In Private Meeting Hillary Clinton Asks Elizabeth Warren For Suggestions And Ideas


Hillary Clinton met privately with Sen. Elizabeth Warren to seek out her suggestions and policy ideas as she begins to shape her 2016 presidential campaign message.

The New York Times reported:

Hillary Rodham Clinton held a private, one-on-one meeting with Senator Elizabeth Warren in December at Mrs. Clinton’s Washington home, a move by the Democrats’ leading contender in 2016 to cultivate the increasingly influential senator and leader of the party’s economic populist movement.

The two met at Whitehaven, the Clintons’ Northwest Washington home, without aides and at Mrs. Clinton’s invitation.

Mrs. Clinton solicited policy ideas and suggestions from Ms. Warren, according to a Democrat briefed on the meeting, who called it “cordial and productive.”

The news that Clinton sought out Warren indicates that she is not ignore the left in her campaign platform. The meeting is also another nail in the coffin of the fading progressive hopes that Elizabeth Warren might challenge former Sec. Clinton for the Democratic nomination. If Warren were intending to run, she wouldn’t be holding friendly meetings and swapping ideas with Clinton.

There is no better person to talk to, outside of Bernie Sanders, than Elizabeth Warren on the issues of Wall Street and income inequality. Former Sec. Clinton was smart to sit down with Warren. The meeting also demonstrates that the rise of the liberals in Congress is real. Mrs. Clinton doesn’t appear to be repeating the mistakes of her 2008 campaign.

She is reaching out to the people on the left like Elizabeth Warren in order to find the ideas that will shape her campaign. Elizabeth Warren isn’t running for president, but a productive relationship with the likely Democratic nominee could mean a place in a potential Hillary Clinton administration for one of the Democratic Party’s rising stars.

24 Replies to “In Private Meeting Hillary Clinton Asks Elizabeth Warren For Suggestions And Ideas”

  1. This is a good sign, should she run and receive the nomination. The Clinton’s have connections to WS, I wonder how this will play out during the campaign season. Warren and WS don’t see eye to eye.

  2. I will back her 100%. I only wish America was ready for a real progressive like Sanders or Warren!

  3. I would vote for Hillary but not enthusiastically.
    I “choke on my porridge? when I read about her $400,000 speaking fees. and her claim to have been “broke” when she left the White House.
    I think she is much too beholden to the power brokers to be a truly independent President.
    if she follows E Warrens advice, it will only be a sham in her attempt to get “progressive bonafides”.

  4. Last I checked, she’s deep in bed with wallstreet. I’m sorry, but I’m skeptical over just how much her meeting with Warren actually means anything and just how much she’ll even take to heart.

  5. i sincerely hope Bernie runs, instead of Clinton.. I am a dyed-in-the-wool dem, but I will never ever give my vote for Clinton..

  6. I hope she asked he “are you busy for the next 8 years? I’m not really into this.” Go Warren–all the way.

  7. Then you will give your vote to the American Taliban. This right here folks is why we cant move the country forward. BTW how that vote for Nader worked out for you?

  8. I am a die hard Warren fan. The Clintons owe their souls to so many that not even them know what kind of presidency he/she will have. He, because Bill will be in the mix, and some of us Blacks haven’t forgot his SC comments. it is still again time for new blood, like Obama. No matter what all those right broken winged nuts say, new blood saved our nation, and this one independent don’t see that in the Clintons no matter what some left fully winged folks say.

  9. Progressives will follow her regardless if she is the DEM….We all know what the alternative would be! Another Bush, Mitt, or union buster Scott Walker!

  10. i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. i still believe Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren will be on the 2016 Democratic ticket as president and vice president candidates. they would win in a landslide. it almost gives me goosebumps.

  11. Hillary Clinton donates every single dollar from talking and speech fees to various charities. I guess some folks don’t know this- especially the rightwing whacko birds.

  12. I’d like to see several Democrats in the primary. However, if Clinton wins the Democratic nomination, I will vote for her in the GE. I’ll vote for ANY Democrat in GE rather than a Republican who wants to cut/privatize Social Security; cut Medicare/Medicaid; dismantle the EPA; the Dept. of Education; the Dept. of Commerce; remove regulations from Wall Street; refuse to fund infrastructure projects and a gazillion other things that will cause this nation to be flushed.

  13. You will vote for Clinton if the only other choices are the puppets of the engineers of State Capitalism, e.g., the GOP. Even not voting is a vote for the fascist State. Fortunately we are not down to a Clinton run against the GOP yet. Bernie, in age, experience and in stated principles is the better candidate. I just hope his bite is as good as his bark.

  14. Not only the RW-whacko-birds. The Liberal Libertarians are just as rabidly spreading those half-truths – and they are supposed to be smarter than a Teabagger. They should know better.

  15. Warren might be a good president someday. But she makes a great Senator now! Elizabeth has the potential to be a Lioness of the Senate just as Ted Kennedy was. Imagine what we would have lost legislatively had Kennedy won the presidential nomination in 1980 and lost to Reagan. He might have faded into oblivion and isolation to Hyannisport. His his passion for the poor and middle class and his legislative accomplishments un-realized. Warren for Senate for Life.

  16. Unbeatable Democratic Presidential Ticket 2016
    Senator Elizabeth Warren and former San Antonio Mayor and now HUD Secretary, Julian Castro.
    Elizabeth Warren would garner Democratic men and women with her pro middle class policies. Julian Castro would energize the growing Latino voting population.
    NO republican slate could beat them. Who would they put up, jeb bush, chris christie (who is still being investigated) paul ryan and marco rubio? Give me a break!
    Let’s let Joe and Hillary retire gracefully and win in 2016. Everyone knows this would be a “no contest” election.

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