Report: MSNBC To Ditch Liberal Hosts And Move Away From “Left-Wing” TV

MSNBC ditch liberal hosts

The cancellations of Ronan Farrow and Joy Reid were just the beginning of the changes at MSNBC. It is being reported that the network is going to get rid of their liberal hosts and move away from “left-wing TV.”

Lloyd Grove at The Daily Beast reported:

In the longer term, these sources said, the Rev. Al Sharpton—a larger-than-life personality who attracts a 35 percent African-American audience but continues, after 3½ years of nightly practice, to wrestle with his Teleprompter—could eventually be moved from his weeknight 6 p.m. slot to a weekend time period, as MNSBC President Phil Griffin attempts to reverse significant viewership slides by accentuating straight news over left-leaning opinion.

“Everybody in the food chain from top to bottom understands that the Olbermann era is over,” said an MSNBC source, referring to the glory days during George W. Bush’s administration when incendiary liberal Keith Olbermann regularly attracted a million viewers—many of them seeking refuge from White House and Republican talking points.

The MSNBC source said, “Going left was a brilliant strategy while it lasted and made hundreds of millions of dollars for Comcast, but now it doesn’t work anymore…The goal is to move away from left-wing TV.”

This move away from liberal hosts would likely mean that Ed Schultz, Al Sharpton, Chris Hayes, and Lawrence O’Donnell will all be gone. Rachel Maddow will move up to 8 PM, and the rest of the night would be a to be determined question mark.

Last year it was reported that the network views Morning Joe, Hardball, and The Rachel Maddow show as their three keepers. Maddow is still beloved by the left, but both Hardball and Morning Joe elicit loud complaints from some sections of the network’s viewership.

The fear is that MSNBC will overreact to their recent rating slide by making a knee jerk move to the right. There is a huge liberal audience that will watch left-leaning programming. The mistake that Phil Griffin made was offering viewers boring liberal programming. Griffin’s cookie cutter strategy of trying make more shows look and sound like Maddow created a redundancy of tone that caused viewers to flee.

The problem with MSNBC wasn’t that they were liberal, but that they treated their audience so badly for so long that viewers didn’t trust the network to keep their favorite hosts, outside of Maddow, on.

It all started to go wrong for MSNBC when Keith Olbermann departed. The MSNBC viewers used to know could be leaving soon. If my suspicions are correct, get ready for the era of Scarborough at the former Lean Forward network.

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  1. This shows which way they think, not the viewership, nor the electorate, but the winds of power, are blowing, and it’s not a good sign.

  2. MSNBC’s problem is not “left-wing” TV….

    As I’ve correctly pointed out many times over the past few weeks, 90% of the media is owned by six large corporations…MSNBC is one of them, owned by Comcast. Guess who runs those six large corporations? If you guessed “the Fascist Con GOP”, you get a gold star.

    Comcast now wants to turn MSNBC into one of the many Fascist GOP “corporate media waterboys”.
    “Straight news?” That’s a laugh… straight news would tell the truth about politics, not claim false equivalency or, even worse, simply ignore the Fascist, corrupt, insane, etc. GOP.

  3. Comcast is very happy with the fact that MSNBC made them hundreds of millions of dollars. The problem isn’t political ideology. It’s money. MSNBC lost money last year. They are losing money this year. Comcast would turn MSNBC into a Socialist telethon if they thought they could make a buck.

  4. The handwriting was on the wall when Comcast took over a few years ago. It’s sad and disappointing. MSNBC goes the way of Air America. Corporations will now effectively own the media as the work toward owning the government.

  5. Phil whatever his name is needs to GO.they have fired everyone I have liked on that channel..i am one that jumped to CNN
    just because its a little better than MSNBC

  6. Guess I’ll be watching Rachael for an hour as long as that lasts and then it’s “Bye Bye MSNBC” Don’t let the screen door hit you in the ass!

  7. I will not be watching MSNBc. I loved Joy Reid. Big Mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. NBC’s news department has reflected a “corporate” agenda ever since they became NBC-Universal over a decade ago. If this news is true, it just means they aren’t disguising their true nature anymore.

  9. It is really sad to see people in positions of power use it so woefully wrong. In one breath it is noted that Rachel Maddow is the strongest show on the network and the next the programming is changing away from the progressive/liberal audience! Ridiculous! The heyday of MSNBC was Olbermann followed by Maddow, two outspoken and unrepentant liberals. It isn’t that the audience can’t be regained, it is the direction MSNBC is steering. Chris Matthews is not a firebrand liberal. Joe Scarborough is nothing more than a republican mouthpiece. Todd moved to Meet the Press but his legacy lives on turning the stomachs of liberals who want a voice in the sea of Republican bought and paid for channels. Instead, the audience will dwindle away as MSNBC “leans” right in an ill guided effort to appease Koch and the moneybags. Sad! If MSNBC wants an audience, bring back Olbermann, Bashir and unapologetic liberals who are sick of the likes of Scarborough and Todd. Personalities for god’s….

  10. My hope is that ALL news broadcasting moves toward HARD, FACT CHECKED current events, not focusing on a racial group, an ideological group, a fiscally controlling group, or any other group. This decidedly means that certain personalities just gotta go…those who just can’t stay off of THEIR particular take on what’s truth or not. The next step; stop with all the stupid commercials. We get it. If ANYTHING is going to put people off of viewing, it’s all those STUPID commercials. Enough.

