Boehner Backstabbing Backfires: 63% Of Americans Oppose Netanyahu Invite


A new CNN/ORC poll has found that the American people see right through John Boehner’s scheme to humiliate President Obama by inviting Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to address Congress and they aren’t happy about it as 63% inviting Netanyahu without telling Obama was a bad idea.

Via CNN:

A large majority of Americans believe that Republican congressional leaders should not have invited Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to Congress without consulting the White House, according to a new CNN/ORC survey.

The nationwide poll, released Tuesday, shows 63% of Americans say it was a bad move for congressional leadership to extend the invitation without giving President Barack Obama a heads up that it was coming. Only 33% say it was the right thing to do.


Though the speech has become a partisan issue on Capitol Hill, even Republicans are split on whether it was a good idea for leadership to invite Netanyahu without alerting the White House, with a slight majority — 52% — backing the move. Just 14% of Democrats say it was the right thing to do, and just over a third of independents support the move.

Instead of humiliating the president and dividing Democrats, Speaker Boehner and Prime Minister Netanyahu’s scheme has divided Republicans and drawn the ire of a solid majority of the nation. The idea of turning a visit by a foreign head of state into a partisan political issue hasn’t been sitting well with millions of Americans.

The same CNN poll also found that 66% want the United States to stay out of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. John Boehner not only overplayed his hand by trying to humiliate President Obama, but he picked a leader whose conflict back home is one that the American people want nothing to do with.

John Boehner has been a fountain of bad ideas and even worse leadership since he became Speaker of the House, but by teaming up with Netanyahu on a plan that is the worst idea since someone called the Titanic unsinkable the Ohio Republican managed take his pettiness and ineptitude international.

As this poll indicates the majority of Americans are ready for the Republican caused embarrassments to stop.

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  1. Speaker Boehner I know you get easily confused, but I would like to let you know that you are a member of the United States of America Congress. You sir are not a member of the Israeli congress.

  2. Just guessing, but I think there will be a cancellation. They will try to paper over the slight, but it will fail just as the invite has failed.

    I can’t believe that boner will survive another election. The people in Ohio just can’t be completely oblivious to this ineffectual “leader”.

  3. It could happen at anytime. He is going to flip his shit! The impression of him that comes across, is that of a cornered rabid animal.

  4. See when Boner and the quisling Demrar did this bullshit they didn’t take into account that their is a lot of white/storm front who hates the idea of a Jewish state. Now add on top of that the majority of Americans who are finally waken up and saying WTF!!! How on grateful theses MOFOS are that we give them money and protect their asses from UN sanctions and this is how they repay us?

    The drunk one is playing a dangerous game and I will hope that Jews in America will stand up and say stop this bullshit because trust, your security do not lie with the Reich wing who wishes you die for the coming of baby jeabus but with the majority who see this as bullshit, Its your call. Choose wisely

  5. And you know that that number is actually much higher, given the number of cell phones vs. landlines out there.

  6. What this majority leader has done is seen as betrayal of his own country from what I read on lots of other sights. People also thinks he put Senator/Congressman who are Jewish in a real bad place because of their oath of office to serve ONLY their own country an it’s President! Then some think it’s treason from with in the Government by Rep. Boehner. Other’s are saying he broke a Federal Law Called the “Logan Act” an some are saying he broke our constitution by bypassing the Executive Branch that holds the only Right to Set Up Foreign Policies. Back in Washington/Jefferson Days an Ambassador From France Was “Rebuked” because he tried to bypass the Executive Branch of our Government, an their saying what was good for our Fore Fathers ought to be good enough punishment for Netanyahu/Boehner for conspiring to against a United States President! Seems to me, EVERY American rather your Democrat or Republican ought to be outraged an pissed off!

