Fox & Friends Host Blows A Gasket After Eric Holder Slams Fox Over Radical Islam Obsession

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During Wednesday morning’s broadcast of Fox & Friends, co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck flipped out over comments made by Attorney General Eric Holder Tuesday when he stated Fox News was overly preoccupied with the use of the term “radical Islam” when discussing the Islamic State. Holder was speaking in front of the National Press Club when he was asked why the Obama Administration doesn’t use the term when referring to ISIL. The Attorney General said that the media spends more time discussing what ISIL should be called rather than having a conversation about what should be done, specifically calling out Fox News.

“We spend more time, more time talking about what you call it, as opposed to what do you do about it, you know? I mean really. If Fox didn’t talk about this, they would have nothing else to talk about, it seems to me.

Radical Islam, Islamic extremism…I’m not sure an awful lot is gained by saying that. It doesn’t have any impact on our military posture. It doesn’t have any impact on what we call it, on the policies that we put in place. What we have to do is defined not by the terms that we use, but by the facts on the ground. So I don’t worry an awful lot about what the appropriate terminology ought to be.”

Well, you just knew Fox wouldn’t stand on the sidelines long after the AG called them out. After playing a clip of Holder’s comments, Hasselbeck flipped out, listing off some of the atrocities committed by ISIL, as if to claim the Attorney General had somehow said ISIL wasn’t a threat or an extremely dangerous organization.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me. You have 21 Coptic Christians beheaded on a shoreline. You have 45 people burned alive, and this is on the heels of a Jordanian pilot being burned alive via video that we’ve all had to see that gruesome attack on humanity alone. Yet Fox is the problem? Wow!”

While Hasselbeck was the most demonstrative with her poutrage, her co-hosts also jumped in on the whinefest, showing their collective butthurt over Holder calling them out for Fox’s irresponsible and xenophobic coverage. Brian Kilmeade accused Holder of not wanting to find the root cause of the issue. This led to the show playing a clip of Rev. Franklin Graham pushing for a religious war against ISIL in the Middle East, with Graham saying the President refuses to acknowledge the religious aspect of the actions taking place.

Making sure he got in on the action, Steve Doocy grumbled that Holder and the Obama Administration were tougher on Fox News than ISIL. (Of course, conveniently ignoring the 16,000 airstrikes that have been conducted against the group in the past six months.)

“They want to kill us and yet the Attorney General, chief law enforcement officer for the United States of America, is bugged by the fact that Fox brings up the accurate point they are Islamic extremists, let’s call it Islamic extremism. Obviously this administration talks tougher about Fox News than they do about ISIS, which, that’s sad.”

Yeah, I’d say the Attorney General touched a nerve with his comments. You can watch a clip of the Fox & Friends segment here.

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  1. It’s good to see the piling on of insults, finally! For far too long, Faux News has been treated with kid gloves. Well, I guess the President has finally said “The gloves are off. What have we got to lose?”

  2. Methinks they are jealous of ISIS because they share the same goals

    The Christian Fascists and American religious right hold ignorant and fantastical beliefs about God bequeathing them the Earth to spoil and ruin, anointed them as agents of God’s will in hating gays and lesbians, that it is divine to oppress women, and that they as “true believers” are tools to bring about prophecy and the End of Days.

    ISIS shares many, if not all, of the same irrational, anti-modern, and anti-Enlightenment beliefs.

    I worry that the American Christian Right is in fact jealous of ISIS because they have the ability to enforce their theocratic vision in a way that the Christian Dominionists and Reconstructionists wish for in the United States. Cultural norms, habits, traditions, and standing consensus bargains about secular values and liberalism prevent (for now) the American theocrats from fully forcing their will on the general public.–Irrational-Actors-Worshiping-the-End-of-Days-ISIS-George-W-Bush-and-the-Christian-Right

  3. She just complained,”we all had to see the video of a pilot burned alive” – uh, yeah, cause YOU showed it. What a hypocrite idiot.

