New Rankings Obliterate Republican Claim That Obama Is The Worst President In History


New presidential rankings by the American Political Science Association have shattered the Republican claim that President Obama is the worst president in history.

The Washington Post reported:

The most highly ranked presidents contained many of the usual suspects. Abraham Lincoln was rated the greatest president, with an average score of 95 out of 100, followed by George Washington and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The rest in the top 10 were Teddy Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Bill Clinton, Andrew Jackson and Woodrow Wilson.


How does Barack Obama fare? Scholars had a mixed view of him. Obama ranks 18th overall and, among the modern presidents (those since FDR), he is in the middle of the pack. He ranks behind not only Clinton and Eisenhower but also Reagan, Johnson, Kennedy, and George H.W. Bush. Obama ranks ahead of Gerald R. Ford, Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, and George W. Bush (who was ranked 35 overall).

Historians and experts caution that is nearly impossible to rate a president while they are still in office. It is difficult to evaluate Obama. The president’s legacy will be tied to the Affordable Care Act. If the law stays in place and continues to grow, the president’s legacy will be helped. Obama’s actions on gay marriage, immigration, and climate change will also shape his legacy in a positive way.

The economy is also going to shape President Obama’s legacy. If the economy continues to grow rapidly over the next two years, Obama could become a top ten president. It is easy to imagine a scenario where the economy robustly expands, and history rewards this president for bringing the nation out of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

The American Political Science Association did warn that the participants were influenced by their personal political ideology.

What is clear is that the favorite refrain of Republicans that Obama is the worst president is not true. Obama is not even close to being the worst president ever. The numbers, the facts, and experts all agree that Republicans are wrong about Obama.

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  1. How can Bill Clinton rank higher than President Obama ?

    PBO has spent a lot of time cleaning up after Clinton.

    Dodd Frank ( clean up of Clinton deregulation )

    many many more.

  2. This makes one question the American Political Science Association. Reagan higher? He tripled the national debt and there was the matter of Iran-Contra for which he should have been impeached.

  3. 10 indictments under Reagan for his Iran Contra scandal. Plus 2 were given immunity for their testimony.

    He should not even be on this list.

  4. Wonder if his color has anything to do with that? Because it sure couldn’t be his job performance! I love my President and his famous [WINK]
    God bless OUR President!

  5. Isn’t it amazing that the only 3 Republicans in the top ten (Lincoln, T. Roosevelt & Eisenhower) could NEVER get the GOP nomination today because they aren’t conservative enough, ya’ know they ain’t real ‘mericans, they’re damn libruls!

  6. Iceisie, the answer to your question, is he is white not black :( that is how a real reality and sad fact :(

  7. Well I’m glad to see the millions upon millions spent by conservatives to revise St. Ronnie’s image have not gone to waste.

  8. Any person who claims that Obama is/was the worst president ever is quite frankly INSANE!! In other words the Reich Wing and traitorous Dems.

  9. Absolutely, Bill. Selling our weapons to our enemies to build an illegal secret army that did not fight soldiers but only raped and murdered nuns. Reagan was the worst president that this nation was ever cursed to have.

  10. Here’s to your 1 NO WAYer
    8 years of a republican administration and GW Bush.
    9-11… 3000 Americans died. The administration failed to protect Americans in their own soil, even after plenty of warnings.
    Bush fails to protect 13 embassies and consulates from terrorists and 62 died.
    Two simultaneous wars and over 6000 American soldiers died for nothing. Stirring up the Middle East and now creating ISIS. We are in worst danger now.
    11 trillion debt.
    Record spending.
    Record deficit
    Record bankruptcies
    Record layoffs.
    Record unemployment
    The Great Recession
    Fall of all markets.
    Fall of the automobile industry.
    2008 history record gas prices, with the national average at $4.71 per gallon.
    Banks selling to China
    Record corporation bail outs
    March 2008: Bush stimulus $29 billion for Bear Stearns/JP Morgan Chase deal
    May 2008: Bush stimulus $178 billion in tax rebate checks
    July 2008: Bush stimulus $300 billion for distressed homeowners

  11. more:
    July 2008: Bush stimulus $200 billion for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
    September 2008: Bush stimulus $50 billion to guarantee money market funds
    September 2008: Bush stimulus $25 billion to Big 3 automakers
    September-November 2008: Bush stimulus $150 billion to AIG
    October 2008: Bush stimulus $700 billion to banks (TARP)
    Ceo’s used the monies to pay themselves millions in bonuses.
    Enron <- cost California $46 BILLION
    Halliburton $37 BILLION
    America bankrupted.
    America hated abroad
    two unfinished, unpaid 14 year old wars.

    In 2000 we had a budget surplus because revenues were 20.6% of GDP, and were on the path to paying off the debt in 10 years.

