Backlash Pushes Oklahoma To Look For Ways To Fix Anti-AP History Bill



Facing public pressure from outraged constituents, Oklahoma lawmaker Dan Fisher (R-Yukon) is pulling a controversial bill, which would have cut off funding for Advanced Placement (AP) U.S. History courses. House Bill 1380 passed through a committee hearing on an 11-4 vote on Monday. All 11 votes in favor were cast by Republicans. Each of the four votes against were cast by Democrats. The measure would have eliminated state funding for AP history courses.

Conservative lawmakers complained that the courses presented too many ideas critical of America. They wanted to replace it with history that emphasized American exceptionalism, complete with requiring speeches by Ronald Reagan to be taught.

The proposal, however, caused an almost immediate public backlash, even in the conservative state of Oklahoma. Students and educators criticized the bill. They argued that the AP courses are for college bound students and that they teach American History in its entirety, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The backlash may have caught Fisher off guard. However, today the legislator suggested that he would rewrite the bill. He was not very specific about what changes would be made, but he at least acknowledged that the bill as written had become a problem.

On Wednesday, Fisher stated:

We’re trying to fix the bill. It was very poorly worded and was incredibly ambiguous, and we didn’t realize that, so it’s been misinterpreted. We’re going to clear it up so folks will know exactly what we’re trying to accomplish and it’s not to hurt AP. We’re very supportive of the AP program.

Republican State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister is also working with Fisher to rewrite the legislation. She noted that a backlash from teachers, parents and student had made it necessary to go back to the drawing board.

Given the dominance of the Republican Party in Oklahoma, it is likely that attacks against education will continue in the state. However, as Oklahoma voters grow weary of the extremist positions taken by the leaders they elected, public pressure may prevent the most radical anti-education measures from being enacted.

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  1. You can take the idiot out of the Red State, but you can’t take the Red State out of the idiot.

  2. Been here for years, Repulsive governors are the norm. We just didn’t have as many roaches in the House & Senate.[WINK]

  3. This will be my problem. I help my oldest with her papers and I point her to real history. So if she cites facts and tell the truth will she be punished and will that hurt her chances in getting into college?

    The stupid continues

  4. By passing a bill like that, you can guarantee all students will have to attend in state colleges. Maybe Texas would be the exception. Why dumb down your own children to try to score political points?

  5. Reagan did not even write his own speeches. He was an idiot who would stare at the camera and his wife would have to whisper the answers to him. Here is his legacy:

    1) just to get elected he handed over the GOP to former dixiecrats, neoconfederates, religious radicals, racists, bigots, and other uneducated trash.

    2) he funded the same groups that became the Taliban. When his Islamic terrorist allies betrayed him, he then traded arms for hostages, and his irrational foreign policy taught terrorists that America would cut and run if pressed.

    3) he tripled the national debt in 8 years. The previous tripling took a World War and 50years.

    4) his domestic and foreign policy was disgraceful. He even sided with the Khmer Rouge who were exposed of genicide. He helped Saddam build chemical weapons. Reagan was a cancer on America, an evil person.

  6. Why write a law if you are going to just turn around and change it? Oops, the Oklahoma legislature allowed their crazy religious ideologues to write a law based on hokum and ignorance. Then when the smart people call them out for making such an absurd law they backpedal the law and change it? This is a symptom of a greater affliction on their legislative body. They are just undeniably willfully stupid and totally lost.

  7. They will just double down on stupid and add some Bush 1 and 2 speeches and change the name to something that sounds like farting rainbows to their lower than normal IQ level base and they will suck it up like honey.

  8. The best way to correct this bill would be to impeach Mr. Fisher and the other 10 Republicans who voted for this idiotic idea. It is Oklahoma so maybe these people have just been drinking too much fracking water.

  9. In a poll conducted of 6,627 parents and students at a meeting in Norman:
    96% indicated that the Legislature should not make any AP courses illegal
    99% indicated they understood that AP courses were a choice/elective that often results in college credit but which are not required of any student
    95% indicated they would be “angry/disappointed” if the Legislature proceeds in making any AP courses illegal
    77% believed the Legislature should have no oversight of the courses local districts offer

  10. Research Ronald Reagan. Start off by researching Reagan’s involvement in the Iran hostage situation. Then research Iran-Contra. Then research the Beirut barracks bombing. Isn’t it amazing that Reagan invaded Grenada to “save” medical students who didn’t want to be saved. Why did Man God Reagan invade Grenada two days after the Beirut barracks bombing? Could it have been to divert the media from finding out that he had posted guards without ammo to “guard” the Beirut Barracks? Naah, St. Ronnie would never do that. But he did. It is all over the Internet. I suspect it will be cropping up in the history books pretty soon, except in Texas and Oklahoma. Then research Efrain Rios Montt. Then research Ollie North and the Cocaine trade. Now you know why St Ronnie is demonized in Central America. The continuing atrocities in Central America are the reason for the Children’s march which has people bent out of shape. In the final analysis, you can blame the children’s march on …

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