  11. If you think that becoming another Fox or CNN will improve your ratings, you are dead wrong. Taking a turn to the right, while the centerline of poilitics is already shifted off center to the right, will signal your demise. The so-called conservatives won’t watch your channel and you’ll drive the progressives away for sure.
    I want the real news. If I need interpretation, I know I can trust Rachael or Chris, or Ed to give me the FACTS.
    Right wing news is never going to connect the dots unless they can revive Benghazi or some other contrived “gate”.
    Keep them ALL. Become the progressive oasis in the sea of biased news shows.

  12. MSNBC died when they fired the host of their highest rated show because he wouldn’t fall for the lies of the Iraq war. Phil Donohue.

    Everything they have done to say they were progressive was just window dressing

  13. I stopped watching after they put blabber-mouth – self-promoting Rev. Al in nearly every segment. His racist banter turned me off. I will give MSNBC a second look, but for Sharpton, tell him to go pound sand.

  14. I’ve been expecting this for a long time. The corporate takeover of the media is one of the first ploys of facist regimes. We will lose the internet next. This is the last time I will try to post here. For some reason my posts never appear.

  15. You know I think your problem is that you don’t hit the submit button in your haste to be heard. Just a thought

  16. Me too.
    What’s the point of the rest of it.
    Might as well watch the network news at 6pm and make it an early night.
    And i left Morning Schmoe long ago. So sick of dumb or dumb acting FratBoy Right wingers.

  17. Good honest open media who don’t spin it is coming to a end. I think it’s time for Al Sharpton to go an a Fresh face come in an I wouldn’t mind seeing Mathews leave to. but Maddow an McDonnell is what keeps me viewing MSNBC! I like Ed when he’s OUT on Locations! They should send him from state to state to do his News! Always talk to the Regular Folks on the ground where things are happening an it will bring viewers back. I like when Maddows is out on Location doing a show with just Regular folks on Location too. I wouldn’t mind if these few Folks developed some thing like the View on the Road!

  18. Has anyone watched Al Jazeera America ( AJAM )? It’s available on time warner. Old current TV……I may start tuning in to see what it’s like.

  19. If MSNBC starts to resemble fox news, then that will be a station that my remote control will never fine. Your moves makes sense to no one but yourself. I love Rachelle, but I will block your station once and for all. I really think your are fuking up.

  20. I will probably do the same. I miss olberman & Bashir those were the days especially Keith. Sad that it looks like corruption has taken over. Now where will I go???

  21. If they are so left wing why they never reported this

    Sounds like Jeb is a fixer and a bag man, just like his father. Oops!

    WASHINGTON — Jeb Bush personally lobbied the secretary of health and human services, while his father was vice president, on behalf of a Miami figure who would later flee the country accused of one of the greatest Medicare frauds in the program’s history.

  22. Comcast in the pocket of the gop not surprised??This would be bad move the right already owns faux news and cnn is no better they have moved to the left too! Ed,Rachel,Chris Hayes,Al&Alex Wagner are the ones who tell the truth in news if they leave im done with show especially Ed &Rachel.

  23. Newspapers? Try Der Spiegel, The Guardian, Bloomberg is OK, The L.A Times even the Wall STREET Journal as long as you stay of the editorial page

  24. Comcast bought NBC Universal and slowly they have watered down the Liberal views on Sundays “Meet the Press” and now this .. soon MSNBC will be FOX.
    Comcast, just another ALEC/Koch contributor… determined to allow Voter suppression and a rigged Wall Street..
    Can’t allow an informed voter to get in the way of a billion dollar conspiracy

  25. I’ve been an avid viewer for years, not going to be wasting my time with them or any of the other mainstream “news” stations any longer. Horrible choice MSNBC, horrible!

  26. We need to get this back, that Reagun killed.
    The Fairness Doctrine was a policy of the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC), introduced in 1949, that required the holders of broadcast licenses to both present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was, in the Commission’s view, honest, equitable and balanced.
    Reagan’s Veto Kills Fairness Doctrine Bill

    I will continue to watch Chris Matthews, Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow but miss Keith Olbermann. Also like those on The Cycle and Alex Wagner.

  27. When Keith Obermann was fired, I was shocked. Now that MSNBC wants to go conservative, I will continue to turn on Rachel Maddow–until they fire her–and Chris Matthew (not a left winger or even close)–until they fire him. If MSNBC wants to go the way of FOX, there’s nothing we can do but refuse to turn them on.
    They should get rid of their prison shows and bring back some credible news. Maybe their ratings will increase.
    Farewell MSNBC!

  28. Great news.msnbc was my favorite.i live abroad,from Canada and I only had msnbc for my news.I stop cold turkey when I watch Joy Reid.during the summer on with an Arab so called Palestine.condeming Israel for defending itself from terrorist bombardment of rockets.months before the terrorist had been shooting rockets but MSNBC said nothing only when Israel had enough and fired back she went down against is Chris Mathews,
    I ran to Fox News only for factual news about the ME.
    I still come but nothing interest me they all are like robots repeating the same lie Obama is selling about the religion of peace and the terrorist are not Islamist .they are all supporting Isis all the lifestyle.
    I was a leftist but I am in the middle right thanks to joy Reid.

  29. Phil Griffin had a couple of smart, hard fact-based, issue oriented shows with Olbermann, “Up with Chris Hayes” and then Maddow. So he dumbs-down Hayes’ show and Olbermann leaves.

