Boehner’s Conspiracy To Empower Netanyahu To Start America’s War With Iran

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It is a national travesty that congressional representatives, primarily Republicans, do not have to pass a simple Constitutional literacy test before serving as members of America’s legislative branch. Since January 2009, not only have Republicans displayed a gross ignorance of their Constitutional mandate as legislators, they have no basic comprehension of the founding document’s well-defined “Separation of Powers;” at least while an African American man leads the Executive Branch. It is also tragic that most Republicans in Congress have pledged their allegiance to foreigners who are uninterested in the general welfare of the United States that in one case have no regard for the American people’s health, and the other has no concern for Americans he wants to send to die in his war.

There are a couple of specific instances recently where Republicans, and some Democrats, are working to advance the interests of foreigners over their own nation and display righteous indignation that a true American, Barack Obama, fails to obey the foreigners’ demands. In both instances, Republicans also refuse to do the job they purportedly go to Washington for; levy taxes to pay for legislation for the people’s general welfare. In both cases the Republicans’ failure to do their jobs are intricately related to their disregard for the Separation of Powers.

There has been a fair amount of space wasted exposing the Republicans’ allegiance to a foreign government, its leader, and one of its corporations. They have continued their unconstitutional crusade to supersede the authority of the Executive Branch and eliminate the State Department’s purview over America’s international border with Canada. This persistent attempt to use legislation to grant a construction permit to a foreign corporation for its pipeline at the insistence of a foreign leader, Canada’s Prime Minister, is unconstitutional; it also does not meet the Constitution’s requirement that Congress levies taxes to pay for legislation advancing the general welfare of the United States. Instead it is a means of enriching the two brothers who bought Republicans control of Congress.

Republicans cannot fathom that just because the Koch brothers bought control of Congress, it does not mean the Constitution’s Separation of Powers is null and void; it just means the Koch brothers control two branches of government. Republicans are still mandated to govern according to the Constitution that primarily entails levying taxes and passing legislation to advance the general welfare of the people; not the general welfare of the Koch brothers, a foreign corporation, a foreign nation’s leader, or the Speaker of the House. Americans should demand that Republicans read, and adhere to, the Constitution they swore an oath to support and defend or get out of government, emigrate to Canada, and live in tar sand.

The other blatant effort to advance the interests of a foreigner is the real reason House Speaker John A. Boehner violated nation’s 216 year-old federal Logan Act in summoning a foreigner to address a joint session of Congress. It is true that as suspected, and confirmed by Israeli consul general Yaron Sideman, Boehner and Netanyahu conspired to ‘defy and humiliate’ the President of the United States by violating the Logan Act. However, the real reason was to give the foreigner an opportunity to lobby for passage of a Senate bill. One that not only gives Netanyahu the full authority to end the State Department’s diplomatic negotiating power, but gives Netanyahu unilateral authority to force America into a war with Iran at Israel’s pleasure.

There is nothing in the so-called Kirk-Menendez bill that fulfills the Constitution’s mandate that Congress levies taxes to pay for legislation for the general welfare of the United States. It does, however, strip foreign policy authority from the Executive Branch and puts it in the hands of a foreigner. That is why Boehner invited Netanyahu to lobby in front of a joint session of Congress; to fear monger, lie, and convince legislators from both chambers to pass the legislation eliminating the Executive Branch’s authority to negotiate with Iran and hand Israel’s leader the authority to declare war on Iran in America’s stead. Don’t believe it?

Buried in the Kirk-Menendez bill, in section 2(b)(5), is a stipulation that whenever Israel feels like taking military action against Iran, the United States is compelled to provide “military support” to Israel. Do Americans understand what the bill entails? Of course not, but that is why Republicans and some blood-thirsty anti-Muslim Democrats are couching their true intent with phony fears that Iran will not adhere to negotiated agreements.

Obviously, to Israel, the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), and warmongers lusting for yet another Middle East war fought by Americans, the legislation empowering Israel to start America’s next war is a must-pass bill; particularly because it includes an ironclad legal requirement for the United States to launch what neo-cons were giddy concluding would be “a very substantial war” with Iran. The primary reason Boehner showed his true national allegiance to Israel in summoning “the esteemed Senator from Israel” (Netanyahu) to lobby Congress to pass the Iran-War authorization bill, is to put an abrupt end to President Obama and world leaders’ diplomatic efforts to find a peaceful resolution with Iran without a war. Also, Boehner wants to strip foreign policy decisions from the Executive Branch and give them to foreigner Netanyahu along with the power to unilaterally send U.S. armed forces into another Middle East war; this time with Iran.

