Jeb Bush Says He’s His Own Man Then Surrounds Himself With Brother’s Team

Jeb and Dubya: Two Too Many Bushes
Jeb and Dubya: Two Too Many Bushes

Trying to distance himself from the foreign policy failures of his father and brother, Jeb Bush declared that he is “his own man” this week. Those words were carefully crafted to reassure 2016 voters that, if elected, Jeb wouldn’t make the same diplomatic and military mistakes as the two Bushes that preceded him into the White House.

Voters can surely appreciate Jeb Bush’s tacit admission that both George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush failed in the realm of foreign policy. However, actions speak louder than words. Voters, therefore, may have cause for concern. Despite Jeb Bush’s assertion that he is “his own man”, his foreign policy team is made up largely of former advisers to his father and his brother. His decision to assemble a foreign policy team from the ranks of the former Bush presidencies should give voters pause to question whether a Jeb Bush White House would be any different than a George Bush White House.

Jeb Bush is being advised by a foreign policy team that reads like a “who’s who” list of former Bush administration neo-conservatives. Jeb is letting many of the architects of the Iraq War have a seat at his foreign policy advice table. Jeb Bush’s foreign policy team includes controversial hawks like former U.N. Ambassador John Negroponte and former Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz.


Stephen Hadley, one of George W Bush’s National Security Advisors, is also part of Jeb’s foreign policy team. So is Meghan O’Sullivan, who helped Hadley advise Dubya on Iraq War policy. Jeb Bush is also recycling George W. Bush’s Homeland Security advisors, Tom Ridge and Michael Chertoff. In addition, despite the ongoing controversy surrounding the Bush-Cheney administration’s torture program, Jeb is being advised by former Attorney General Michael Mukasey. He also is soliciting advice from two of George W. Bush’s CIA Directors, Porter Goss and Michael Hayden.

In addition to drawing from his brother’s old team, Jeb is also enlisting the support of people who advised his father, George H.W. Bush. Former Secretaries of State James Baker and George Schultz, are two of the more prominent members of Jeb’s foreign policy advisory team. While the Reagan-Bush era foreign policy advisers are likely to be less controversial than the Bush-Cheney neo-cons, they still offer little to support Jeb’s assertion that he is “his own man”.

While Jeb Bush talks about being independent, his willingness to surround himself with the same faces that presided over the Persian Gulf War and the ill-fated Iraq War, leaves voters with little reason to trust the man who hopes to be the next Bush President. The simple fact that Jeb Bush is willingly taking advice from the very people who pushed America into the Iraq War under false pretenses is enough to disqualify him from being elevated to Commander-in-Chief of the nations’ Armed Forces. The nation can not afford another Bush presidency. Nor can the rest of the world.

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  1. He says he’s his own man, but he’s not going to tell us how he’s different from the last two failed Bush Republicans. The Bush and Koch families know they have enough money to stop the media from asking the important questions.

    “Yea…mistakes were made in Iraq…so I’m going to hire the same people who made them!!! Yea!”

    Asking why anyone should vote for Republicans, “The Republicans gave us a crappy economy twice, and they (Democrats) fixed it twice. Why would you ever trust them again?” said Kevin Hassett, a former economic adviser to GOP nominee Sen. John McCain

    That is a good question!

    Meanwhile, Democrats are eyeing an agenda that includes infrastructure spending, minimum wage hikes, providing incentives to corporations to increase profit-sharing with employees, and tax relief for the middle class funded by closing corporate loopholes. I hope the Dems win it all in 2016.

    Don’t worry Republicans, the GOP will be mailing you your tinfoil hats soon so you c…

  2. I am not a Bushie or a Republican, but I was expecting more from him. He offered nothing. Eventhough he is raising money at $100,000 per head at fundraisers I do not see how he is going to create any enthusiasm with the Republican base.

  3. If this guy is suppose to be the smartest Bush, then this country or world is not ready for another Bush. Even 10 generations would be too soon for another Bush. He announced that he is his own man, but surrounds himself with the same nutcases his daddy and brother had. This my friends is his first lie of many more to come.

  4. So far ol’ Jeb is no different than T. Cruz, L. Graham, J. McCain, S. Stockman, J. Boehner they all saying the same thing. “War is better.”

    ALL of them are trying to sabogate Nuclear talks with U.S./P5+1 with Iran. Along with Netanyahu who have his own agenda. Netanyahu been trying to undermine the talks ever since the int’l world and Iran signed the ‘Interim Agreement’.
    (start @15:05)

    Netanyahu went to Russia to lobby against talks with Iran:
    Netanyahu meet with Hollande on talks with Iran.

    All republicans including Jeb stand with Netanyahu against the P5+1 and U.S. talks with Iran. The fact is that Iran have stuck to the agreement, its Netanyahu and repubs who been taking steps to undermine the deal.

  5. What was the neocons saying back in the day? ” Anybody can take Baghdad real men march to Tehran”. I wish people would pay attention and take what they say seriously

  6. No one likes to live in fear but what would happen if only One of us knew everything of everyone else?
    Humanity would start to feel a hidden Hand.
    If that were the case what other than the CIA?
    Who better than George H. Bush?
    Without you knowing it you would be sided either with the Beast and his pyramidal system or for a new form of Equality which is the antithesis.
    Tertium Non Datur, the Romans used to say, or there is no third possibility.
    The conflict would be one between the old Animal versus a new Humankind.

  7. While I have some respect for James Baker and even senior George Bush, the rest are the same old war mongers who got us into Iraq. If Jeb is his “own man” as he says, he should man up and learn from his brother’s mistakes. Instead he’s doing his own war mongering to pander to the Republican base. We don’t need another Bush in the White House, especially at this time.

  8. Bill F, you’re exactly right. Jeb Bush will not create enthusiasm for the base. Neither McCain or Romney did and he’s just a younger version of those men.

    The best thing that could happen for the democrats is for Bush to win the nomination. The democrats could nominate a monkey and beat the next rhino republican that the good ole’ boys seem to prefer in the republican party.

    I think Americans are getting tired of the Bushes and dare I say the Clintons as well?

    I do think H Clinton would beat J Bush if it came to that. But I’m not yet convinced Hillary will even run and if she does, I’m not convinced she will be the nominee.

    Look at the last three democrat presidents: Carter, Clinton and Obama. They were all (at the time) lesser known candidates which was in their favor. I would not be surprised if democrats use that same strategy in 2016.

  9. I have been reading a lot of buzz about Jim Webb. A good man but I am worried that his speil about the white working man will upset the coalition that the President has built. Don’t get me wrong they have been hurt just as much as POC with the division of politics. Just have to hear more

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