Books Instead Of Bombs: Bernie Sanders Proposes Massive Public College Tuition Cut

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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) tonight a plan to take some of the proposed increases in military spending and spend it on a 55% cut in tuition for students at all public colleges and universities.

Sen Sanders’s will announce his proposal during a town hall at the University of Iowa:

If the federal government were to invest $18 billion a year, with a dollar-for-dollar match from state governments, we would slash college tuition in the United States by more than half.

Many of my colleagues in Washington would look at that number – $18 billion a year – and tell you that we can’t afford to make that kind of
investment in our nation’s young people. To put it simply, they are wrong.

In the budget proposal President Obama released two weeks ago, he requested $561 billion for the Department of Defense – $38 billion over budget caps that are currently in place.

If we were to reduce the President’s proposed increase in military spending by less than half, and instead invest that money in educational opportunities for today’s college students, we could cut tuition by 55%. So I challenge all of you… ask yourselves, where should our priorities lie?

The Pentagon doesn’t need all of the proposed increases in military spending. There is a lot of military spending that is nothing more than red state welfare programs disguised as national security.

The country needs lower college tuition costs more than it needs a few billion dollars thrown at the Pentagon. This is a proposal that makes sense, but Republicans will definitely oppose it by claiming that it is too expensive.

The GOP would rather see a nation of college graduates drowning in debt, and the doors of economic opportunity bolted shut before they would consider doing anything to lower the cost of tuition.

Sen. Sanders has a powerful common sense message to offer. The fact that the issue of the cost of higher education is being discussed is serious progress. The Republican motto of you’re on your own isn’t going to cut it.

Nearly a decade and a half of a war are enough. It is time to invest in books instead of bombs.

3 Replies to “Books Instead Of Bombs: Bernie Sanders Proposes Massive Public College Tuition Cut”

  1. With 2 right now in school for their Masters, a reasonable tuition would be a blessing and amazing for America. The more graduates we have, the more competitive we are in a global economy. Better for all of us.

  2. There’s no reason to spend $561 billion for the Department of Defense in the first place, not to mention the $500-$800 billion in military-related expenditures hidden in other departments. Cut military-related expenditures in half, then make public universities 100% tuition free across the country for qualifying students (demonstrated aptitude). A nation that punishes those seeking to get educated is doomed to fail in the future.

  3. Run Bernie Run!
    Picking up steam all over the country and he hasn’t even announced his candidacy yet.

    Should be an interesting 2016, seems as good a year as any for a political revolution [WINK]

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