It is difficult to note when, over the past two decades at least, Republicans in Congress have actually fulfilled their Constitutional mandate to “levy taxes to pay for legislation for the general welfare of the United States.” In fact, they have not passed any legislation for the general welfare of anyone other than their wealthy donors, and yet they have no problem passing legislation either endangering the people’s general welfare or advancing the interests of foreigners who have no allegiance to America and could not care on iota less about its welfare. What is astonishing, and frankly pathetic, is that the American people allow any Republican to serve in Congress when they have shown nothing but contempt for this nation and its people while giving their complete loyalty and attention to foreigners.

Understanding that Republicans are indebted to the Koch brothers, their fealty to a foreign corporation for oil profits make sense. However, their undivided devotion to Israel, including their willingness to give a foreigner (Netanyahu) relative authority to send American troops to fight a war with Iran hidden within the Kirk-Menendez bill not only does not make sense, it is patently un-American. It is also un-American to disregard the Constitution’s well-defined Separation of Powers; foreign policy is not the purview of Congress any more than approving an international-border crossing construction permit is no matter who owns Congress.

Republicans cannot be bothered to pass one piece of legislation spending one penny on America’s infrastructure, its people, or its Homeland Security, but they regularly send American dollars to fund Israel’s military and anticipate funding another war Netanyahu gets to start at his pleasure. There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution mandating Congress to serve the best interests of foreigners, no matter their country of origin, and yet that has been where Republicans, and some Democrats, have put all their energy over the past few months. It is long past time for Republicans to declare publicly where their national loyalty lies. If it is with the United States, then they must start fulfilling their oath of office, adhere to the Constitution, and legislate for the general welfare of Americans. If they are loyal to Israel, they need to emigrate to the so-called ‘holy land’ and join Netanyahu on the front lines when he invades Iran; without American assistance, money, or troops.

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  1. if I wanted a job, I would apply as a proofreader for all the articles I read on this site. Good ideas, guys, but go that extra mile.

  2. In my opinion, all those who have twisted our laws in order to feed their nefarious ends should go live in the country of their choice. Being a conservative at one time was someone deserving respect, someone whose oath was to serve the country we live in. I guess not today. For more than a decade most of these so called conservatives have done nothing but twist our laws, lie, hurt the work of someone who is lifting the country from the political and economies abyss. Their acts are beginning to look treasonous.

  3. Since the Kochbros spent the past several years selling an unknown amount of things to Iran, while no one else was allowed to profit off “the axis of evil”, I am believing they are pulling Bibi’s strings too.

  4. Boehner is a traitor by conspiring with a foreign country, his overreach of authority is exactly what the rwnj’s accuse President Obama of. That seems to be what the gotp does – accuse Obama of wrongdoing when they, themselves, are the wrongdoers. John Boehner is definitely Koch-bought.

  5. I’m still waiting for NOBoner to be charged under the Logan Act. What’s taking so long? His interview with Chris Wallace on FCUK News could be used as evidence that he broke the law. Why are the Dems giving this unpatriotic, anti-American a pass?

  6. I can’t believe a huge part of the American people are so consumed by their hatred of having a black man as President and/or are so easily brainwashed by the treasonous liers on Fox “News” that they vote in these Koch owned Republicans, some of whom have been caught pledging their allegiance to the Kochs. Are they that stupid or are they that bigoted or both?

  7. I have it many times. Any one wishing to run for public office must first pass a civics test to attest to his/her knowledge of how government works. Then they must pass a test about the Constitution and what it says about freedom from oppression. Then, and only then, after the results are posted, will they be allowed to register as candidates for election.

  8. its the Republican version of birth/population control… preferably with no women involved because there is no war on women…

    btw… why do the like/dislike buttons keep disappearing?

  9. They are waiting for Netwnyahu to speak. Planning an act of treason and actually committing an act of treason are two different things. They’ll wait till he speaks and if the speech violates Logan Act then they will go after him. Netwnyahu could sat nothing related to going to war or asking us to go to war and that wouldn’t be treason, it would just be a foreign leader speaking in front of Congress.

  10. Boehner & Bibi’s blunder: The problem is much bigger than not giving Obama a “heads up”

    The invitation was a big deal not because of the lack of the “heads up,” but because it was an explicit effort to sabotage the Obama administration’s foreign policy. Benjamin Netanyahu and a whole hell of a lot of influential Republican foreign policy people do not want any nuclear deal with Iran. They do not trust Iran to adhere to any agreement that restricts them from obtaining nuclear weapons. Thus they consider diplomatic talks with Iran contrary to Western interests. They want to blow up the talks, and then they want to blow up Iran.

  11. BOEHNER:
    I SAY: “Foch Obama and TEAM AMERICA!”
    BECAUSE: “Israel is willing to bomb Iran, and BIBI is the MAN! Our idol, our go to guy, our guy that will tell us how to send OUR troops to kick some Iranian butts. Yehaaaaa!”

