Rumors Are Growing That MSNBC Is Moving Rachel Maddow to 8 PM To Replace Chris Hayes

Multiple outlets have reported over the last few weeks that Chris Hayes is going to be canceled, but the story has taken a new turn with sources inside MSNBC saying that Rachel Maddow will be moving to 8 PM and a new host will be taking over her current 9 PM timeslot.

The Wrap reported on February 4 that Hayes was on the chopping block, “One well-placed insider told TheWrap that the ratings-challenged “All In” with Chris Hayes — airing in the cable news sweet spot of 8 p.m. ET — might get uprooted for a different timeslot. It’s not clear who will replace Hayes in the event that he gets yanked from 8 p.m., but since Keith Olbermann’s 2011 exit, MSNBC has filled the all-important timeslot with internal talent rather than seeking hosts from the outside.”

It was reported by The Daily Beast that Hayes will be canceled and Maddow will be moved to 8 PM to replace him, “In the relatively near term, two well-placed sources predicted to The Daily Beast, Chris Hayes will be relieved of his weak-performing 8 p.m. show All In, to be replaced by the current 9 p.m. host of The Rachel Maddow Show, while a talent search is underway to fill the prime-time slot to be vacated by Maddow.”

Maddow’s show has seen its viewership plunge largely because Hayes has not been able to keep the audience that Ed Schultz built at 8 PM. It never made sense to saddle Maddow with a lead in with such a small audience. Chris Hayes was very successful on weekend mornings with “Up,” but he looked comfortable in primetime, and his show hasn’t worked. Hayes would be better suited in a different timeslot, probably back on the weekends, and a new host can be found for 9 PM.

Rachel Maddow has always been the logical heir to the 8 PM Olbermann throne at MSNBC. Ed Schultz did well in Olbermann’s old timeslot, but Maddow is the only person at MSNBC who is capable of bringing in millions of viewers on a nightly basis at 8 PM.

With the news that MSNBC is looking to replace their liberal hosts and move away from “left-wing television,” it will curious to see what kind of network Maddow will anchor at 8 PM. The move of Chris Hayes out of weeknight prime time is long past due, and Maddow taking over 8 o’clock will be what is best for her and MSNBC.

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  1. Put Ed back at the 8 PM et slot. If Msnbc turns to the right Wing audience I will no longer watch it. ED,Rachel and Lawrence are the best host for our Liberal cause. IF MSNBC was smart they would try to bring her back Keith Olbermann as he could go up against the Fox Network. Msnbc Lost a lot of Viewer when they canned keith and they almost lost viewers when they messed with ED. JOE AND ANDREA REALLY need to go!!!

  2. unless Comcast is bring Olbermann back Rachel should just walk…

    the worst thing is that Faux and Billo will claim that they WON…

  3. If they highlight Scarborough as has been reported. He will kill progressive thought with his insane rants of conservative voodoo. Bye, bye MSNBC!

  4. Rumors are growing that All shows on MSNBC are going to be just like Morning Joeker and Reruns of Lockup & Caught on Camera.

  5. I hate it when they call MSNBC “Left-Wing” should be “Reality-based”. If they try to turn it into “Fox lite” .I’m gone.
    Bring back Keith Olbermann at 8 and see what happens.If only…

  6. Now if they can get rid of Joe Scarborugh things will be great. He is rude to his guest and he interupts people that don’t agree with him. I keep seeing him in spots that are usually filled with other host. I find myself turning to CNN. I was doing it at 6 am after watching Thomas but Joe has been in his spot all week, So now I go to CNN at 5:30. I hope Joe don’t show up in anymore spots. I will be forced to find another news channel. I love Rachel and I would love to see Keith return. I like hearing the news, not peoples personal opinons (joe). I get the feeling MSNBC is trying to make JOE the star. Please don’t force him on us and run us to another news network. If we want bias, racist, and nasty people giving their opinions not the news. We would watch FAUX


  8. You might hate it but it is true.
    Of course MSNBC is left wing. That is their agenda. No different then what Fox does, just on the opposite side. It is hardly reality based. It is certainly not reality based because MSNBC reflects your views. Watching news that tells you the world as you want to see it is limiting and hardly challenging. Maybe you should try a nonbiased news for a a change. One that will
    allow you to THINK rather then confirm what you
    already believed.

  9. Haye’s show is one of the most intelligent. If MSNBC does this then we need another network to fill the void.

    Conservatives will never watch MSNbC so why are they trying to say FU to their loyal viewers. They have a brand,keep at it.

  10. I have to wonder why you’re here.

    There is no such thing as unbiased news. If you look at CNN which is playing the middle, what they essentially do is present both sides as exactly the same and reinforce a narrative of politics as sporting event and do very little covering of policy.

    Effective news has always been left wing. The third estate protecting the little guy from the big guy. MSNBC is the only mainstream network where you will see advocacy journalism, and intelligent debate. The problem is that itss populist shows like Schultz and Sharpton are popular, but not much better than what you find at Fox. While Hayes, Perry’s and Maddow’s shows are excellent.

