Bill O’Reilly Whines About “Overwhelmingly Liberal” Media Praising Departing Jon Stewart

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During Monday night’s broadcast of The O’Reilly Factor, host Bill O’Reilly got bent out of shape over the amount of praise Jon Stewart has received from national media figures since The Daily Show host announced he is departing at the end of the year. In O’Reilly’s opinion, the fact that some journalists and reporters have complimented Stewart for his work and impact proves without a shadow of doubt that mainstream media is “overwhelmingly liberal.” The Fox News host also complained that he wouldn’t receive nearly the same amount of love or attention from the press when he retires or dies.

O’Reilly began a discussion with Mary Katherine Ham and Fox News’ token ‘liberal’ Juan Williams by sarcastically stating that media figures would get “misty” when he finally decided to hang it up, noting that the reaction to Stewart’s departure has been overblown. Williams immediately puffed BillO up, pointing out how O’Reilly’s ratings dwarf Stewart’s and how The O’Reilly Factor is number one in all of cable news. Williams also said that the liberal media latched on to Stewart because he was the one guy they were able to throw out against Rush Limbaugh and conservative media who was able to stick.

This led to Ham chiming in and saying that the praise for him was overblown and, while he is a funny and talented person, he is still an “ideological liberal comedian who did a good show.” O’Reilly butted in at this point and said he is the media’s “soulmate.” Ham continued, stating, “A lot of the ideological liberal journalists are saying, ‘Wow, he did it better than anybody.’ And here’s the thing: when it comes to journalists praising him as a fellow journalist, I think you run into a problem there.”

This was when O’Reilly got to the whole point of this little ‘discussion’ as he pointed out that all this is proof that the media has a huge liberal bias. The former Inside Edition host said, “The point of the matter, Juan, is that this, beyond a reasonable doubt, proves that the national press and the commentators in television and print, they’re overwhelmingly liberal. That’s what it proves, Juan.” Of course, Williams rolled over for O’Reilly, saying he agrees that the mainstream media is liberal and he isn’t sure who O’Reilly’s fighting. He once more pumped up O’Reilly’s ego by pointing out his ratings.

Williams tried to then tell O’Reilly that he and Stewart are cut from the same cloth, in that they both criticize the news media on a regular basis. In typical O’Reilly fashion, he finished the segment by making a sweeping statement that was apparently supposed to be seen as an insult to Stewart while cementing his point. ”The difference is, I’m a traditional American, and Mr. Stewart is a liberal American,” claimed Papa Bear. Oooooh, burn!

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Raw Story:

19 Replies to “Bill O’Reilly Whines About “Overwhelmingly Liberal” Media Praising Departing Jon Stewart”

  1. Billow the clown is just a whiny coddled little baby racist who is just upset that a comedian made him look like such a fool at every meeting. Jon Stewart is a thousand times the human being and a thousand times the “newsman” that Billow could ever aspire to. Go suck on your num num Billy and cry….

  2. Wow, was Bill’s face turning a little green there? Bill O’reilly can have his “ratings” which I’m sure are falling as the old white people slowly die off. The truth of the matter is O’Reilly is not in any way a journalist. He is just a talking head with a massive ego. Jon Stewart may not be a journalist either, but doesn’t let his ego get in the way of facts like Bill O’ does.

  3. BTW, if the mainstream media is so overwhelmingly liberal, why do they never seem to call out the Republican lies which seem to be continuously flowing?

  4. ”The difference is, I’m a traditional American, and Mr. Stewart is a liberal American,” claimed Papa Bear.

    Coming from somebody who doesn’t understand what causes tides to come in, tides to go out, I’m confident that Jon Stewart recognizes Bill O’s comment as a high compliment, indeed.

    Conservatives, on the other hand –assuming they think about it at all– may not consider it an honor to be lumped together under Bill’s “Traditional Americans Are As Ignorant As I Am” banner.

  5. A few points of reality for thinking people to ponder. As much as Billy and his ilk decry the media for what they call being “liberal biased” the undeniable realities are that the media outlets are owned part and parcel by overwhelmingly conservative people, and if one were to take an actual tally they would find that liberals ( especially presidents ) are lambasted and BBQed by the media far in excess of any attacks suffered by conservative elements. While Bush got us into two wars based on lies, deceptions, and posturing machismo ( for which he was seen by the media as a strong and influential president ), Obama regardless of what tact he takes on the world stage is instantly portrayed as weak and ineffectual by the “liberal biased media”.

    By the way Billy, I happen to agree with you. Ratings or not you will begin to be forgotten the second you’re no longer on the air. Stewart makes people feel good while you, Billy, are just a harbinger of hate, fear, and bigotry.

  6. Typical — Billow the Rethug BS spewer playing the ‘victim’. Awww — have some cheese with that Whine Billow the Klown Kar Klan Rider.

    That’s the only things Rethugs excel at — they toss it out but can’t take it. They’re ALWAYS the victim — it’s never their fault. You can watch any Rethug — from Billow, Scarborough, Palin, Hannity – any and all of them – they’re all thin-skinned – they spew BS, lies and hate but can’t take it and they’re the Victim — always!!

    And the Rethugs call the Dems the ‘haters’ — ROFL. They excel at being the REAL HATERS!!

  7. That is because he realizes how many of us cannot wait for him to go somewhere else. where we never have to hear a his name again!!!

  8. Billo the blow hard has a rating base of fat 60+ old white males that are clueless right wing conservative couch potatoes.

  9. Bill, klannity, limbaugh and michael savage, I mean, michael WEINNER!! are the poster children of the GOP, they’re ARROGANT- WHINING- white privileged MALES!! bill o’reilly’s head is so far up his ASS!, that this dumbass thought sexually harassing a female co-worker by phone was a good idea! klannity, is ONLY on FUX because FUX uses his poppin fresh dough face and this IRISH last name to draw in the other idiot ”peter griffin” catholic types males! limbaugh? LMFAO, this POS couldn’t even hack it at ESPN!! BTW what do limbaugh, beck and hannity have in common? they’re all college DROPOUTS!! lol no surprise there!! limbaugh dropped out after 2 semesters!! I guess Southern Missouri was just too much for FAT BASTARD!

  10. What seems to agitate the hard right is when anyone with a brain shows up. They are not accustomed to having to justify their ficticious constructs…. Stewart is also a frstration to OReilly because Stewart sees right through him – Stewart is so popular because folks are looking for bright critics with a sense of humor – not neo-con apologists.

  11. Even the Pope is more liberal than FOX. Notice how American catholics have been silent lately? They are upset that the Pope is preaching what Jesus taught…fancy that….

  12. Just a thought. Maybe if you retired like he is, people would heap praise where it is justified. Come on, Bill. Try it, you might like it.

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