    The more he dumbs the network down and gets away from fact-based, issue-based reporting such as what Maddow is doing, the more audience he loses, yet he blames the smart audience he’s alienated for leaving his dumbed-down network.

    I think that’s called blaming the victims.

    With all of the issues facing our country, we will now hear about even fewer of them.

    I’m just going to be turning my TV off more. Free Speech TV is a great morning lineup. CNN is FOX lite. Reading is a wonderful alternative.

  30. it was bad enough when Kieth and then Jenk were taken off the air and then Ed was sent to weekends. I don’t do their weekend news, but if they become another FOX, MSNBC can forget me bothering with them anymore. I cannot stand Morning Joe and that brain dead female co-host and as for Chris never STFU Matthews who hardly lets his guests talk. I can see the viewers becoming even lower if MSNBC continues to destroy what used to be a great nightly line-up years ago. Now I watch Ed, Al and once in a while a few others.

  31. Keith Olbermann was fired by MSNBC, he didn’t leave MSNBC. Martin Bashir was fired by MSNBC because his comment regarding Sarah Palin nailed the situation perfectly. MSNBC also fired Karen Finney and I loved her show “Disrupt”. It’s like people that we like, they want to get rid of them. We need progressives like Former Governor Jennifer Grandholm, Cenk Uyger, and get back Keith Olbermann and Martin Bashir, FIRE Joe Scarborough and Mika. And by the way, it was Joe Scarborough that got both Keith and Martin fired.

  32. Maybe because anyone with a brain gets most of their news from the web. All that will be left in ten years are those who hate to read and the RW segment of my fellow boomers in their final years.

  33. Which means they’re gearing to stop any counter-voices and critics of the Republican candidate(s).

    That’s what this is all about.

    They damn well know that the airwaves, print-media, cable channels, and broadcast channels are chock-full with pro-Republican, pro-GOP lackeys carrying the GOP water day in, day out.

    The Pew Research Center did a study in the 2012 presidential election campaigns and found that President Obama received the LEAST favorable coverage (after Newt Gingrich) whereas Rick Perry (Corporate America’s beloved) got the MOST favorable.

    I mean, a sitting president working at fighting two wars, got THE LEAST favorable coverage??

    Expect U.S. Corporate Media to go all out when SoS Clinton announces her candidacy. They’re aching for another Republican White House and another Republican Congress.

    Let’s not…

  34. If they ever get rid of Ed Schultz ,Rev Al and Rachael well i finish with MSNBC.MORNING JOE NEEDS TO GO AND LEAVE NIKA

  35. I seriously doubt it, Jason.

    Didn’t you notice how they fired Liberal voices for the tiniest thing, but Joe-Schmoe gets to keep his huge salary and THREE HOURS five days a week with THE BEST guests?

    They’ve been systematically eliminating the very voices that kept MSNBC alive. This was pre-planned and it’s been successful.

  36. FBI snitch and corporatist fraud Al Sharpton is not ‘left-wing.’ He stole the 6PM time slot (from actual progressive Cenk Uygur) when Sharpton agreed to pimp the Comcast/NBC merger. Sharpton is a GOPuke in sheep’s clothing. The other MSNBC ‘pundits’ have *never* mentioned the deadly TPP, etc. – except for Ed Schultz. MSNBC fired actual journo Martin Bashir (for insulting bimbo Sarah Palin) and replaced Bashir with pea-brain Alex Wagner – what an insult to the MSNBC viewership!

  37. How in god’s name do we get this corporatist polluted menace off our backs? I LOVE MSNBC ALL of it. I love Rachel, I love O’Donnell, i love Ed, I love Al, and I especially love Joy Reid and am hugely sorry that Griffen’s ugly corporatist mind is at work cutting the best of the best. Yes, I loved Olbermann too but he did not ruin a network. Do NOT do this Mr. Griffen I don’t care about ratings I care about facts, I care about humanity and I care about giving the little guy a shot at life and I care about MSNBC anchors who go after Fox News tripe as the peddlers of sickening lies. You will lose loyal people like me by turning your network into just more corporatist lies so you can have it all. Well, you cannot have it all we won’t let you. “Democracy Now” with Amy Goodman has my allegiance maybe it just may get more of it!

  38. Wish another network would pick up all the castoffs Keith, Cenk, Martin, Karen, Alec, Joy, and others they have asked us to embrace and then dismissed in short order. It would be a top rated network.
    I could see the writing on the wall when they kept allowing Joe S. to display these obscene tantrums and replaced a blah David Gregory with an boorish and disrespectful Chuck Todd. Yet another network bought and paid for.

  39. I guess the 2 NO WAY votes (so far) want to stay in the dark with lies and mis-truths and no facts.

    we need the fairness doctrine back.
    Remember when everyone used to trust Walter Cronkite, Harry Reasoner and David Brinkley?

  40. I used to get the LA Times delivered daily until they got rid of their award winning thursday food section, but I do read it online.
    I’m a bit old-fashioned since I like to get the newsprint ink on my fingers.

  41. They want to get those dumb viewers from Fox to hell with them .I will watch network news ya I know brian Williams lied well so did Bill O’riley and Hannity lies when he opens his mouth… I will watch C span and get the votes first hand when the rethugs voted down the jobs bills.. and network news and msnbc and lying fox can kiss where the sun don’t shine

  42. I love MSNBC and they should keep all of their hosts, you get the truth from them, if anything Fake Fox so called news should be canceled, you never get the truth from fake fox so called news, all they do is lie and spread hate, please keep all the hosts on MSNBC.