    Comparing MSNBC to Fox is also unfair because Fox doesn’t merely have a conservative editorial policy. Fox functions as an arm of the Republican party. Which is why so many conservatives dislike it and prefer Levin and Limbaugh’s shows to Fox. MSNBC’s ceo is a republican, and there is no unified eidtorial policy …

  11. Comparing MSNBC to Fox News is unfair. Fox is included in most basic tv subscription
    packages whereas MSNBC is always an extra cost add on.
    I agree that dumping Olbermann was a mistake. Maddow must remain.
    It is true that the fourth estate by its’ very nature is not conservative. Its’ role in society is to be a watchdog. Fox news is more like a guard dog protecting the conservative agenda from public view.

  12. MSNBC has lost viewership with its insane programming changes and cutesy shows with inept “stars” such the The Cycle and Ronan Farrow. Morning Joe should have been canceled eons ago. They have canceled Joy Reid, who brought depth to her reporting. The weekend programming after 1 p.m., with “Caught on Camera” and the steady feed of “Lockup” is disastrous. Why not just turn out the lights?

  13. Sorry, but MSNBC wasn’t really that “left-wing” even when Olbermann was around.

    First off, Olbermann and Maddow aren’t even “left-wing” (at least, not by the true standards of what the Left is, rather by the Tea Party “definition”). Both are closer to traditional liberals who defend the current system, but seek to smooth the rough edges through extending reform and some crumbs to the 99%.

    Secondly, any network who also hires Chuck Todd and Joe Scarbrough can hardly be called “left-wing”.

    Third, and most importantly, MSNBC is a corporation owned by another megacorporation, Comcast, which in itself is owned by a mega-megacorporation, Universal. They may tolerate dissenting opinion as an experiment and to tap a demographic, but their prime mission is to make lots of money….and right now, the Right has all of the bank. Thusly, the experiment of allowing “liberal talk” must cede to the will of the 1%, and MSNBC fall in line with the CNN/Politico/FOXNews neolib/neocon…

  14. [finishing my sentence]
    …neolib/neocon paradigm. That’s why Keith Olbermann was sacked; and that’s why Joy Reid, and probably ultimately, Chris Hayes, was/will be sacrificed as well. And, if I’m Al Sharpton, I’d watch my back for the knife, too.

  15. I fully expect Joe Scarbrough or a similar wingnut, or probably a DLC Harold Ford thinkalike to take over Hayes’ slot. I wouldn’t hold any hopes on Ed Schultz returning to prime time, unless he’s had a change of heart and returned to his old right-wing populist roots. Or, maybe they move Lawrence O’Donnell up from the 10PM slot to fluff Chris Matthews and recreate the old “liberal” wing of the McLaughlin Group. Either way it goes, MSNBC will simply be “Leaning Back” to the center-right along with the rest of the pack, and the lesson that legitimate Lefties have been saying all along but have been ignored will ring true: you won’t create a progressive media through a conservative platform.

  16. MSNBC is losing viewers because their viewpoint is horrendous, America is center right not “kooky” left. I saw numbers that a key prime time audience drew 55,000 for a MSNBC show, what a joke, a fraction of one percent. I drew tears laughing.

  17. I turn on Morning Joe everyday, but lately I’ve had to turn it off because Joe’s on a hissie fit. I wish they’d send him to faux where he belongs. Just watched Alex Witt and I had to check the channel, if I wanted to hear this dribble I’d watch a different station.

  18. Sadly I was reminded at the forcing out of Olberman of exactly who owns anything NBC….the war profiteers at General Electric.

    Morning Joe is a jagoff. Blondie caves into him nearly every day.

  19. If you really think MSNBC is “reality” you should scan the neutral fact checking sites like….

    According to all the neutral fact checkers Rachel Maddow is a serial liar.

    Just sayin’…

  20. I don’t know what is in the mind of MSNBC execs but they have really jacked around with their answer to the omnipresent right wing media. It isn’t Chris Hayes’ fault that he was placed in the middle of the confusion about where to put Ed Shultz and just when Rachael Maddow’s star was rising. Hayes has done a good job. MSNBC also has to realize that the left is never going to have a “base” like the right wing media enjoys because most left leaning people get their news from multiple sources and do not rely on one nightly show from which to get their information. It is not a matter of lack of loyalty, it is a matter of multiple sources of finding the truth. Then there were format issues forced on the hosts that just didn’t fit. Although that seems to have waned, it is all the multiple changes that make older liberals wonder what is going on. Many of us would like to see an answer to far right wing hosts like Hannity and O’Reilly without the lies and misrepresentations but with di…

  21. Strange. I have fact checked MSNBC and FOX. What I have found is MSNBC is fact based almost all of the time and FOX rarely is fact based.

    Check bills through Thomas. Research things. You will find that I am telling the truth. I watch MSNBC because I want to know what is really going on it the world. If I wanted a trip down the Yellow Brick Road, I would tune into FOX but I outgrew fairy tales over 60 years ago.

