23 House Democrats Urge Boehner To Postpone Netanyahu Speech To Congress


The list of Democrats who are calling for John Boehner to postpone Netanyahu’s speech before Congress has grown to nearly two dozen as opposition swells to the partisan political stunt.

The Democrats’ letter to Boehner read in part:

We write to urge you to postpone your invitation to Prime Minister Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress in March….

The timing of this invitation and lack of coordination with the White House indicate that this is not an ordinary diplomatic visit. Rather this appears to be an attempt to promote new sanctions legislation against Iran that could undermine critical negotiations between the P5+1 and Iran. At the State of the Union President Obama made it clear that he will veto new Iran sanctions legislation. The invitation to Prime Minister Netanyahu enlists a foreign leader to influence a Presidential policy initiative. We should be able to disagree on foreign policy within our American political system and without undermining the Presidency.

Aside from being improper, this places Israel, a close and valued ally, in the middle of a policy debate between Congress and the White House. As members of Congress who support Israel, we share concerns that it appears that you are using a foreign leader as a political tool against the president. We should not turn our diplomatic friendship into a partisan issue. Beyond threatening our diplomatic priorities, the timing of this invitation offers the Congressional platform to elevate a candidate in a foreign election.

The list of House Democrats who have signed the letter has grown to twenty-three and includes, Keith Ellison, Steve Cohen, Maxine Waters, Earl Blumenauer, André Carson, John Conyers, Jr., Danny Davis, Peter DeFazio, Luis Gutiérrez, Henry “Hank” Johnson, Jr., Eddie Bernice Johnson, Barbara Lee, Betty McCollum, James McGovern, Jim McDermott, Beto O’Rourke, Donald Payne, Chellie Pingrie, Mark Pocan, Mark Takano, Bonnie Watson Coleman, Peter Welch, John Yarmuth.

Greg Sargent suggested that the Democratic outrage over the Netanyahu invite isn’t a big deal, because Democratic congressional leaders are planning on attending the speech, but the anger over the Netanyahu speech is relevant because a sizeable number of Democrats are not following their leadership. Unlike the meltdowns on the Republican side, Democratic leaders aren’t pushing for a unified position on the speech. Democrats aren’t divided so much as each Democrat is making his/her own decision on whether or not to attend the speech.

It appears that Netanyahu will be addressing dozens of empty seats when he speaks to Congress. Dozens of Democrats and Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders are supporting the president by not attending. The Beltway media may try to downplay it, but liberal Democrats in Congress are still flexing their muscles and speaking out.

24 Replies to “23 House Democrats Urge Boehner To Postpone Netanyahu Speech To Congress”

  1. Walk out!
    J.u.s.t. … W.a.l.k. … O.u.t. …

    The moment Bebe is introduced…
    J.u.s.t. … W.a.l.k. … O.u.t.

  2. The Democrats need to make a BOLD stand against this treasonous act. Netanyahu LIED to a congressional hearing that sent AMERICAN SOLDIERS TO DIED IN IRAQ. While Israel soldiers set on the sideline.

    Netanyahu plotted with the republican party to influence the 2012 presidential election:



    Now republicans plotting with Netanyahu to put America on the footing of war with Iran (Jeb Bush to): https://twitter.com/BenjySarlin/status/568442897349144576
    Can someone tell me how many Israeli soldiers died in Iraq?

  3. AIPAC must have made some calls to the leadership and put the fear of likud into these dummycrats who will attend this farce.

  4. Boehner needs a map and a geography lesson. He lives across the river from Kentucky, not Isreal. He’s sinking, so he better figure out what his priorities are.

  5. Have every single U.S. Govt official who attends this event read and signify in writing that they are fully aware of the “official” legal definition of an act of treason. And that this “event” fits the same exact “legal definition” of an act of treason. They will then all be responsible for signing their very own arrest warrants for committing an act treason against THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA “if” they attend. In my opinion.

  6. It’s OK if they attend.

    As long as they then turn their backs on him while audibly saying “You ugly mother*cker” and then walking out.

  7. KEEP YOUR AXES AND WATER BUCKETS HANDY FIREMAN!!! There are a hell of a lot more “wicked-witches” here in the U.S.A. than their ever were in “OZ”. The “OZ” folks all say HELLO!

  8. The Senate Democrats most surely on Netanyahu’s whip list are the “Menendez 10” who have openly broadcast their potential willingness to undermine the President’s diplomacy:
    Robert Menendez (D-NJ);
    Charles Schumer (D-NY);
    Richard Blumenthal (D-CT);
    Gary Peters (D-MI);
    Bob Casey Jr. (D-PA);
    Ben Cardin (D-MD);
    Chris Coons (D-DE);
    Joe Manchin (D-WV);
    Joe Donnelly (D-IN);
    Debbie Stabenow (D-MI).

    I don’t know how we can let these dummycrats know, we will not cede our security to the likud party but I hope someone do know how

  9. At least we know where U.S. Republicant’s country loyalties lie

    Next in the line-up for the Right: Putin followed by ISIS

    Please, just pretend that you’re competent enough to have a conversation without bringing in foreigners…TRAITORS!

  10. The Dems all need to stand together on this. We need to take note of any that do not and remember them come next election.

  11. It is blatantly obvious that Democrats who fail to attend Netanyahu’s address have things other than the welfare of our nation on their minds.
    For the sake of the people, they need to put party views aside long enough to see what level of nefarious action might be, being hide from them.
    Chosing to remain blind might be a liberal tradition, but it’s no way to lead the people that they represent!

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