    Then the GOP gained complete control in 2001 and put us back on the same path to increasing the debt that Clinton put a stop to in 1993 by implementing realistic tax rates.

  12. They might not know much but they do know how to build up the debt. They eliminated the pay as you go rules, that kept spending in check in the 90s, slashed upper-income taxes needlessly and without accounting for the loss of revenue, and then made massive, long-term, open-ended spending commitments (like wars and prescription-drug benefits) without accounting for the costs, and funded entirely by borrowing.

    Instead of paying the debt off in 10 years they have it up $12 trillion in 13 years.

    The right wing ignorant tend to blame the Democrats for everything but in the 33 years since Reagan’s plan to build up the debt went into effect, every spending bill for 29 out of those 33 years was approved of by Republicans on either the presidential and/or the congressional level.

  13. I agree, reagun shouldn’t be on the list

    The Irony and the Ecstasy
    Every serious G.O.P. presidential aspirant invokes the glorious era of Ronald Reagan, to which the country must return. Ignore the fact that, for the likes of Paul Ryan and Rand Paul, Reagan’s actual record—from increased bureaucracy to higher deficits—should be seen as a complete failure.

    The Reagan-Bush Debt is how much of the national debt of the United States is attributable to the presidencies of Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, and the Republican fiscal policy of Borrow-And-Spend.

    As of Monday, February 16, 2015 at 11:23:00AM CT,
    The Current ReaganBush Debt is:
    which means that in a total of 20 years,
    these three presidents have led to the creation of
    in only 8.3682% of the 239 years of the existence of the United States of America.

  14. The right has shown Obama nothing but disrespect since the moment he took office. Their hatred of the man who occupies the Oval Office has become so common place that it is now newsworthy when a Republican doesn’t disrespect Obama. What a sad state of affairs. Obama came into office under the mistaken belief that at even if his opponents disagreed with him, they would still show respect for the office that he holds.
    The reality is that Republicans were not just angry that they lost the presidential election. It’s not Obama’s dark skin, but what his dark skin represents that evokes hatred without bounds and limits. President Obama’s power of them and the realization that their status as a privileged class is coming to an end are the real reasons why they disrespect President Obama.

    Hatred is the fuel of fear, and for white conservatives their hatred of Obama masks the fear attached to the realization that their America is never coming back.

  15. True Andy; they lodged a motion to impeach him before he’d even been sworn in… Seriously, how can you impeach the President before he is even officially the President? It’s beyond irrational…

  16. Who is the worst president we have had so far? Well, it depends where the poll is taken, if the pollsters rely on wealthy neighborhoods, fancy offices in skyscrapers or churches where only the wealthy gather, then president Obama not only he will not get a better rating, some of those people don’t even want to mention his name or what race is the man in the White House. Their heroes are Theodor Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, the two Bushes to name some. People who deny Barack Obama’s right place in history are the ones who will be pitched in the oblivion basket, while the name Obama will stand out as one of the best presidents. I am proud to have lived through one of the best chapters of our country.

  17. On his inauguration in 2009, McConnell said “we’re going to make him a 1 term president”

    The people spoke and voted for him again…SO MUCH FOR THAT!!!

  18. Those 3 were PROGRESSIVE republicans

    Both TR and Ike were voted in because they were war heros.

    TR broke up the corporate monopolies
    IKE taxed the shit our of corporations and the wealthy

  19. Reagan is the worse. He opened the Republican Party to former dixiecrats, neoconfederates, Social Darwinists, bigots, racists, religious fanatics, etc. The result is a political party with no vision, no ability to run the country, morally bankrupt, and corrupt as any banana republic political party. Republicans are a case study in the Iron Law of Institutions willing to destroy their party, the county, and millions of lives (by denying the elderly, the disabled, our veterans, the basic needs of survival: food, clean water, medicine, and housing). All that matters to them is the state coddle billionaires with tax cuts, subsidizes, low interest loans, and limited liability. The modern republican is an unwitting pawn in destroying the United States.

  20. Has anybody ever ranked the Speakers through history? I have an idea where the Orange One would be positioned.

  21. I suspect a few years from now President Obama will be ranked among the best United States Presidents. I know for me he is the best of my lifetime and I am 66 years old. I just wish I could vote for the man again.

  22. In time, Obama will be considered by history as in the top three, if not the best ever President the country has had.

  23. The top five worst presidents are Harding, Grant,obama,Hoover and carter. the five best
    Presidents are Clinton Lincoln,Reagon,FDR,and
    Jefferson. just an opinion.

  24. Why should he get any credit for the affordable healthcare act? Even his own party complained he had very little to do with either it’s creation or it’s passing.

    It’s only fitting that those that support him would lie about his accomplishments, he’s been lying to the American public for years.

    Now, if he could manage to get the Cuban embargo eliminated, he might actually be able to claim he did something worthwhile.

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