  7. Being from Ohio, I remember when Johns last name was pronounced Boner, then he became Bonner. Now he wants to say Baner. I say he’s still a Boner and wish he was not connected to the great state of Ohio.
    But 63%? Of the people I know about 90% of them don’t give a piss about this. Actually one of the problems I see is that very few people know about politics in general. Much less really know what’s going on with any given issue. For example I was talking with a friend a while back about islam. I brought up the Charlie Hebdo killings. He didn’t even know what I was talking about. That’s what I like about yall here. We may disagree with issues. But at least your informed enough to have an opinion. I also like seeing the world through different eyes. So any way thank you, I hope I don’t annoy yall to much.
    PS, not all us repubs are klan card carrying bullies.

  8. Boner thinks he is Congress. However I wish he was a member of the Israeli Congress, then we wouldn’t have to deal with him.

  9. All this talk of ‘disrespect’ for one, another… When the president of the U.S. starts respecting the citizens of the U.S. instead of the Muslim/Islamic citizens of the rest of the world, then maybe people, even Bohner, would respect the rules and laws of this government. Obama has gone out of his way to assist those who would break this country; financially, spiritually, and idealogically. Get with the program and wake up!

  10. Boehner wants to be President, with his constituents standing around him as he signs paper…lol

  11. “Islam is a faith that brings comfort to people. It inspires them to lead lives based on honesty, and justice, and compassion.” — George W. Bush

    Reagann is the blame for all this terrorism. 1) he funded radical islamic groups. 2) he traded arms for hostages when his radical muslim allies took hostages. And 3) he showed the terrorists that if they kill enough Americans, the US would run away.

    Radical Islam had no better friend that Reagan.

  12. “All this talk of ‘disrespect’ for one, another… When the president of the U.S. starts respecting the citizens of the U.S. instead of the Muslim/Islamic citizens of the rest of the world, then maybe people, even Bohner, would respect the rules and laws of this government.”

    Specify, please. WHEN has President Obama disrespected the citizens of the U.S.?(That’s the job of the GOP/TP.)

    Maybe you’re thinking about the evil, invisible, chair-sitting ‘Obama’ that was roundly chastized by Clint Eastwood a few years ago at the GOP convention? One PROBLEM…he’s not REAL…and not President…

    “BOEHNER has gone out of his way to assist those who would break this country; financially, spiritually, and idealogically. Get with the program and wake up!”

    There…FIXED it for you… [WINK]

    You’re WELCOME…Now go take your meds, please, Brion. It sounds like you’re delusional enough to NEED them…

    (The STUPID…It BURNS…*Sigh*) :(

  13. Still waiting for Boehner to be arrested, charged and convicted for being the traitor he is. Not holding my breath though.

  14. EJ-
    This is the first time in a longggg time I’m agreeing with an R. But I had to side-eye that 63% as well; not on the merit of the argument, but, as you said, I seriously doubt anywhere near 63% of the voting public are even aware of what’s going on.

    But I always have hope and I’m hoping that the American Jewish Community will rise up and flex its considerable muscle and force Boehner to nix the speech and tell Bibi to keep his ass in Israel.

    Or something to that effect.

  15. I’m sick of ignorant asses like you, Brion. The sum of your knowledge of Islam and the Middle East probably comes from Fox and other forms of rw media. You’re incapable of nuance and seem to be filled with fear. I’ve been a Christian for over 50 years, and I read/study my Bible. Fear is not of the Lord. You’ve permitted a bunch of lying, whoring, greedy, thieving warmongers to fill your mind and life with fear and panic to a point where you have ceased to think for yourself. Pres. Bush didn’t blame all Muslims for the actions of terrorists in the ME, and you were fine with that, but when this president does the same thing, you’re about to lose your freaking mind. Get a grip, man and show some courage. Stop cowering in fear of the Muslim boogeyman and stop letting others manipulate you into believing Pres. Obama is “working” for the terrorists. He’s not. He did something GWB didn’t do–rid the world of Osama Bin Laden. Quite a feat for a “Muslim sympathizer, isn’t it?

  16. I’m still waiting for someone to file a lawsuit or for the Justice Dept. to file charges regarding the Logan Act. That lawsuit would have merit unlike Boehner’s against President Obama.