  43. Remember the West Wing episode when CJ Craig removed all but 6 seats for the 6 news outlets?

    Disney, CNN, NBC, ABC, AP and another one

  44. Or maybe it is just because ratings suck and the current lineup does not appeal to most of America. They need to do something to win back viewers. I have watched and researched many news stories on all networks. MSNBC has the misfortune of embellishing many stories to give them a far left stance. Worse than any other network either right or left. Intelligent Americans that don’t just believe anything they hear have figured this out. The network was its own worst enemy.

  45. Explain that statement? What makes that unintelligent? Facts are facts. Give me your reasons the network is floundering.

  46. I don’t watch it. But when you fired the host of your highest rated show, Phil Donahue because he wouldn’t go along with the lies of the Iraq war you have a problem. When you promote an intern killer you have a problem. During one election cycle you had Tom Brokaw come one and say stop telling the truth about republicans you have a problem. When you fire Martin Bashear because he hurt that grifter from Wasilla feelings you have a problem.

    Now you may be right that most Americans don’t watch it because at least they tried to tell some truth but then again most Americans are idiots who cant handle the truth. So it is what it is and if you get your news from any cable network then I rest my case. Welcome to the land of dumbfukery

  47. Not saying the network has not made poor decisions on hiring and firing. I agree that was probably an issue. I just know that I have many friends that are loyal to the Democratic party who feel that this network has become an embarrassment to the left. While there is a faction of far left liberals, there is not enough to support the viewpoints put out by the hosts of the show. I think it is important to have debate both ways, and I feel that it good for the country. The most complaints I hear from people on why they have migrated to other networks is because the hosts seem like they are always on attack mode and do not talk about issues. They feel they are always looking for something negative to blast the right. I just feel the network has lost its appeal to the moderate democrats, which actually make up a much larger percent of the left.

  48. I’m sorry MSNBC, but a lot of the hosts that you have on right now are not bad because they’re liberal. They’re bad because they’re bad. With Fox News as the megaphone for sonservatives, and CNN is the show for plane crashes, celebrity and weather stories, there is NOTHING then for the millions of center left to liberal Americans. Get rid of Morning Joe, and bring us some anchors with some personality. They are out there.

  49. How utterly sad! Comcast has shown its colors. I will not watch msnbc ever. Will be watching Free Speech TV.

  50. There have been many studies by reliable organizations that attempt to determine which media outlet lies more frequently than others. Fox News has, time and again, been named the biggest liar. About MSNBC “embellishing” the facts: Their percentage of fact “embellishment” is lower than that of Fox, and may, if I recall correctly, be lower than that of CNN. I simply don’t believe that you have completed any comprehensive study of lying on one station vs. the others.

  51. We’ll be joining you and others that leave MSNBC if they get rid of our favorites. It is the only station we watch (other than our one hour local news), and we keep the news on all day. We miss Keith Olbermann a lot. We don’t watch ESPN for news. DUMB

  52. Once in a blue, legitimate posts get caught in the spam filter. Also, I’ve had weather and occasional interference from aircraft glitch posts.

  53. This needs NOT to happen!! I can go to getting all my news from online sources, but I’d prefer to keep the ONE liberal leading network around. If they do this, I’m out.

  54. Far left liberals? WTF!!! I don’t know any of your friends but the progressives I know just want the news without bias. I guess that’s why I don’t watch any of them because that meme doesn’t fly. All the media that you watch are own by corporate interest and the last time I looked none of them carry the little red book in their suit pockets

  55. Rightwing Comcast is about to lose a lot more money. The idiot powers-that-be never understood they lost President Obama supporters because they bashed him 24/7. I hope they continue down the toilet.

  56. You are absolutely correct. Why this is a surprise to anyone is beyond me. Do a little research about the CEO of Comcast. The corporation is rightwing and wants rightwing propaganda on its stations.

    There is NO Fourth Estate. The media is bought and paid for by RWNJs.

  57. Fox has consistently been accused of lying but they don’t care because the right wing watches and the right wing politicians repeat the lies. The lies about President Obama originate on Fox news and the right wing gobble them up as facts and spew them out to people who don’t really care about the truth. It’s a shame because it dumbs down out society. The owner, Murdock, lives in Australia and is filthy rich, so he doesn’t care.

  58. I actually agree. I do not want bias in the news. However, we are spoon fed bias at every turn. Just like the story today of the alleged NAACP bombing. All of the news outlets made everyone think the target was the NAACP. Chris Hays even tweeted a picture after the attack of what I was led to believe the bomb site. Come to find out, this picture was from an event in France. The hope of unbiased news is forever done. We are in a world of instantaneous reporting with social media. The ones who report will always put their spin on things. I want to be educated and informed on world and national events, however it is hard to know what is truth anymore. Think I should just stick to watching sports!

  59. Bullshit. A bomb was set off at the office. With the racism of this country and the rise of right wing militias, at first that’s where the investigation would focus. I don’t recall when they blame Muslims for the OKC bombing you raised any objections

  60. Little by little, the 1% extremists are controlling what we watch, and what version of “news” we get. They have to dumb down more people, apparently FOX has not succeeded to their liking by making more people with minds of idiots.

    I don’t watch TV news. Stopped MSNBC once they fired Martin Bashir.

