Marco Rubio Laughingly Accuses Obama’s Policies of Being Bad for the Nation

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As Republican hopefuls Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) and Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA) showed themselves to be spineless against the far right by refusing to refute Rudy Giuliani’s cheap and obviously empty Palinesque attack on President Obama’s patriotism, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) tried to walk a finer line. He demonstrated how to be weak and spineless while playing more subtly with Palin fire by laughingly suggesting that while he has “no doubt” Obama loves this country (not one high profile Republican seems capable of saying Obama loves this country for sure), his polices are so terrible for the nation.

Rubio told the AP that he had “no doubt” that Obama loves the country, “but I just think his policies are bad for our nation.”

Sure, if by bad Rubio thinks record stock market gains, the economy gaining “nearly five times more jobs under President Barack Obama than it did during the presidency of George W. Bush” with the unemployment rate dropping “to just below the historical average,” improved rights and protections for women, lgbtq, and undocumented immigrants, measured responses to international crises, avoidance of Iraq WMD type errors, getting Osama, corporate profits nearly tripling, affordable healthcare via the Obamacare exchanges which are growing more popular by the day, and fighting for a raise to the minimum wage which caused Walmart to grudgingly give a raise to their workers are bad. Just naming a few things. There’s more.

Oh, yeah. Obama’s America is almost Bush’s Katrina, but not. It’s the opposite; showing how government can work well.

A refresher: Rudy Giuliani said, “I know this is a horrible thing to say, but I do not believe that the president loves America. He doesn’t love you. And he doesn’t love me. He wasn’t brought up the way you were brought up and I was brought up through love of this country.”

This rests on the same cheap hatred as Palin’s desperate 2008 “This is not a man who sees America the way you and I see America.”

This is the kind of attack Republicans revel in. It’s a fallacious argument impugning the alleged motives of their opponent. The only time someone engages in this kind of shoddy argument is when the facts and the evidence aren’t on their side.

So Republicans run entire campaigns on suggesting Obama is “pallin’ around with terrorists” and “hates America”. What does it mean and upon what is this based? Let’s see. Obama got Osama. He has fought hard for the middle class. He has managed to rescue this country from the Great Bush Recession of 2008 in spite of relentless and admitted deliberate obstruction by Republicans, who only stood in the President’s way out of spite. If anyone has demonstrated contempt for this nation, it is Republicans.

And that is precisely why they rely upon this kind of cheap shot. They are all going Palin, because they can’t go policy. A whole lot of snarling pit bull with no bite. Republicans have a problem and that is that they can’t afford to alienate their base, but their base jumped the hate shark a long time ago. This leaves Republicans looking decidedly unpresidential and petty when responding to easy questions like this. The right answer isn’t hard. It’s a time to pass on cheap shots. It’s a time to act above the fray, to show themselves as presidential — but they just can’t do it. They can’t resist the cheap shots.

Republicans are like a crazy stalker ex. They just can’t quit their Obama hate.

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  1. If these policies were so bad as you claim they are, then why is our nation is in far better shape then it was in 2008?

  2. I’ve sat and watched the Racists from the start Bitch Mcosshole 2008: “I intend to make Barack Obama, a one term president”. How sick was this shit. These people have a “life” complex that can’t be cured. Did that flick your Bic Mitch? 2nd term Mitch. 2nd term. Same old Racist shit from you and your other Racist jackals. Pick your own damn cotton you well polished @sshole. And for Marxist Culio, #uck you Zebra.[WINK]

  3. Now, Dustin, you and I both know the answer to your question—under no conditions will republicans ever give this president credit for anything. We know this because of Boehner’s tweet the other day. In it he said that it has been six years since this president signed the “failed” stimulus bill. Boehner can’t be bothered with by the fact that most economists say that the stimulus worked and helped to decrease unemployment. Even as he and his GOP/TP buddies enjoy the extra money in their investment accounts, they’ll still claim that the stock markets haven’t improved since 2009, just as they’ll continue to claim that the ACA is a failure in spite of over 11 million signing up for the program this time around. They have to lie because it creates a distraction from the fact that they’re some of our nation’s biggest welfare recipients because they receive above average pay and benefits while not doing their jobs. For “devout” Christians, the 9th Commandment means nothing to…

  4. Wow, this woman is correct about the stock markets gains and Obama improving rights and protection for his voting base.
    Otherwise, the rest of this article is lies.