  12. Boehner, as far as I am concerned, is a traitor and needs to be immediately removed from Congress ASAP.

    ONLY the president has the Constitutional right to invite a foreign head of state to visit this country. Last time I looked, Boehner was not the president and not an effective leader. Leaders don’t lose their tempers when they don’t get their own way.

    I wish that it wasn’t necessary for PM Netanayhu to speak before Congress, but it is. Netanayhu has his nation’s ability to continue to exist at stake. Obama, for reasons of his own, dislikes the PM. But this country–and I am a PROUD AMERICAN–has a history of keeping vital information that protects her one and ONLY true ally in the Middle East in the dark. That is why they have kept a Jewish man behind bars way beyond the time when he should have been released.

    Love him or hate him, Bibi has both the United States and Israel’s security in mind; he spent most of his teen years in Philadelphia. He speaks his mind.

  13. Beginning with Boehner, McConnell, Gingrich and everyone who attended that dinner on inauguration night, 2009. Then you can add everyone who has ever supported them-especially with funding. The Kochs and Adelson, come to mind.

    Then they can also pack bags for the DeVos Family, Rove, Norquist, Cruz, Romney, Ryan, Allan West, Ben Carson, Sarah Palin and anyone else who calls Obama “a king” on one hand and then complains he doesn’t act enough like King Abdullah and other monarchs, on the other.

    Two-faced and talking out of both sides of their mouths, they’re spilling IQ points with every utterance.

  14. Genocide is NEVER permissible which is why the claim that Israel committed genocide during last year’s war is as absurd as it is.

    Genocide is the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation. It is absurd to claim that 2,000 deaths, regrettable as they are, is anything approaching genocide.

    The myth that the Jews hate the Arabs and vice-versa is just that–a myth. It is the PEOPLE who want peace. But when Hamas deliberately fires rockets into civilian areas of Israel with the stated intention of destroying (creating GENOCIDE) against Israel.

    Israel wants peace and have proven it over and over and over again by making territorial demand after demand but Hamas will not give up its stated goal that the total destruction of the ENTIRE STATE OF ISRAEL! Genocide is in their charter!

    The “Palestinians” lived in Syria during the Ottoman Empire’s rule for hundreds of years. The Gaza strip is NOT Palestine no matter w…

  15. No he does not have our security in mind. What this sociopath wants is American men and women to fight his wars. Nothing more Nothing less

  16. Will Netanyahu Ask US Jews to Become Traitors

    Ben Gurion ( The first Prime Minster of Israel) said:

    “The Jews of the United States,” he said, “as a community and as individuals, have only one political attachment and that is to the United States of America. They owe no political allegiance to Israel…. The State of Israel represents and speaks only on behalf of its own citizens and in no way presumes to represent or speak in the name of Jews who are citizens of any other country.”

  17. Maintaining his position as the PM, is what is uppermost in his mind. He’s proven that is his main priority.
    He may want to start worrying about the Isreali Sarah Palin. That is if Isreali people are gullible enough to reelect him.

  18. I have a dream

    that Netanyahu will come to congress
and our beautiful American troops
will march in and arrest him

    and all of the traitorous congress people

    who are sitting there

    waiting for orders from their Israeli master

    like Israel’s obedient dogs,
    giving away all of our liberties

    for a hand full of sheckles.


Then America
    and the world
    will have peace,

    USS LIberty


Never forget.

  19. This wouldn’t be the first time that this accusation was made either. One of Bush’s top advisers (prior to the invasion of Iraq) admitted that Saddam posed no threat to American. The actual motive for going to war was to protect Israel.

    “In remarks made at a foreign policy conference at the University of Virginia, Philip Zelikow says that Iraq is more of a threat to Israel than to the US and that protecting Israel would be a major motive for a US-Iraq war.”

  20. Now THAT is a good dream. I have come to think the leaders in Israel are the worst enemies not only to America and the Middle East but to the world. Why do we never hear a word about how many hundreds of bombs Israel HAS now thanks to the warmongers here. And we are supposed to start another war against a country with no history of invasion and using the same lies they drug us into Iraq.
    They all should be hung with the same rope they hung Saddam with.

  21. “No, he does not have our security on mind”
    Truer words have not been spoken. And yes, he does want American lives to fight his fight.

  22. Obama’s problem with Bibi is his refusal to stop building new settlements on the Weat Bank. This continual building on disputed land does not look like something a true seeker of peace would continue to do.

    I think Bibi is a warmonger and is using us for his own purposes.

    With friends like this, we sure as h##l don’t need enemies. [WINK^

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