36. Freakin’ racist could not believe he was elected. They assumed he would fail and have launched a plethora of predictions based on that alleged failure. The fact that he’s done a good job just increases their hate. We are seeing a massive group of Americans who would rather be right about their racists beliefs, than see the country do better with a president who continues to do the right thing.

  37. Dick Cheney And Other Bush Administration Officials May Finally Go To Trial
    They already are charge with war crimes..Bush, Blair Found Guilty of War Crimes

    By Press TV

    November 25, 2011 — A War Crimes Tribunal in Malaysia has found former US President George W. Bush and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair guilty of war crimes for their roles in the Iraq war.

    The five-panel Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal decided that Bush and Blair committed genocide and crimes… against humanity by leading the invasion of Iraq in 2003, a Press TV correspondent reported on Tuesday.

    In 2003, the US and Britain invaded Iraq in blatant violation of international law and under the pretext of finding weapons of mass destruction allegedly stockpiled by former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.


  38. Roy, oh, Roy…

    “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” ~Mark Twain

  39. His first statement, right off the bat was that the fundamental transformation of America was beginning.

    A lot of us felt the country was a beacon of hope, savior of the world, powerhouse of the global economy and mankind’s best hope.

    We didn’t think it needed to be fundamentally transformed.

  40. Emmm…did I just finish talking to you elsewhere?

    But, to answer your question, those of us who grew up in 20th Century America had already seen a transformation in progress — a hideous one, starting in 1980, where every advance made since the late ’50s was being relentlessly repealed. And therefore, the transformation desired was the undoing of the transformation.

  41. “Intense Republican hatred” might be skewing the polls in one direction, but mightn’t “intense Democrat adoration” be skewing the polls just as much in the other? So that, in the end, everything comes out evenly? Just a thought.

    Besides, Republicans are a part of “the country at large,” just as Democrats are. You can’t get an accurate measurement of public approval without measuring how they both feel.

    Lastly, this article seems to be based on the idea that Republican “hatred” really is “irrational.” Just because it doesn’t make sense to you doesn’t mean that it’s irrational. And given how ready many Republicans were (and still are) to elect various conservative African Americans, I think several commenters here are going a bit overboard in calling Republicans racists, don’t you?

    Have a nice day!

  42. “Irrational” is when the reasons given are not only unsupported but disproven. Nor is there any adulation on the other side as intense as that: only the fervent wish that the screeching lies, the sabotage, and the calls for assassination abate to a reasonably subdued rumble.

  43. This author is operating under the delusion that “true” popularity numbers ought to include polarized liberals/Democrats, but not polarized conservative/Republicans. I’m sure he considers himself very insightful and open-minded. lol

  44. When any political party becomes a collection of ignorant racists, it gets very frustrating to be unable to eliminate the cause of the hate but given time, they will just die off and a better world will emerge…

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