  5. If this is what the GOP’s offering up, they got nuthin. Rubio is a useless waste of air. What does he have to offer? He makes a fool out of himself evertime he opens his mouth.

  6. While you are right in that the entire Right Wing will never give Obama any credit whatsoever for fixing things…

    ..History itself will end up vindicating the President. Facts don’t lie, man. You and I know that.

  7. Dustin
    Do you have any data saying things are better? You know figures etc. if you got them I would love to explain them to you. Hey Dustin what do you think about obamacare? You think it’s doing good? How do you deal with the whole Wall Street thing when he critiqued them so much and it turns out he is helping them? Unemployment and labor participation rate you got any thoughts on those? Hey and what happened with his whole foreign policy? What do you think is going on?

  8. Rudio was talking about how bad it is for him and his party, while making it sound like he actually cares about anyone and not himself.

  9. The gop is a complete farce being overrun with rw extremists that have only the interests of their donors in mind.

  10. Jon, I understood exactly what Majiir was implying. This is why he put quotes around “devout”. He is not bigoted against Christians. He just doesn’t have any respect for people calling themselves Christians while spreading hatred for the downtrodden and needy instead of the love that Christ taught. Sound familiar?

  11. The real question should be is how much better the economy would be if the Republicans hadn’t obstructed the president at every turn?

  12. Open your eyes Jon. The data is all around you. Unemployment is down. The stock markets are up and more people are able to enjoy healthcare. Yes, healthcare has gone up, but not as much as it would have without the ACA. Open your eyes. Get out of the Fox “News” bubble of lies and hate.

  13. No, Marco and Rudy, TPs/GOPs are bad for the nation!

    Ride bene chi ride l’ultima! (Italian for he who laughs last laughs best!)

  14. WOW – Just wow, have you all read the article from Wayne Barrett in NY Daily News, re the Guilliani thing. Who would have known the family are all draft dodgers and crooks, even has an arrest paper of Guilliani’s dad when he was in sing sing. gotta read it all.

  15. All you got to do is look at the numbers, Jon. Under 6% unemployment rate, hundreds of thousands of people signing up for health care (in case anyone was curious, I have Medicare and Medicaid, which makes me ineligible for the ACA). Gas is under $2 a gallon in some places.

    All of these numbers don’t lie, man. Get out from under that rock and see what good has come from having a Democratic president and Liberal plan.

  16. Jon what you have offered here is nothing more than failed talking points that the Reich Wing has been spewing for decades. YES!! a resounding YES!!! The ACA IS WORKING!! there is proof!! Our economy IS better!! there is PROOF!!. Wake up Jon!!

  17. Paul Krugman on Why Republicans Worship ‘Quacks and Charlatans’

    Getting things epically wrong and denying reality gains you points in today’s GOP.

    Today’s GOP is a kind of bizarro world where ambitious politicians are forced to pledge allegiance to experts who have gotten just about everything wrong. So writes Paul Krugman in his column Friday, who laments the fact that “charlatans and cranks” have gained increasing favor in the party, despite, or maybe even because of, the fact that they get things wrong, and then, by golly, stick to their guns.

  18. Rubio is a vacuous annoying little boy who stands for nothing. He will never get into the big boy pants. What is wrong with Florida?

  19. Since that data is al readily available and has been recapped by the author of this article, are you being deliberately disingenuous or are you just stupid? It’s kind of hard to tell.

  20. WRONG. I’ve been a Christian for over 50 years. My point is that some “c”hristians say they follow the teachings of Jesus but their actions say otherwise. You appear to be one of the “go long to get along” “c”hristians, and one of the “don’t criticize the actions of other fake “c”hristians who are running around distorting Jesus’ teachings.” If my Bible’s depiction of Jesus and what he stood for is accurate, and I think it is, Jesus would have no use for these “followers.” The NT speaks of some Christians allowing themselves to be led astray by following false prophets and other fake “c”hristians, and I’m seeing it play out in real time everyday. We now have “c”hristians claiming that it’s wrong to provide healthcare to the uninsured, to extend unemployment benefits for our of work Americans, that Jesus would carry an AK-47, that the poor should not be assisted, etc., and all kinds of other nonsense Jesus did not believe.

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