  61. I’m just making the point that the media makes many mistakes both left and right. I believed it was a target when it was first reported. Should believe nothing I hear and only half of what I see…

    I wasn’t saying I had a problem with the initial reports, but it shows how profiling can be damaging. Just like the reports of Muslims being responsible for OKC. I really do not think we disagree much. I guess my initial comments and feelings about why the network is making changes is not the feeling of everyone. I just feel like they are loosing viewers by looking at the Nielsen reports. The hosts are just not keeping the viewers tuned to the network. Hoping they can turn in around, but not wanting them to move right.

  62. Many years ago I learned about the corporate owner(s) of Comcast being “Objectionists” – the “philosophy” of Ayn Rand. If anyone doesn’t know of her, she is the author of the horrible screed “Atlas Shrugged”. She was an awful human being, big promoter of greed, selfishness, unbridled Capitalism, de-regulation, hostile toward the poor, disadvantaged and worse. View her on you tube where she has an interview with Mike Wallace, Phil Donohue, and other posts. If you understand her and her lemmings, you will understand what is happening in the
    U.S. Rand Paul’s father is a huge follower of Rand. Hence, his naming his son Rand Paul? It is sick and has a huge foothold in GOP politics. Please check her and her “philosophy” if you’d like to know a big part of what is taking this country down.

  63. Alberta — do you mean Lawrence O’Donnell–I love TLW. I would think that Lawrence will be kept on as a MSNBC Contributor as he has been part of MSNSBC since it began.. During the 2012 election Lawrence & Rachel ratings were beating fOX. I remember Senator Al Franken on the senate floor stating that Comcast should not be allowed to buy MSNBC.

  64. I’m sure the decision has been made and the iron is already in the fire. With that said, I say goodbye to MSNBC.
    Your hand would not have been so obvious had you included Joe Scarborough but the fact that you didn’t speak volumes to where you are headed. Have a nice trip in GOP wonderland.

  65. I am a satellite TV subscriber. To get MSNBC, I needed to subscribe to a more expensive package. However, I am watching less and less of MSNBC, as I’m not a fan of most of the hosts; I used to watch Morning Joe occasionally if I was awake during the night (I’m on the left coast). I was a faithful Rachel Maddow viewer, but the others I particularly liked, Ed Schultz, Keith Olbermann, and Cenk Uyger, aren’t on during the prime time hours. I find Rev. Al Sharpton difficult to watch, and the same with Chris Matthews, who overtalks with his guests, which I find very irritating. I also like Chris Hayes, but I don’t like watching him for a full hour. If all the liberals are canned, I’ll just change my channel subscriptions to eliminate MSNBC, which I really don’t need to watch with all the liberal personalities gone.

  66. It’s clear that you don’t understand what the ratings signify or how they are calculated.

    Taco Bell has higher gross sales than any James Beard Award winning restaurant but that doesn’t mean you’re eating the better meal at Taco Bell.

    If you can’t figure it out on your own, locate the closest liberal and ask them to explain it to you.

    P.S. Sponge Bob Square Pants gets higher ratings than any of the Fox News Channel’s shows. Hmmm.

  67. I only watch Ed Schultz now, I can’t stomach NBC nightly news for some time either. The Faschist Corporate Media has allowed itself to be taken over by Big Money, will now longer support our former Democracy.

  68. Joy is going to be “national correspondent” whatever that means, so hopefully we will still see her quite a bit. I actually miss her being on the panel on shows like Chris Matthews. I can’t watch her show usually and it seems to be a little bit of a lighter sort of thing, where in person she is a formidable presence to counteract the nonsense from the right (which sometimes Chris tends to pander to).

  69. The saying is “Don’t let the door hit you, where the good lord split you.” And I agree with you. I was an MSNBC acolyte for years, but it has not been the same since Olbermann was canned.

  70. Correct Donna, and Paul Ryan is one of her strongest followers..go figure.

    These people are evil, that’s all I can use to describe them.

  71. Imagine, All shows like Morning Joeker, and Lockup (reruns) & Caught on Camera (reruns)!
    What a TV channel!
    MSNBC Killed the TV!

  72. Alberta, I agree with you about Ed’s show I really like Ed and I think it would be good if Rachel was out among the people. I do like Al’s show I would hate to see him go this is where we disagree. I have been an avid watcher of
    MSNBC I am bothered by their ratings I think it happened because every show reports the same thing over and over again and people get tired of hearing the same thing over and over again. Each show has to be unique. I like Joy to and Ronan Farrow has come along well and now is more comfortable in his skin. I also like Krystle Ball and miss her on the Cycle. Why did she go and they keep the Republican Abby Huntsman she is taking over with her rehtoric.

  73. CHECK OUT # 8 ~12 warning signs of fascism
    12 warning signs of fascism

    8. Media Controlled
    Mass media – Sometimes the media are controlled directly by clumsy government functionaries. At other times, sympathetic corporate media insiders shape the themes indirectly, and therefore more skillfully. Image regularly trumps content as the “news” is presented breathlessly and with flashy stage effects.
    A practiced formula of tenacious repetition brings even the most absurd lie into acceptance over time. By design, the very language itself and the coloration employed will push alternate views “out of the mainstream”.
    The terms of any remaining debate are narrowly defined to the state’s advantage, making it easy to marginalize a truly differing perspective. Censorship and “self-censorship”, especially in wartime, is common.
    9. Rampant Sexism
    Rampant sexism – Governments of fascist states tend to be almost exclusively male-dominated. Traditional gender roles are made even more rigi…

  74. Ich, I believe you are right on, do you think there is anything we, the public fans of msnbc can do anything. In order to keep the left wing politics alive.
    We need this for the 2016 election or we will be stuck with a Republican President.

