A Republican State Senator Wants to Start a Nuclear War with ISIS


Jason Rapert

ALEC member state Senator Jason Rapert (R-AR) has a solution to win the war against ISIL, y’all. Drop the nukes!

On Facebook, Rapert let his freak flag fly Sunday night just hours after posting “Bible Gateway Passage: 1 John 4:10 God Is Love. 7-10 My beloved friends, let us continue to love each other since love comes from God. Everyone who loves is born of God and experiences a relationship with God. The person who refuses to love doesn’t know the first thing about God, because God is love—so you can’t know him if you don’t love….”


How sweet. But then we got this, “A strategically placed nuclear weapon would save the lives of our soldiers and quickly turn things around…”:

With ISIS spreading all over the Middle East and Africa and Islamic Extremists carrying out violence in Europe, The United Kingdom and even in the United States, I wonder why the civilized world just sits by when we have weapons that could wipe out these barbarians where they are concentrated? I believe it is time to annihilate the strongholds and pursue the rest till we have them all captured or killed. A strategically placed nuclear weapon would save the lives of our soldiers and quickly turn things around. It is time for the insanity to be stopped.

Seeing is believing:
Rapert FB

Nothing says Christian observing holy day of rest and demonstrating love like calling for nuclear war, amirite? At least Rapert, who has served since 2011 in the Arkansas State Senate, is being forthcoming about the real Republican foreign policy. DROP THE NUKES ON ‘EM! SORT IT OUT LATER.

I’m no military strategist, but I’ve interviewed a few. And I get the impression they are pretty smart. I’m thinking they have reasons, beyond just the obvious, for not dropping the nukes whenever things don’t go our way.

Maybe it’s because starting a nuclear war would be the end of the world. Otherwise, great thought senator!

Or maybe it’s because ISIL isn’t in one spot. Or maybe it’s because nuclear weapons kill and harm more than just the area they are dropped on. Or maybe it’s because this is why it matters when Republicans refuse to read real history or deal in facts.

Let’s just sum it up by acknowledging that some wheels don’t need to be reinvented. There are reasons why sane people are not dropping nukes on ISIL. Just trust, senator. But this is to be expected from the guy who sponsored a bill to ban all abortions after twelve weeks of pregnancy.

In 2013, a judge ruled that his bill was likely unconstitutional, which is another way conservatives show their love for this country and appreciation for history. Those founding fathers didn’t really understand how best to run a democracy. Sometimes when you want to get stuff done, you drop a nuke or just roll over the Supreme Court. See, when you’re RIGHT, you get to ignore sanity and law. Drop that nuke.

Rapert’s response to being checked on Facebook? You don’t wanna drop the nukes you crazy liberal leftist anti-Americans!?

Jason Rapert For Arkansas Senate:

Interesting that leftist liberals get on this page and hurl insults and slurs because I actually support force strong enough to stop these barbarians, but none of them say a word about stopping the evil Islamic terrorists. Perhaps they need to check their allegiances.

Starting World War III with some nukes is the Republican way to say “I love the USA!” If you’re not with Senator Rapert, you’re against America. Republican patriotism, don’t it make you proud.

When Senator Rapert isn’t calling for nuclear war, he’s busy making the case for why the United States should be more like Saudi Arabia, because the constitutional conservative” just doesn’t understand the basis for freedom in the United States. Why can’t we base laws on Christian doctrine here when they get to base laws on Islamic doctrine in Saudi Arabia? SO UNFAIR FOR FREEDOM.

49 Replies to “A Republican State Senator Wants to Start a Nuclear War with ISIS”

  1. This man’s point of view is proof positive that he is not fit to serve. Any rational person should be afraid of this kind of thinking. You cannot eradicate an ideology with bullets and bombs.

  2. I mean what can you say about the idiocy that is in our government. Drop some nukes? Time for a drink

  3. That is truly a very dangerous amount of “ignorance” for a single politician to possess and profess publicly on the subject matter of warfare. In my opinion.

  4. It is the author, not the state senator, who is woefully uninformed and ignorant.

    The senator is discussing tactical battlefield nukes, not strategic city killers. We are talking about 1%-10% equivalent yield of Hiroshima.