  22. I have fact checked MSNBC. The only people not dealing with facts are Joe Scarborough and Chuck Todd. It is easy to read bills and research legislation and even watch what is going on in Congress. I watch Rachel and Lawrence O’Donnell because I want to know what is really going on in the world. If I wanted propaganda, I would watch FOX.

    Taking over all the media is how dictators take over countries. Sadly, I see that occurring in the US today.

  23. When Obama first appeared on the national stage and the right wingers were struggling to find synonyms for the “N word” and thought Reverend Wright was a good fit I emailed pumpkin head Chris Matthews and he stopped, though I dare not take credit. I emailed Scarborough and he didn’t. I emailed him again and told him his eyes looked like two piss holes in the snow.

  24. I can’t believe they haven’t sacked Big Mouth Joe….I heard they will put him at meet the press if it goes down further ..cutting the black chick and rownan , that guy that is on after joe is a lacky too…..and Mika…well Mika needs to go too

  25. Joe and Mika have to go. Move Ed back to 8p.m. slot. He was a good lead into Rachel. Bring back Martin Bashire at 4p.m. Bring Keith Olberman back . You must find something to show other than Lockupand other stupid shows you put on. If you don’t take some of the listeners opinions you will lose a lot of viewers.

  26. Have watched this channel for years and years. I miss very much Martin Bashir, thanks to Sarah Palin and her followers for that. (Where is he btw? Never a peep heard from him same as Randi Rhodes when she left radio show.) Chris Hayes can go as far as I am concerned. He was better on the weekends, not ready for prime time. Hayes never should have been assigned a night time show. What happened to Ed Schultz? He has lost his fire! He is all about unions, etc. What happened to McDonnell too? No fire in those two men anymore. Blah.
    Dr Rachel is the very best! We all can learn so much from Maddow’s nightly shows.
    Agreed. When Keith Olberman left the station (one of the worst things ever) was their downfall. God, I wish he was back on MSNBC.

  27. I’m very disappointed with MSNBC I thought they were different. I’ve been listening to them for many years, I will hate to see all the liberals leave. Count me out.

  28. MSNBC is no different than Fox “News” Channel “just on the opposite side”? Retract that false statement or forever be branded an idjit.

    Point to me a programmed show on Fox “News” Channel that gives a Liberal a THREE HOUR SHOW.

    I’ll be your tricorn hat you can’t. So, as usual, YOU ARE WRONG and you are an idjit.

  29. What’s on the mind of the MSNBC execs is the same as it’s always been in U.S. corporate media: bait ‘n’ switch.

    Bait the trap with progressive programs/items/news, and once you’ve garnered enough viewers to pay out your shareholders, slowly switch over to the usual propaganda pieces posing as factual news that – lo and behold! – always favor the GOP.

    This fact is supported by the Huffington Post takeover by pro-Republican AOL that’s now changing the news being reported there from progressive to fluff and right-leaning, and the fact that the Pew Research Center’s study has shown that sitting president Obama got LESS favorable coverage than Republicans running in 2012.

  30. is NOT a neutral fact checker. Rachel Maddow has exposed them as being soft on Republican’s outrageous statements while putting her (and other Liberals) under a microscope, Johnny Tricorn, and that’s why they HATE her.

    You’d hate them, too, if they did that to you.

  31. From The Daily Beast, word for word:

    “Everybody in the food chain from top to bottom understands that the Olbermann era is over,” said an MSNBC source, referring to the glory days during George W. Bush’s administration when incendiary liberal Keith Olbermann regularly attracted a million viewers—many of them seeking refuge from White House and Republican talking points.

    The MSNBC source said, “Going left was a brilliant strategy while it lasted and made hundreds of millions of dollars for Comcast, but now it doesn’t work anymore…The goal is to move away from left-wing TV.”

    Read More from the article: Op/Ed: Lean Forward, Going Left for MSNBC/Comcast Will Switch to Lean Back, Drive Right GOP Position, here:

  32. Next u will drop Lawrence O … maybe the most honest ,
    ballsy and Sharp political mind in American TV!

    As long as Lawerence is on the-air at MSNBC FOX NEWS accross the street WILL never be safe!!

  33. The only reason I buy cable is for MSNBC. Rachel Maddow in particular. I would drop Comcast all together if it wasn’t for her and Al Sharpton. And don’t forget The Ed Show. If I watched people like Fox, it would drive me crazy to live in a world with no facts. Too bad for Joy Reid. I don’t think the station understands its own audience. Farrow wasn’t so bad, he was growing in the right direction. Chris Hayes is smart, not as smart as Rachel, but very smart and passionate. I really liked Chris. But if they bother Rachel, I will cancel my cable service.

  34. I have watched NBC nightly News faithfully just to see what news Brian omits which Fox broadcasts. EVERY news story on FOX has pro and con element. Every news event has a right vs left debate. There is no name calling, no made up news, no fantasy.

  35. The only way to save MSNBC is to replace all the hosts except rachael maddow and the morning joe show. The rating for the others are awful. I don’t think it would be a good idea to put her up against bill o Reilly.

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