    If you have any good ideas, please speak out. We need to let all the posters, those who care about msnbc and their programing, to support a movement for keeping the programs going.

  75. I do not like Joe Scarborough! If they do this, MSNBC is making a HUGE MISTAKE! If this is a strategic, political maneuver to manipulate the radical, religious right into a more Centrist position – THEN, GO FOR IT!

  76. I’ve said this before on comment threads pertaining to articles about ratings and the news.

    Are on-air, LIVE, TV ratings that relevant anymore?

    More people these days are not exactly watching their favorite programs when they air. A lot of people are either watching their programs through DVR, On Demand, or the day after they air through an online streaming services like Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.

    Why can’t we make THOSE types of viewings more relevant? Is it not documented when someone watches a program On Demand, DVRs it, or watches it through a streaming service?

  77. All the more reason to cut the cord to advertising and GOP laden television – both Broadcast and cable, and find alternatives streaming from the digital world, most good one are free of annoying commercials and lowest common denominator news editors.

  78. If msnbc thinks their ratings are low now wait till they start with their changes.
    Beedy eyed Joe is an asshole dictator.
    I for one will remove msnbc from favorites.
    Bring back Olbermann, and you’ll bring your ratings back up. Msnbc is losing it’s balls.

  79. I hope that msnbc will continue their current programing I get up every morning in CA to Jose Diaz Balbart and from there on Tamron Hall, Joy Reid, Ronan Farrow, The Cycle, I watch all the shows I like the cute little girl on at one o’clock Alex Wagner and Ed Shultz I like him a lot then Al Sharpton and then Chris Matthews sometimes he gets to right wing for me then on comes Chris Heyes then Rachel and then Lawrence McDonnel People are watching the shows I see this on face book. I wish that something could be done to help keep them on. and Fox goes on it is really a bum deal we get a bum deal us people in the middle-class. Why should these rich guys always want all the media to fit their right wing agenda. It is not fair.

  80. If Chris and Ed and Lawrence are gone, so am I. Chris and Lawrence are just fun to watch, and Ed has a lot of passion for his beliefs, agree with him or not. Careful, MSNBC…Rachel and Andrea and Joe and Mika
    are excellent, but they can’t carry a network.

  81. I love The Ed Show, Rachael, and the Rev. Can’t stand Morning joe. Ed and Rachael have so much personality. They really get into what they believe in and talk about. Why would you take Ed off? He is so good! Don’t ruin the station. I look forward to the shows.

  82. So,are the right wing shows and stations remaining intact?
    I remember when Maddow used to be much better. Now she spends more time talking about things like the weather and making cocktails.
    What we need and want is more hard-hitting liberal political commentary.

  83. If this is actually true, I have no more reason to watch MSNBC ever again…and there will be NO even mildly liberal TV channel,period. CNN has become FOX lite, and FOX it total anti American extremist bullshit. I will keep recording Maddow until they kick her out, too, and make MSNBC all Scarborough all the time…And Joes show is among the worst garbage on all of television.

    Bye Bye MSNBC.

  84. I don’t suppose it would do any good for us to flood MSNBC with emails, snail mail, phone calls and so forth? You have to wonder just where they expect to dredge up new viewers once we leave.

    I was damned near apoplectic the Friday night before the Super Bowl when they ran TWO FREAKIN’ HOURS of morning bloviator instead of Rachel. I should’ve known that was the shape of things to come.

    For shame, Comcast!

  85. For God’s sake, can we liberals not have AT LEAST one channel with liberal ideas? WTF! CNN is Fox Lite,Fox is Faux Noise, even NPR is right-leaning, and every damn radio talk show is Rush Limbaugh or worse. I paid a higher tier on my satellite TV to get MSNBC and they have Fox on even the lowest tier for the cheapest price. There are more Democrats registered to vote in this damn country than Republicans, but gerrymandering gives the Republicans the advantage and Republicans suppress the right to vote at every turn. Am I going to have to move to damn Europe to escape the constant right-wing wacko media in this country?

  86. It’s all about the election folks. The corporate main street media is getting rid of all liberal bias. Tell me this election isn’t already rigged.

  87. You call can’t be surprised by this. Almost all media outlets; audio, visual, and print are owned by republicans. Right now they are preparing to direct the presidential election narrative that will dictate the wanted outcome of a republican president.

    MSNBC had to go, because the “truth” in polling coming from the hosts of the shows was making the liars on Fox look and feel bad. They were seen for the liars they were and lies they told regarding Romney and his ability to win. MSNBC was shown to be telling the truth, while Rove and Rasmussen was selling mouse tale.

  88. The best days of America is coming to an end. With the rise of corporate control of everything, America is quickly becoming a fascist nation. They, the evil ones, still need the White House, which they will steal in 2016 by hook or by crook, by lies or propaganda and then the culling of the 47% will begin. Freedoms and rights will be denied, people will be required to receive a mark in their skin to be easily tracked and the greedy rich will have total power and control. All of this will be ushered in via the devil controlled republican party.

  89. If MSNBC simply reported the facts of the news and did so with some context and history of the issue, there wouldn’t have to be a issue of right wing or left wing in news presentation. The truth of any issue would be sufficient. And it would turn out tobe what is considered left wing news.

