Justice Department Ready To Bring Lawsuit Against Ferguson Police

Eric Holder

The Justice Department is ready to file a federal lawsuit against the Ferguson police if the department does not agree to make changes.

CNN reported:

The Justice Department is preparing to bring a lawsuit against the Ferguson, Missouri, police department over a pattern of racially discriminatory tactics used by officers, if the police department does not agree to make changes on its own, sources tell CNN.

Attorney General Eric Holder said this week he expects to announce the results of the department’s investigation of the shooting death of Michael Brown and a broader probe of the Ferguson Police Department before he leaves office in the coming weeks.


Brown’s shooting death at the hands of Officer Darren Wilson has thrust Ferguson into the center of a nationwide debate over police tactics and race relations. The Justice Department is expected to announce it won’t charge Wilson for the shooting, but it’s also expected to outline findings that allege a pattern of discriminatory tactics used by the Ferguson police. If they don’t agree to review and revise those tactics, sources say, the Justice Department would sue to force changes in the department.

It took the murder of Michael Brown for a discriminatory police department to be exposed. It looks like the Brown family won’t be getting justice, but at least the Ferguson Police Department will be cleaned up before more lives are ruined or ended.

There is evidence that the Ferguson Police Department had a policy of targeting minorities for traffic violations then throwing them into jail if they could not afford to pay the fines.

The behavior of the Ferguson Police resembles the Jim Crow South more than a trusted part of the community that has sworn to serve and protect. Most police officers are decent people who put their lives on the line every single day, but it has been clear from the beginning that there was something rotten in Ferguson.

Michael Brown’s death was a symptom that could not be ignored. Attorney General Eric Holder is looking to cure the disease.

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  1. Step one is to make the Ferguson PD more resemble the people they are policing. More black cops should be hired, and any current cops with extensive citizen complaint files should be retired or put on strictly administrative duty until they can be cycled out of the system. But this is Missouri, so the process will be as slow, and as shoddy as possible.

  2. They MUST wear body cameras that they are unable to remove,block, turn off. No exceptions. We want to see everything they do and say. If they have nothing to hide, there would be no resistance.

  3. America has a serious, institutionalized, systemic law enforcement problem. Over the last 4 decades, our law enforcement has become increasingly militarized, putting every citizen at risk of being shot and killed for nothing more than reaching for their wallet, as instructed, or less. This may increase safety for police officers (debatable, in the long run), but at the expense of making American citizens far less safe, which is the exact opposite of the goals of law enforcement. We need to create systems that bring back accountability within every level of the justice system.
    Nationally, we need to:
    1. Create citizen oversight committees with powers of subpoena and prosecutorial discretion for every law enforcement agency in the country.
    2. Require law enforcement officers to be personally insured to protect taxpayers from lawsuits. Too risky for insurance? No insurance, no badge.
    3. Require every law enforcement officer to wear a camera. No camera, no gun. No exceptions.

  4. 4. Require yearly psyche tests and lie detector tests to screen out bad apples.
    5. Require monthly drug and steroid tests.
    6. All police agencies must keep a database of every officer-caused civilian injury, shooting or killing, and that data must be periodically transmitted to a third-party, non-biased national database.
    7. Any officer involved in a shooting must be alcohol and drug tested immediately.
    8. Officers should be made aware of studies on abuse of power, such as the Stanford Prison Experiment and the Milgram experiment on obedience to authority figures.
    9. Create a special number to report police brutality.
    10. Create national database of bad cops, so they don’t just get hired elsewhere.
    11. Reverse militarization of police forces. Take away military “toys”, weapons, APC’s, uniforms, etc. Keep SWAT/military weapons and equipment under lock and key only to be used in genuine emergencies.
    12. End drug prohibition/war on drugs. Use harm reduction strategies.

  5. 12. End drug prohibition/war on drugs. Use harm reduction strategies.
    13. End private prison industry.
    14. Create a national organization dedicated to these ideals.

  6. In general, there are people becoming law enforcement officers that shouldn’t be put in any position of power. Local elections are so important electing your county Sherriff, mayor etc..VOTE people!
    There should be a way to weed out the bully’s, extremists and racists. Even if it takes looking back to their high school records and behaviors, their home life, social media, talking with friends and family to fill out questionnaires. Something has got to change…a system shake up!

  7. And what happens to a prosecuting attorney that knowingly puts people that will lie in front of a grand jury? Cleaning up the police department is one thing, having a prosecuting attorney that stacks the deck is something else.

  8. How can the DOJ charge the culture of the police department yet not charge Wilson, who was a part of that culture? A crying shame…….

  9. Good. It will go a long way toward making America a more equitable, more decent country, one we will recognize as the America we used to know.

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