    Thank god we were a stronger country during WW2 or we would still be fighting Japan. What’s the point of having nukes? Deterrence. There is no deterrence factor when everyone in the world knows we will never use them.

    I dare the author and previous commentators to watch the full unedited Beheading and burning videos and say that Isis can be deterred with anything short of tactical nukes.

    It’s time to show the fundamentalist Islamic world that messing with the west has devastating and swift consequences.

    As an aside, it IS possible to seriously mitigate collateral damage with troops on the ground firing artillery shells tipped with low yield tactical nukes.

  5. That’s bright of you. Malformed babies are being born in Fallujah to this day because of our spent uranium. And you think these cute little toy nukes are just going to blow away like morning dew? How do you think we’ll be regarded by people whose children we have turned into moribund freaks?

  6. The truth is instead of engaging our troops in the Middle East. It is past time to withdrawal ALL Americans out of the Middle East. Let the countries around ISIS handle the problem. All that our intervention has accomplished is a power vacuum that created ISIS.

  7. This man does not know what he is saying.
    I can remember when the bombs were dropped, we watched the news footage in horror and made a vow that this would never happen again.
    Now my worry is that some unstable regime would use them, not knowing what this would wreak on the world for many years to come.
    Isis is evil, we know that but the evil that has been perpetrated on americans of color in this country knows no bounds, they were also burned to death, tortured, hanged and hacked to pieces. An early memory of mine while in Alabama was being woken by the bedroom windows shaking in the middle of the night, only to find out that a black church had been bombed during the night. I have seen and know of things I do not want the young of today to have to
    grow up with as normal.

  8. This man needs to be recalled quickly! Is it no wonder our Government don’t work? There up there working just to keep the damned idiots under control that sent to them! Just what Nation does he purpose we drop a nuke on first? An how does he get them all in that one Nation an with in distance with out killing a few million innocent people! An who’d drop the next nuke, an the next one? God Almight, can some one rewrite our Laws so all Senators/Congressman have to have a Good education?An they wonder why we don’t want Scott Walker as President with just a H.S education an no back bone to finish college that he started! This is a prime example of why you don’t want no uneducated Legislators involved in Washington.

  9. Ya know, Justin you cant go around killing everyone that you dont like. You have a typical teapuke knee-jerk reaction to a situation and, in turn, make stupid decisions that hurt America. Turn off fox. You can see more bimbos on the Playboy channel.

  10. Let’s put him on the tip of the first noo-cu-lar warhead he launches. Incredible. So what if we kill a few million with the collateral damage.

  11. Do believe ISIS / ISIL would also like a few of those mini-nukes to strategically place, only in the US.

  12. Oookaayy Sparky! I think you are a graduate of the $carah Palin school of word salad syntax. Come join the human race Justin.

  13. I believe we should bomb them with Republican/Conservative/TeaBraggers! 10 thousand feet should be enough for your average GOPer to attain terminal velocity.

  14. Republicans and their 1% “elite” corporate masters, along with Israel and Saudi Arabia’s leaders are (possibly) all behind this plot of all out warfare in the Middle East in order too “fulfill” their own specific religions “end-times” “Holy Books” predictions. They want too now draw the U.S.A. into a battle that they themselves have staged and are afraid to fight themselves . In my opinion. Israel has “Nukes” let them handle this crap. What does their God advise them to do??? Does it say in the bible that the armies of the world will be going after Israel?? Does it mention the U.S.A. anywhere?

  15. How about we drop your ass there?

    Dumya awakened ISIS with his wars of LIES and he KILLED over 6000 US citizens. We DO NOT need to start another war!!

    And by showing that beheading video, you’re playing into their hands and is EXACTLY what they what, you’re NO better then they are.

  16. Sadam had ISIS under his thumb.
    Sadam also had Iran under his thumb.

    What did we do? We got rid of Sadam for all that oil which we didn’t get anyway and opened up a can of worms.

  17. These RepubliKKKans Tahadist need to ban together & send their kids,all relatives to fight Isis along with the whole RepubliKKKan Party.

  18. These GOP weirdo’s is proof that Political candidates should be required to take an mental exam and psychiatric testing. How can you talk about God is love in one breath and then talk about nuking another country. Where in the hell do these roaches come from. They go from stuff like this to degrading minorities, not realizing that if they weren’t white they wouldn’t be there. Because they damn sight don’t have any brains.