  90. So they’re about to get rid of everyone I watch, AND keep Chris Matthews and Joe Scarborough? When I get home from work I make a point of watching Ed Schultz and Al Sharpton. I can’t stand Chris Matthews so I don’t watch him, I grew tired of yelling at the television.

    Chris Hayes was outstanding during the Ferguson protests, so I’ll always thank him for that. Rachel Maddow’s good but the praise is almost on the edge of overrating her, and I like Lawrence O’Donnell. Oh well, time to catch up with House of Cards….

  91. I find myself listening to Sirius XM’s political talk radio programs already in the evenings…I’ve noticed in recent months that African American women have been slowly eliminated. Goldie Taylor no longer contributes commentary. Karen Finney’s gone. Now Joy Reid’s show has been cancelled.

  92. Keep Maddow and O’Donnell in evening. Move Alex Wagner to evening. let Joy Reid stay. Move Ed to Chris Matthews spot. Chris needs to go. He just seems too angry. Bring Bashir back. Andrea Mitchell should retire.
    Do more hard news during day. Kick morning joe to the curb. This show has become a real annoyance. Joe is pretty much a jerk.

  93. I hope MSNBC doesn’t become the HATE channel/station like FOX NEWS and OReily,Shawn Hannity,
    I cannot delete the channel with TWCable so I guess I have to go Directly to “DIRECT>

  94. Then I will be leaving MSNBC TOO. I have no desire to watch a right wing show… And I don’t see them as left wing, I see them as TRUTH TELLERS…the ONLY ONES left. So if they go, well, then screw cable news, I can finally cancel my cable..

  95. It’s time good left-wing news reporters left the Rupert Murdoch shield that protects the people from the truth. Is there no one in this country capable of financing a television and radio news network that isn’t owned by Rupert Murdoch? We need to return to true journalism instead of the glazed over, fictional glances we receive from Murdoch’s point of view.

    Just think of it. A return to truth-in-news network would possibly cause all of the others to collapse. Even with all the news we find on the internet, people still rely on television for their news and they’re missing out on a hell of a lot of truth.

    Any wealthy individuals out there willing to stand up to the rest of the wealthy by doing something good for the people instead of insulting us with a pile of crap every time we tune in?

  96. Sadly, the bean counters will probably call the shots. But for my money – Bring Olbermann back! Keep Rachel and Lawrence.

  97. Here’s the difference:

    Liberals get their news from many sources
    ABC, CBS, NBC, AL JAZEERA, PBS, NPR, BBC, RT, if you combine their ratings it would surpass FOX.

    Conservatives get their “news” from 1 source FOX

  98. Maggie well said. I only watch MSNBC but this BS of getting rid of most of the shows I watch is plain stupid. All we will be getting is the propaganda Bill O’Reilly spews out. He needs to go the same route as Brian Williams and take Hannity with him. Frankly I’m heart broken if the get rid of my favorite Ed Schultz and Chris Matthews. The Kochroach brothers money are buying everything. It sounds more and more like Pravda.

  99. The Colbert Report(gone), The Daily Show(going soon), and now this……mmmmm…am I beginning to see a pattern here?…..and all before the 2016 elections!!! Something smells fishy.

  100. Get rid of morning Joe. Does that guy ever draw a sober breath? It is like watching Dumb and Dumber.

  101. So now what? Where do you go now, Scarborough might as well be on FOX. Chris Mathews is his own best supporter good for 20-30 votes himself in the ARBs and Neilsons, interrupting his guests before they can utter a single word. Sounds like you will be the amputee network in a minute, with no direction at all and tragically just spinning. Better leave well enough alone.

  102. I stopped viewing MSNBC a long time ego, they will continue to blame the liberals,In my opinion that was the only good thing they had,I went to the internet for news.much better.

  103. After a long string of deleted expletives, all I have to say is this:
    It’s mighty strange that the media overlords are shoving out real news just in time for the runup to the 2016 election… if we only had the law back that made it illegal for news stations to lie! Thanks, Reagan! >:-(
    Someone please hunt down Comcast’s contact information and post it here, so we can flood them with complaints and demand they keep the real news on the air! I love watching Rachel, Ed, and even Chris Hayes, and I really like Joy’s hard-hitting, no-nonsense style, too! They can kick the morning noise – er, Joe – off the air, instead!
    This is a travesty, an injustice, and we need to shout loud and long to stop it!

  104. Exactly, ICH. Media was very aware that MSNBC was a MAJOR factor in the 2012 Presidential Campaign & resulted in the re-election of President Obama. Corporate America wants a Republican President elected in 2016 & they do not want liberal hosts exposing the truth.

  105. Here’s where to flood Comcast with snail mail complaints!:
    Comcast Corporation
    Comcast Center
    1701 JFK Boulevard
    Philadelphia, PA 19103
    And here’s some phone numbers I could locate:
    1-800-COMCAST (1-800-266-2278); 1-877-896-8678.
    They seem to make it very difficult to actually speak to a human being in any form other than a chat if – IF – you’re a customer that has XFinity. Otherwise, they don’t want to hear from you, apparently. *sigh* Figures.

  106. This is such a messed up move on MSNBC’s part. What are we ‘liberals’ going to watch? If all those people go, I and most of my family and friends are going, too! YOU’RE MAKING A BIG, BIG MISTAKE, MSNBC! BIG MISTAKE!!!