  17. NO Brion, Do you really want the Gov. Of Isreal to have the right to say when America sends troops in to war? If so, think it’s time YOU WOKE UP….

  18. There is a petition to impeach Boehner and McConnell on We have to do something about this CRAP. OR we can just sit back and watch our Nation be taken over by these idiots. The choice is OURS! I say WE take action! It’s a start!

  19. Unfortunately, Members of Congress can’t be impeached. Art II, Sec 4: “The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.” Congressmen aren’t “officers of the United States”. Each house has the power to expel one of its own members, and some states have provisions for recall of members, but sadly that’s about it.

  20. majiir, I am going to re-post a comment of mine of Wed, Feb 18th, 2015. —
    Those Jokers on FOX and “Friends” are pouting because Holder and by extension the White House does not label ISIL as a Radical Islamic bunch of cut-throat thugs.
    Well one thing for sure, they are Muslim, they are murderous, rapist, criminals. But they don’t, according to the rest of the Muslim world deserved to be called Islamist. The consensus is among the Moslem world and the West is that these terrible folks have indeed Perverted the religion they profess to be fighting for.
    So, Rightly so–the White House, Holder and all other correct thinking people will NOT tie them in with Islam—because they ARE a band of outlaws. The rest of the teeth gnashing crowd led by FOX does want a RELIGIOUS war to be the theme. Wrong! We are not fighting the Religion or the people who are born into it and practice it. To do that would condemn all of them and Really push the notion of Religious war to the front. Pla…

  21. Common ground brother, common ground. That’s all any of us really need. Everyone has a different idea but if we find that common ground and are willing to compromise we can all get along.
    The GOP has been high jacked by the teabaggers. And has seriously lost touch with the people. But theres about 6% of us out here that are either liberal republican or conservative democrat.

  22. These idiots just keep tripping over their own ineptitude. In the words of POTUS Barack Obama – “please proceed”.

  23. Please tell this to They are stating today just the opposite that the majority of Americans are indeed FOR the P.M. to speak before Congress.

    Their commenters are giving the article the whatfor.

  24. Famously awful pollster shows how to fake majority support for Netanyahu speech
    According to CNN/ORC, a generally respected pollster, 63 percent of Americans disapprove of Republican congressional leaders having invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak before Congress without consulting or informing President Obama. But hold the presses, scratch that, we have Very Important New Information. Turns out, 59 percent of Americans support Netanyahu’s speech—if you listen to one of the worst pollsters in the business.
    How bad? Remember how then-House Majority Leader Eric Cantor was completely blindsided by a primary loss last summer? McLaughlin & Associates, the internal pollster that assured him he had that primary well under control and did not need to worry is the pollster now assuring us that Americans are warmly supportive of the Netanyahu speech. The blown Cantor polling wasn’t a one-time mistake, either. McLaughlin has a long record of failure.

  25. Obama is respected around the world because he respects other countries, you bone-headed little xenophobe. Screw you and the American exceptionalism stewing in your tiny little brain.

  26. You are a pleasure, EJBuckeye. How I wish there were more informed, sane, polite Republicans/Conservatives like you. And that goes for my side of the political fence as well. We have our share of flakes, too, although nothing like the teabirthers.

    As for the 63%, I occasionally get calls from pollsters who ask if I’m informed about some or another subject. If I say no, they thank me and click off.

    Finally, as for Bibi and Boehner (sounds like a really bad 70s singing duo), let this whole thing progress (I doubt it will; Bibi will come down with a cold or hemorrhoids or something) and see how the public (and sane GOPers) respond then. From what I’ve read, it’s split the right, and that may be the best thing for your party right now. It’s called “taking out the trash”. Have a nice evening/day.

  27. I was just reading about McLaughlin & Associates. You’d get more reliable results if you went into a sleazy bar during happy hour, bought everyone 10 shots of tequila, and polled them then.

