Obama Reminds Republicans That They Were Totally Wrong About Obamacare

obama aca 11.4 million signups

While announcing that the ACA is beating all projections with 11.4 million Americans signing up, President Obama reminded Republicans that they were wrong about Obamacare.

The White House passed the mainstream media by announcing the news in a video posted to their Facebook page:

The president said:

It gives you some of how hungry people were out there for affordable, accessible health insurance, and that’s really the top line on this. The Affordable Care Act is working. It’s working a little better than we anticipated. Certainly, a lot better than many of the critics talked about early on. None of this would have happened if it hadn’t been for incredible work done by navigators, volunteers, and assitors at the local level.

You know, this kind of outreach a grassroots level in combination with the very real competition and the number of insurers who are going into markets that were previously underserved which is driving down prices and improving quality. You know, this really was the vision of the Affordable Care Act.

Republicans responded to the news by saying nothing. The offices of Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had nothing to say about the news that the health care law that they are trying to destroy is exceeding all expectations.

The president pushed back on the outright falsehood that the ACA is a government takeover of healthcare by mentioning the benefits that free market competition have brought to the healthcare system. The Republican critics were, and continue to be, wrong about the Affordable Care Act.

The ACA is not only exceeding expectations as far as sign ups are concerned, but also the law is also performing better than even supporters thought was possible. President Obama didn’t point a finger and say you were wrong, and I was right, but reminding everyone that the Republican critics have been wrong since the beginning, the president reinforced the idea that Republicans are more interested in partisan politics than health care policy that works.

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  1. And the majority of those 8 million will be white southern voters who will be pissed if their insurance is yanked away

  2. You know how Conservatives love Margaret Thatcher as if she were Ronald Reagan who had a sex change?

    Well, she is to the left of Obama on many issues, passing a tough gun control bill in 1988, championing fighting global warming, and of course praising England’s universal healthcare system.

    That’s the thing about America, our liberals are Europe’s conservatives

  3. This wicked ACA was a plot by a secret cabal of Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, and (dare I say it?) even some misguided Atheists to destroy our Holy Doctrine of Social Darwinism. Our Death Panel, sorry, I meant to say Supreme Court, must end this nightmare of compassion. It hurts the funeral industry. [WINK]

  4. In the last 20 years, the US has been pushed so far to the right, the last two Democratic presidents would have been considered more conservative than Regan had they run when he did.

    I used to believe that despite the differences between the two parties, the US would come together & act with reason & tolerance. These days I’m no so sure since the GOP finds it easy to force policies that clearly hurt the people just because they don’t like the current president. Sadly, since many people are so busy working just to survive, they still aren’t paying attention to what’s really going on.

    I’m not sure what it will take for people to wake up. But the optimism that US once stood for has been eroded by the GOP’s constant disrespect & negativity towards Obama as well as anyone who believes differently than they do.

    Regarding the ACA, I’ve never known a person who wouldn’t want affordable healthcare. Being against the ACA makes no sense.

  5. The GOP Congress probably will never get enough votes to overturn the President’s veto. If the Court tries to end the ACA, throwing millions of Americans off of their insurance, Hillary wins (with Single Payer) massively with coattails to turn both Houses of Congress blue. She’s already leading almost everybody in almost every poll, even in some of the red states. If I were them, instead fighting the ACA, I’d try to improve it to cover more people. All the Koch money and all the Fox propaganda won’t help them, in 2016 and beyond.

  6. Fireman, it’s close to my mom’s name and I’ve been a Mozart fan forever. In fact, it’s my license plate on my car. Funny, but I did play a flute, before giving it up for piano, before giving that up for guitar.

  7. Wanted to share with everyone on the topic of ACA. Received an email some time back from the White House website. They wanted people to share their stories about what ACA means to them, and President Obama would read some of them. So, I wrote a short email to the President about how grateful and appreciative I am for ACA, and gave him some details about my situation.

    Two weeks ago, I got an envelope from the White House and figured, probably just asking for donations or an update on something. It was a letter, of course I figured it was a form letter; but was surprised that President Obama thanked me for sharing my story, and he mentioned details in it that I had written! I was so excited, going to frame it! The seal on the stationery and all! Made my day.

    Just thought I’d share.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing. It is exciting news. I read that the staff who read the mail and e-mails to the President work full time to try and respond, and if it is an especially thoughtful, e-mail, they do bring it to the President’s attention. You will no doubt start receiving the Official (signed) White House Christmas Card.
    I started getting mine about 5 years ago. I wait each year to see what it will be.
    It is exciting!!! So happy for you!
    Again, thank you for sharing your story.

  9. I read an article in AL.com that stated that there has been a 72.5% increase in Alabamans signing up for healthcare on the exchanges, although Gov. Bentley and his rw buddies continue to allege that no one in Alabama wants anything to do with Obamacare. Poor, deluded fools. They’ve done a good con job on many in the state because they’ve convinced them that government shouldn’t subsidize citizens’ healthcare while Alabamans are subsidizing theirs.

  10. This man will go down in history as one of the best presidents the country has ever had. No question about it. His intelligence, his humanity, his calm resolve have been formidable and has shown the world a better America. Imagine what would have been accomplished if the Republicans were not such blatant racists.

  11. I left what could only be described as a neutral comment regarding the ACA and it doesn’t get posted… wtf? I won’t be subscribing to your website!

  12. Me too! I wasn’t insured for 14 years because of a pre-existing condition. Feels good to have insurance again! Loving it!

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