  107. So upset with you all at MSNBC; by going to the youth movement a little while back, you totally destroyed the integrity of the show; a mature believable knowledgeable grounded format to your listeners. We respect and revere Cronkite, Chung, Brokaw, Walters, Simon, and Bradley, they all brought about knowledge on an issue. Two of the strongest interviewers that challenged guest; Olberman and Bashir you let go, why? they challenged guest and brought about inter-action and understanding to issues for the audience. Hayes, Maddow and Harris are more concerned with telling the audience what they think than allowing their guest to speak. I happen to love listening to Matthews, Schultz, and O’donnell they are informative and investigative toward their guest, Matthews talks a bit but he is so informed and will not allow a fishy answer to get by him.For no other reason that I can see, other than youth you had a line-up of TV anchors that blew away all other networks. Who fights the GOP machine!

  108. So, have the Koch brothers bought Comcast execs, too? C’mon guys, we need MSNBC to remain as a moderate left viewpoint. We have lost Olbermann. We have lost Bashir. We have lost Ratigan. We have lost Colbert. We are losing Stewart. Apparently Reid and
    Farrow are now gone. And potentially more. Who will be the voice of the progressives? Maddow can’t do it alone. While I don’t agree with everyone on MSNBC all the time, most of what is presented is “fair and balanced”, unlike the cable news station that claims to be. We MUST keep the left/liberal/progressive voice on TV, especially in the next 2 years – otherwise we will have a Republican president and Republican congress for sure. I really can’t stomach the thought of that. If Comcast does do a mass firing, I hope they at least bring in some progressive voices, and DO NOT move to the right. If that happens, MSNBC will surely die.

  109. MSNBC needs to be MORE Left leaning, not less. It’s needed to balance out the lies and distortions that FOX spews daily. I agree with cancelling Farrow, but not Joy Reid or anyone else. Move Rachel Maddow up more in prime time and add John Fugelsang!

    MSNBC is also a premium channel” on cable tv so it has to try and compete with the fixed income crowd that can’t or won’t pay extra for it. In FACT, Honey Boo Boo had higher ratings against Bill O’Reilly.

  110. The problem with MSNBC is very clear. They drove life long die hard liberals like me away. Nightly during the Furgerson riots when MSNBC decided to coddle the thugs and looters is when I got off the bus. I am a proud liberal but I believe in law and order before anything else and for these hosts to compare these looters to the civil right protestors was so insulting and I think most of America was shocked at how these hosts who at the end of the day retire to nice gated houses with their six figure salaries have no concept how the honest business owners lives were destroyed by the thugs that these hosts praised on a nightly basis. I for one am glad the station is dead.

  111. You can never get rid Of Morning Joe.
    He would never stop talking long enough to hear that he has been fired.

  112. All MSM is Corp owned and operated propaganda..left or right. Turn it all off and make use of the vast amount of knowledge available via the Web.
    As for MSNBC, it’s not so much their left leanings that became their largest problem. It’s their singular focus on minority issues that I believe drove many viewers away. Too limited in scope.

  113. MSNBC is the only channel I can watch for the news. I do like Al Jazeer too. I’m so pissed off at the executives at MSNBC for selling out to the GOP masters.Rachel is brilliant, Lawrence is so smart as well. I’ve enjoy Chris Haynes, Melissa Perry and Ed Schultz.Chris Matthews is a bit of a blowhard. Morning Joe has to go, but since he delivers the Right Wing BS,I guess he is a keeper for the executives. I feel like I’m living in North Korea. Shame on MSNBC Exec’s for being

  114. Given the emboldened corporate personhood status, why would these Frankensteinians acquiesce to the wants of “real” people? They have got the Republican Regressionist zombies captive to do their bidding.

  115. Does MSNBC not care about us 2016 ahead we don’t need this! They need to get it together. Joe
    Scarborough has let the inappropriate words fly. Yet, he is still there.
    Too bad Palin was insulted. I wasn’t especially fond of what Martin had to say but, he’s been in the wilderness long enough. I say bring him back! He didn’t lie and claim to have been reporting from a war zone or been under rocket fire while filing his story. Gov. Granholm would
    be great, very smart, good personality. Maybe she could feature a segment with Karen Finney doing special reports.
    Truthfully, I too have reverted to CNN depending on what they are showing.
    Griffin has really messed up!!! Seems deliberate.

  116. I used to be an avid MSNBC watcher…but over the past few months I can no longer watch Morning Joe. I am sick and tired of his Obama bashing, self-important, pompous arrogance. He treats Mika like an idiot with disrespect and condescension. The rest of the pack John H. Willie G. even Mike B. and Eugene R. [my favourite] don’t dare stand up to Ignorant Joe. Now they’ve taken Joy Reid.The only one left is Rachel M. Even Chris Mathews who I used to really like has chimed in with his Obama bashing and I’m fed up with all of it. I’ve even caught myself sneaking back to CNN which isn’t a whole lot better. MSNBC had better start consulting what’s left of their viewership if they want to improve ratings.

  117. The guy who stands up in the movie theater and yells fire will always get the top ratings. Yelling fire is all conservative tv/radio does.

  118. I am mad as hell about what msnbc is doing.
    I watch certain shows religiously. There is already way too much right wing news out there. It’s the blind leading the blind on those stupid right wing shows. I can’t stand to watch even 5 minutes of their crap. My grandkids could host a show with more substance than Fox Noise. If msnbc goes righty, I’m done!

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