    Although I will thank them for what they did for Cantor. Ha!

  28. Boehner is a notorious drunk who, when in his cups gets weepy. I’ve had family members like this and the boozy crybaby routine usually signifies guilt.

    Obama will never invite Nutnyahoo and his spouse to the White House because the silverware would go missing.

    I did McConnell’s family tree. He was born in Ol’ Alabamy. There are slave owners on both his mother and father’s side. Don’t for a second think that this isn’t the real reason behind his obsession with making certain that this 1st Black president doesn’t leave a legacy of accomplishment. He has been delighted to paralyze our government for this reason and because his 1% masters like things just the way they are.

  29. Fireman, that’s the same statistical error that created that famous “Dewey Beats Truman” headline in 1948.

  30. EJ, if I had that name I’d prefer “Bonner” to either other pronunciation. To call yourself the “Bane” from the Great State of Ohio is also almost as bad as a Boner.
    At least “Bon” is “good” in French, like Bonnie Prince Charlie.

  31. The administration is piss and now the knifes are starting to come out

    Kerry: Netanyahu pushed for Iraq War, and “we all know what happened with that decision.”
    Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday slammed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s opposition to a potential nuclear deal with Iran, calling it as wrongheaded as the prime minister’s backing of the Iraq War.
    “Israel is safer today with the added time we have given and the stoppage of the advances in the nuclear program than they were before we got that agreement, which by the way the prime minister opposed,” Kerry said during a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing. “He was wrong.”

    Kerry was later asked to address Netanyahu’s criticism of a hypothetical deal with Iran as a threat to Israel.

    “The prime minister was profoundly forward-leaning and outspoken about the importance of invading Iraq under George W. Bush,” Kerry replied. “We all know what happened with that decision.”

  32. Netanyahu: America is easily moved
    So said Netanyahu in a 2001 speech to terror victims. In a video reported on by the Washington Post in 2010, he brags,

    “I know what America is. America is a thing you can move very easily, move it in the right direction. They won’t get in their way.”

    America you better wake up. Its not hating Israel its preventing us from fighting likuds wars

  33. Is this 65% of poll responders going to result in defeating the Republicans next time? I do not think so. Voters think the system is rigged and so they don’t vote. They are right. The system is rigged. It is called gerrymandering. A few states have tried to correct this problem. The U.S. Congress has little to do with that. The Koch brothers know that this is the way to corrupt the system but everybody is mesmerized by the goings on in Washington. It is called distraction like the magicians practice.

  34. All truly patriotic, God-fearing Americans fully support Boehner’s decision to sidestep the Obama Administration and invite the Israeli leader to speak to Congress.
    Everyone else is a cowardly, terrorist-sympathizing punk and can be summarily ignored.

    The preceding announcement is provided courtesy of the RNC and News Corp.

  35. It’s sad to see that “progressives” have the same talking point in 2015 that the Nazi’s used in 1939.

  36. You don’t think that 63% of the “VOTING” public knows what is going on in “POLITICS”? SERIOUSLY?

  37. …Netanyahu lectured the Congress. The other point, Americans want both sides before we make up our minds. In any debates, like a presidential talk, the opposing side will address what they believe will clarify an issue. I wouldn’t believe anything the Israel’s Prime Minister says. The House Speaker should invite the Head of Iran to speak before Congress. The American Way, is to be Fair and Balanced…

  38. Hey – cheer up everyone! I said this in 2008 – if not for GW Bush Obama would possibly have lost.

    The GOP today is so incredibly out of touch with poor leaders that between the GOP and the nutty Tea Party Democrats have a much better chance to win in 2016.

    The neocon movement has literally destroyed the GOP, long time GOP leaders who used to use some level of common sense and work across the aisle with democrats for the good of America (on occasion) have been throw to the wolves by their own party.

    In my book as a democrat I couldn’t ask for anyone better than Boehner to help the democrats win. Mark my words…wait till 2016 and see all the stupid out of touch stuff the GOP does

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