From White House To Orange Jump Suit: Documents Connect Chris Christie To Corruption Scandal


Chris Christie in an orange jump suit in front of jail cell
Gov. Chris Christie is still entertaining fantasies of running for president, but new documents connect Christie office to a corruption scandal in New Jersey.

Christie’s office has repeatedly denied that they improperly intervened to quash indictments in a Hunterdon County corruption investigation, but new documents that will be filed in court tell a different story.

According to the International Business Times:

In the 16 months since the New York Times cast a spotlight on the Hunterdon County case and Barlyn’s whistleblower lawsuit, the Christie administration has consistently dismissed talk of inappropriate intervention as the stuff of wild conspiracy theory. “Governor Christie had never recalled meeting or talking with a single one of these oddball characters,” his spokesman wrote in an October 2013 letter to the Times, adding that the governor “had no knowledge whatsoever of the case in question, its prosecution or ultimate dismissal by the judge.”

But the email sent that September day by Dermot O’Grady — a Christie administration deputy attorney general tasked with taking over from the Hunterdon prosecutor’s office — presents an alternate picture. Among a document trove Barlyn is planning to file on Thursday in Superior Court in Trenton, the O’Grady email suggests that a senior political aide to Christie, Michele Brown, was indeed interested in the Hunterdon County case. She was especially interested in one of the local prosecutors in the office that had persuaded the grand jury to issue indictments.

But the documents expected to be filed Thursday include statements attributed to then-Deputy Attorney General O’Grady that suggest he’d been dispatched by the Christie administration to take over the Hunterdon case with a clear directive: Quash the indictments and eliminate the prosecutors who had engineered them.


It was reported two weeks ago that Christie was at the center of a new federal investigation into the quashing of the indictments. Unlike Bridgegate where his administration left him some deniability, the governor himself is reported to be the focus of the new federal investigation. There is an email trail where Christie is identified that makes it clear that the governor was involved in the corruption scandal.

Christie has seen his popularity plunge to the point where he would get destroyed in his home state if he ran against Hillary Clinton, but this is bigger than politics. Christie is under federal criminal investigation.

Unlike Bridgegate, this time there appears to be a paper trail.

Instead of dreaming of the White House, Chris Christie better begin to think about avoiding the big house.

24 Replies to “From White House To Orange Jump Suit: Documents Connect Chris Christie To Corruption Scandal”

  1. Republicans love corruptiin. Just look at Florida. Reagan is viewed as a demigod, ignoring the FACT he had one of the most morally and financially corrupt administrations in American history.

  2. All this is probably true. However, I really object to doctored photos–on either side of the political aisle.
    Cartoons are OK, but playing around with real people’s faces is sleazy.

  3. Christie is just smart enough to keep his name off the e-mails, even in the bridge and money scandal of the storm. This time, while his name isn’t directly there, his actions are. You know faced with a bunch of years, O’Grady will roll over on the spongy guy.

  4. Christie is NOT guilty of quashing the Hunterdon County investigation into the sheriff’s corruption case, just ask him. LOL.

  5. The irony of this case is that it has been GOP/TPers who have repeatedly insisted that the president is the “thug” who practices “Chicago politics,” but it is the GOP/TPers like Scott in FL, Walker in WI, Brownback in KS, Christie, and others in their party who are setting off alarms bells and flashing signs that read,”I am a corrupt politician.”

  6. Michelle Brown? Wow, wasn’t she involved in the Hurricane Sandy advertising ploy (christie and his family before re-election) bid by her company and funded by Christie via Sandy funds?

    And then she automatically got the next Sandy funds for state commercial advertising?

  7. Opps…

    What went around in the maze political cover and concealment of Political corruption scandal all within the cronies of the power hungry leadership of Chris Christie is starting to SMELL LIKE “FRIED” CHRISP CHRISPIE that even vultures would not even want to be near him for fear of burning with him in hell of association with his crimes!?!

    Yup, what goes around comes around you know Chrisp Chrispie?!?

  8. When it comes to rethugs, they always seem to avoid going to jail. Does anyone really believe Christie will be wearing an orange jump suit? If he does pay for his actions, it will be in some cushy jail reserved for money people. You know, the kind different from us.

  9. Oh, I don’t know. How much more shameful can it be than while discussing a suspect charged with rape Faux shows a picture of POTUS with the caption of “no charges”? That’s ok, though. Right? Showing a picture of the President as if he were the rapist?

  10. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy, but the truth is like most big money he’ll never go to jail. Just has to buy his way out. Same for Rick Perry, Michelle Bachman, etc.

  11. No, he will just tell to “sit down and shut up.” Sadly my oh-so Christian relatives just love this coward (all bullies are cowards) because they think he’s a moderate.

  12. It is what it is and what’s in the dark,comes to the light. Christy Crisp is the orchestrator his famous Bridgegate..soooo face it.[SMILE]

  13. Maybe they can squeeze him into a suite with Bob McDonald. A presidential hopeful reunion of sorts
    Maybe they’ll need a whole cell block if Scot and Rick come to visit.

  14. Christie in a federal pen. From your lips to God’s ear.

    Although this article would have been much better without the very poor photoshop. :)

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