Obama Vows To Appeal Bush Judge’s Partisan Blocking Of Immigration Executive Order


When asked by reporters at the White House about the Bush appointed federal judge who blocked his immigration order, the president confidently said that the law is on his side and vowed to appeal.

Transcript via The White House:

Q Mr. President, was there —

Q Immigration?

Q — on the immigration issue today?

THE PRESIDENT: I disagree with the Texas judge’s ruling, and the Justice Department will appeal. This is not the first time where a lower court judge blocked something or attempted to block something that ultimately was shown to be lawful. And I’m confident that it is well within my authority and position of the executive branch’s prosecutorial discretion to execute this law. This will help us make our borders safer; will help us go after criminals and those that we don’t want in this country; will help people get on the right side of the law and get out of the shadows.

And keep in mind that this is something that we necessarily have to make choices about because we’ve got 11 million people here who we’re not all going to deport. Many of them are our neighbors. Many of them are working in our communities. Many of their children are U.S. citizens. And as we saw with the executive action that I took for DREAMers, people who have come here as young children and are American by any other name except for their legal papers, who want to serve this country, oftentimes want to go into the military or start businesses or in other ways contribute — I think the American people overwhelmingly recognize that to pretend like we are going to ship them off is unrealistic and not who we are.

So I’ve also said throughout this process that the only way we’re going to get a broken immigration system fully fixed is by Congress acting. And we know that there has been bipartisan support in the past with comprehensive immigration reform. I held off taking these executive actions until we had exhausted all possibilities of getting congressional action done. With a new Congress, my hope has been that they now get serious in solving the problem. Instead what we’ve had is a series of votes to kick out young people who have grown up here and everybody recognizes are part of our community, and threats to defund the Department of Homeland Security, which would make it even harder for us to protect our borders and to keep our people safe.

So my strong advice right now to Congress is, if they are seriously concerned about immigration, about our borders, about being able to keep criminals out of this country, then what they should be doing is working together and working with the administration for a comprehensive immigration policy that allows us to continue to be both a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants. And certainly they should start funding the Department of Homeland Security so that they can go forward with all the functions that Republicans say they want carried out, including strong border security functions.

But with respect to the ruling, I disagree with it. I think the law is on our side and history is on our side. And we are going to appeal it. For those who are now wondering whether or not they should apply, we are going to refer those questions to the Department of Homeland Security that has already begun the planning process. And we will be prepared to implement this fully as soon as the legal issues get resolved.

Legal experts outside of the Republican Party expect the GOP’s victory to be short lived. The Bush-appointed judge substituted his own immigration views for the Constitution. His ruling is widely expected to be tossed upon appeal.

Republicans hate activist courts unless it is the activism benefits them. The activist judge issued a ruling that simply is not going to stand up to review. His ruling wasn’t a defeat for the President’s executive orders. As soon as the administration wins their appeal, the executive order will be implemented.

The president is going to fight, not only for the executive orders, but to also make sure that the conservative abuse of the judicial system does not strip him of his executive powers.

President Obama is going to win. One ruling by a partisan judge won’t change the outcome.

15 Replies to “Obama Vows To Appeal Bush Judge’s Partisan Blocking Of Immigration Executive Order”

  1. This is just a stall tactic by a Texas right-wing judge appointed by George Bush as payback for a favor. This is not the first time one of these judges pulled this and they loss. And I’m sure it won’t the last one. A judge appointed by the worst President this country ever had, what does that tell you.

  2. all good people on this blog. i am with you all 99% of the time. much of it i am more leftist than you all. but after living in so. cal. for over 30 years, i do think unfettered illegal immigration and visa over stayers is a real prob. for all of us. its untenable. and its wrong. we have people who seek to come here from overseas, with skills we need badly since we turn out knuckleheads. and it takes years. there should be adherence to the laws on the books for years. and yes deportation is a part of it. sorry kids. blast away.

  3. sorry kids. blast away.
    I don’t know about everyone else but I sorta want to send you a fruit basket.

    We’ll see what happens.
    The appeal will go to the 5th Circuit – known to be pretty conservative. And Scalia as far as I know is still the supervising justice so he could refer the matter to the full Supreme Court.

  4. I don’t disagree immigration is an issue. That many come here legally looking for jobs and doing what they need too. However, that is an irrelevant issue. 1: whether we want to admit it or not, there are nearly 20 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S.A and many taking low wage, under the table paying jobs. This is devastating to an economy. Obama’s immigration plan while allowing families to stay together, opens the door for broader reform that leads to a path to Citizenship. Like it or not, these people are here, coming here and it will continue no matter what. The idea of path to Citizenship is give them an easier route and ultimately to get LEGAL immigrants employed. Documented workers totaling in the millions would be the boon to any economy. This is the agenda of Obama and should be everyone’s.

  5. What doesn’t get the headlines is that employers, and in particular large companies, aren’t held to the law. They’re the ones offering cheap labor to begin with. And because it is big business that profits from the current system, Republicans will not go after these offenders.

  6. Glad to hear you view the world liberally and that you agree with us “99% of the time.” Here is the problem: Everyone in this nation, including Republicans KNOW this executive order has been carried out by previous Presidents, and furthermore, is NOT amnesty!

    It simply grants illegal immigrants to do one of two things while receiving a deferment;

    (1) Either get right with the law, or

    (2) Don’t and get sent back home!

    The republicans lie that this was granting amnesty while ignoring other republican administration’s executive orders, only to go and litigate against this President, is not only a waste of taxpayer dollars, but an insult to the American people!

  7. @Tani, tha’s great news. Eat that RethugliCons. Try scrapping the ACA now and see what the Americans who love their ACA will do to you in the next election cycle.
    As to the RethugliCons hypocrisy about immigration, they are contempible considering Rep Presidents have made executive decisions on this same issue without a peep out of their members but hell it’s the N who is in charge and he doesn’t count as he’s not a ‘real’ American anyway.

  8. Was there not a bipartisan bill passed in the Senate two years ago that Speaker B totally ignored and would not bring to the floor for a simple up or down vote? Why all of the hullabaloo now? He failed then and he is failing now. Perhaps we should just walk away and let him flail by himself in the deep water of his own making

  9. I wonder if and when the rethuglicans close down the DHS over immigration – they take into account that the ISIS and bad guys also know how to use the internet, and perhaps think this is a good time to do something bad!

  10. You know and I know this is a waste of time. Just look at the house and senate GOP. If this was a victory and they knew it, they would pass a clean DHS funding bill. By their insistence on keeping the bill upheld shows even they know it is going to flop.

  11. You do understand ISIS and other terrorists have been walking across our southern border for a while now along with the surge in illegals caused by Obama announcing his amnesty intentions. But hey, Obama says our southern boarder is secure so it must be so. Obama would never lie to us.

  12. Can I go to Mexico and stay beyond my visa just because I find better opportunities there? What happens to me as a citizen of the USA if I break Mexican laws? Is it good policy to reward those who don’t play by the rules and cut to the front of the line? Obama really can’t go wrong by taking the position he does. He stands to lose nothing because he has already alienated more than half of America. If we don’t follow our own laws that we set for ourselves, then the whole system becomes a mockery of itself. Rules and borders exist for a reason. If we don’t follow them, then why even have them? Why not just flood our already broken systems with more people. We can’t even provide proper care for our veterans. Doesn’t that say something about how broken our entire system is?

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