  19. Hey, Justin, you look young and able enough. How about YOU suit up and ship out FIRST. Lead by example.

    Either that, or shaddup and sit down. You’re clearly a warmongering wannabewarrior who doesn’t even know that al Qaeda had morphed into ISIS; a murderous group fired up to jihad thanks to G.W. Bush and Neo-con Dick Cheney’s invasion of Iraq.

    When will you people learn?

  20. Multiply the stupid in this one times most of the GOP reps..yup..you wonder why our country is broken?

  21. The nuclear option should be the last option. Beside we have much more effective and “environmentally” safe weapons. A few fuel air explosives do the job very nicely. Or maybe a daisy cutter or 2.

  22. Do you know where in the world we are talking about? Nukes have radiation. Radiation kills more than the blast does. Which way does the prevailing wind blow in that part of the world? Who is downwind? I think you need to find out before you start using nukes. I’ve seen the damage done to the children of children in Chernobyl’s path.

  23. As they say, you can’t fix stupid. Is it me though or does stupid seem to be contagious when right wingnuts are gathered together?

  24. They’re the ones that buy their kids out of service. We need a law when any leader that votes to start war is REQUIRED to offer up their sons and daughters first to fight. Im sure we would see less “lets start a war” mentality. I want to know how much Halliburton stock this guy has.

  25. Only a psychopath would advocate the introduction of nuclear weapons in such a conflict. Problem is Wall Street and the modern Republican Party are dominated by the mentally ill and morally bankrupt.

  26. First let me apologize for this idiot. He is my state senator, unfortunately. I did NOT vote for any of these cretins. Not everyone in Arkansas is a redneck bigot. Vote Blue!

  27. We need to end TV as a political platform. Instead of sound bites, make candidates blog and live-chat.

    In fact, we should make elected officials post briefs on their votes and positions.
    Imagine L’Orange trying to explain himself in a live-chat? Or King?

  28. Well, it would get Israel out of our pocketbooks and off the map, that’s for sure. I guess this doofus has never seen a map of the Middle East. [WINK]

  29. DJ
    Way to show off that sharp intellect. Swear, call me names and then post an article written by someone much smarter than you.

    The point is we have low yield nukes which is pointed out in the article. I doubt you read it fully though.

    What’s your suggestion in dealing with ISIS? Also, do you know what deterrence means?

  30. “You can’t go around killing everyone you don’t like”? Maybe that comment should be directed towards Islamic Fundamentalist’s because that is EXACTLY what they do.

    Again, another Ad Hominem attack with no substance. Very typical of low information individuals who lack critical thinking skills.

    Il gladly debate you if you’d like to bring an actual point of logic to the table.

  31. Showing the beheading video? Who on this site has done that? I suggested you people watch it to gain some perspective.

    And yes, I am much better than members of ISIS and America is a much better place to live than a backwards islamic country/territory.

    But…I am sure you disagree as liberals love the flawed logic of moral and cultural relativity.

  32. Another Ad Hominem attack.

    You think this is GW’s fault? Cheney’s fault? No, the fault lies with your hero Barrack Obama who destabilized the middle east by turning on our allies and supporting the muslim brotherhood. First it was egypt, then libya and then he handed Iraq back to Al Quada/ISIS on a silver platter.

    He was elected by low information voters such as yourself and mr. obama is the one who set the middle east ablaze.

  33. I’m sorry Maggie,
    Are you actually suggesting that a tactical nuke could wipe out the entire middle east, including israel? The largest bomb every detonated was the 50MT Tsar Bomb and the blast radius was around 34 miles.

    The tactical nukes the senator is talking about are orders of magnitude smaller than the Tsar bomb.

    Maybe it’s you who should look at a map of the Middle East.

  34. Justin I dont usually waste my time with people like you and I kept it simple so you could understand it.You obviously dont understand too much about nuclear bombs no matter the size.I lived in the us for 15 years and am now lucky enough to live in A nuclear free country.I also know that your country has tonnes of nuclear waste and have no idea what you will do with it or how to get rid of it,A salt deposit in New Mexico or tunnels into the granite in Colarado what A joke give me A break.Stop pretending to be some kind of intellect it really is tiresome.

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