  4. These people on Fux Propaganda have been nothing but the right arm of the conservative right wingers for years. The fact that they showed the video of the Jordanian pilot being burned alive is sickening unto itself, but which also promotes the ISIS propaganda. For some ungodly reason they are still on the airwaves, and I for one don’t understand how they are allowed to keep up their lies and distortions without being taken to task by the FCC. Eric Holder was correct in calling them out. I have thought for years that their “reporting” is treasonous.

  5. Those Jokers on FOX and “Friends” are pouting because Holder and by extension the White House does not label ISIL as a Radical Islamic bunch of cut-throat thugs.
    Well one thing for sure, they are Muslim, they are murderous, rapist, criminals. But they don’t, according to the rest of the Muslim world deserved to be called Islamist. The consensus is among the Moslem world and the West is that these terrible folks have indeed Perverted the religion they profess to be fighting for.
    So, Rightly so–the White House, Holder and all other correct thinking people will NOT tie them in with Islam—because they ARE a band of outlaws. The rest of the teeth gnashing crowd led by FOX does want a RELIGIOUS war to be the theme. Wrong! We are not fighting the Religion or the people who are born into it and practice it. To do that would condemn all of them and Really push the notion of Religious WAR to the front. Then What? Those ignorant fools at FOX just don’t get it!

  6. I think Hasselbeck boosted one of her counterparts Androgel prescription. Now all she needs is a brain to go with her balls.

  7. Republicans AND democrats seem to forget that Obama is the most anti-muslim president in history. It is so bubblelicious of the Republicans to say that Obama is weak on terror when he’s killed more terrorists in 3 years than Bush could in 8 years.

    That’s just a FACT, but when you live in such a narrow minded world of Fox news, then reality doesn’t matter, Obama has killed more terrorists than Bush translates to Obama is weak on terror, and nevermind the facts that he has decimated the top 200 Al-Qaeda leaders with Drones or that 80% of airstrikes against ISIS are from America/Obama’s command

  8. Stop being stupid. Even though we don’t agree on policy with Susan Collins no one has ever called her an idiot. But being a bagger you wouldn’t understand the difference

  9. Faux Snooze is playing into the hands of the ISIL ideology by airing that video.

    Tea bag/repubs/faux snooze:
    The 14 points of Fascism

    If you believe President Obama is a secret Muslim who wants to spread Islamic law in the U.S., consider this.
    When you look carefully at many Islamic countries, you’ll see they tend to share these values.
    1. They are anti-abortion.
    2. They are very supportive of the death penalty.•
    3. They oppose the separation of church and state.•
    4. They believe religious doctrine should be taught in school.•
    5. They tend to believe women should have fewer rights than men.•
    6. They oppose “multiculturalism”.•
    7. They consider homosexuality as evil and believe gay marriage should be outlawed.
    If President Obama really wanted to spread Islamic law in America, he’d be a Republican!

  10. Please don’t mistake me for the idiot with the same name posting above. I would like to tell him that Fox Bimbos hate other women with their far right wing balderdash.

  11. Julian, very refreshing that somebody gets it. I don’t know that he is so much ANTI Muslim, as he seems unwilling to play games that Bush did. Having a treasonous congress certainly does not help. Well stated and thank you.

  12. It’s the tea bag, repubs that hate women, the ones what want women to be used as incubators, deny them healthcare, equal rights, ensure they receive less pay for the same work as men and to be kept by men.
    Didn’t phyllis schlafly say smart women can’t get a man?


  13. Faux Snooze is stoking the ISIS fire and it’s treason.

    I don’t believe any of the reputable news organizations aired it.

  14. Have you notice lately that they are trying to whitewash the greatest foreign policy blunder in history? If I didn’t know any better they are getting us ready for war with Iran in the near future. ISIS is in the news but Iran is the prize they seek with our blood and treasure

  15. Fox happens to be the most watched cable new station out polling CNN, CNBC, and MSNBC combined. Just skip the editorials like Hannity and watch the real news. Better yet watch BBC America.

  16. If these traitorous republicons want more war, the American people should demand that the draft be re-inacted so that their sons and daughters have to go too. No excuses and no hiding out in Paris like Romney.

  17. Sorry if I offended any blondes who use hair dyes or lighteners, I know many women who do and they are great people. But the reference in HassleBLECKS case is fitting, because the chemicals are causing even more drain bamage…if that’s possible.

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