Hillary Clinton Crushes Chris Christie By 23 Points In His Home State Of New Jersey

Hillary Clinton

A new Rutgers-Eagleton poll demonstrated both the strength of Hillary Clinton and demise of Chris Christie as Clinton leads Christie by 23 points in his home state of New Jersey.

According to the poll:

For many, hope for a woman president is apparently related to being “ready for Hillary.” A large majority of New Jersey voters has a positive view of Clinton and her potential, with 63 percent saying she would make a good president overall. Respondents are very upbeat about Clinton: 70 percent say she has the right “look” to be president, 74 percent say she has the right “demeanor and personality” and 83 percent say she has the right amount of “experience” when considered against other potential Democratic contenders.


Clinton continues to command high favorability ratings here. Her 59 percent favorable to 31 percent unfavorable rating puts her well ahead of any other figures the poll tested, including President Obama (53 percent favorable to 38 percent unfavorable). One result of her strong showing is that she easily crushes potential 2016 Republican opponents in New Jersey head-to-head matchups. She tops Gov. Chris Christie, 58 percent to 35 percent; former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, 58 percent to 32 percent;and Wisc. Gov. Scott Walker, 60 percent to 29 percent.

Republicans desperately need a candidate who can flip some blue states into their column in 2016. That candidate isn’t Chris Christie. Gov. Christie’s plunging approval ratings and scandal-plagued administration would be enough to for most potential candidates to realize that a run for the White House isn’t in the cards. Chris Christie is still hanging on to that post-Sandy high.

The reality is that Hillary Clinton would be able to be most of the potential Republican field in their home states. Candidates like Rick Perry and Rand Paul would win their home states with ease because they are very Republican, but the Republican governors in blue states like Christie and Scott Walker would struggle to win their home states as well as find it difficult to turn other blue states red.

The only potential Republican, who could flip a blue state or two is Jeb Bush, and there are questions about how effective he will be as a candidate. Hillary Clinton has a great chance of keeping almost all of the states that President Obama carried while adding a few more. As this poll illustrates, Chris Christie is living a lie if he still thinks that he can be elected president.

13 Replies to “Hillary Clinton Crushes Chris Christie By 23 Points In His Home State Of New Jersey”

  1. For some reason the MSM treats people with no chance of becoming POTUS as serious. They even pay attention to Sarah Palin.

    It must be about the clicks and the viewers.

  2. Everybody is assuming Hilary is going to run and receive the Democratic nomination nation. We don’t know that for certain. Everybody thought she had it in 2008, and look what happened.

    Assuming that Hilary does run and receives the nomination, Hilary will crush every politician the Republicans put up. None of them are worthy for the Presidential, not a one, and don’t think the GOP are not aware of this, cuz they are. They already know the Democrats will win in 2016, no matter how hard they try to suppress votes

  3. i admire hillary. i know she will be the dems front runner. but another bush v clinton, makes me sick. i know sen warren wont make a run, lets face it, the whole system is f’d…

    hillary is still better than any regressive treasonous shill for the kochs.

  4. I could see a Clinton/Sanders ticket as being very popular. Vermont would have to find someone to replace Bernie though.

  5. Hillary and Julian Castro as her VP. This would most likely secure Texas for Democrats since every Latino would love to see a Latino U.S. President and being the VP brings him that much closer to it.

  6. I could see either Sanders or Castro being very good choices. Both are very intelligent and likeable.

    The reub VP will most likely be NM Gov. Susana Martinez, female, Hispanic, twice elected in a Dem state. That’s my guess.

  7. Bernie Sanders is a citizen of Israel. No candidate with a sworn dual loyalty to a foreign country should be President or VP of the USA.

  8. Castro could be a winner. He would counter Hillary’s age and he would be a draw for the growing Hispanic voters. Sanders is too old and he is a dual citizen of Israel and both would be serious hindrances for Clinton.

  9. You have stated, multiple times, that Bernie Sanders holds dual citizenship with Israel, however I have been making multiple searches to find out if what you state is true. Can’t find ANY reference to that claim. Just because he is of jewish parents and spent some time on a Kibbutz does NOT mean he has dual citizenship.

    Could you please provide a link that gives definitive proof that your claim is true.

  10. Bernie Sanders is not a “dual citizen” of the US and Israel, and even if he were, so what? That is a legal status.

    There are REAL reasons he would not run and could not be elected– you don’t have to go making up fake ones!

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