Veterans Group Demands That Fox News Take Bill O’Reilly Off The Air

Bill Oreilly

A leading veterans group is calling on Fox News to take Bill O’Reilly off the air after it was uncovered that Fox News host lied about his history as a war correspondent.

In a statement, Jon Soltz, chairman of, said, “NBC acted completely appropriately in taking Brian Williams off the air and looking into claims he’s made over the years. Fox News has to do the same thing. The issue, for me, isn’t that Fox has been caught off guard and didn’t realize O’Reilly was telling possibly false tales. That I can accept. It’s what do they do about it now? That will tell us a lot about how seriously they take their news organization.”

The mainstream media, except for Fox’s cable news competition, have largely treated the O’Reilly/Corn story as a case of he said/he said. The media is giving Bill O’Reilly an open platform that he is using to smear Mother Jones and David Corn. What O’Reilly is also doing is distracting from his own statements.

The 400,000 member organization VoteVets has it right. It is a matter of consistent treatment. The media is happily willing to overlook the fact that O’Reilly’s story makes no sense. O’Reilly’s has made up his own definition of a combat zone. Bill-O’s claim that he saw combat is similar to a journalist claiming that they were at Ground Zero on 9/11 while they were in Atlanta.

The odds of Fox News taking O’Reilly off the air are zero. The reason for this confidence is that Fox News isn’t a real news organization. Fox doesn’t care about their credibility because they don’t have any.

What is most troubling is the media’s willingness to overlook O’Reilly’s lie. By standing with their ratings cash cow, Fox News has shown that it isn’t just O’Reilly who should be taken off the air. It’s also their whole sham “news” network.

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  1. I just read the text of Andrea Mackris’ sexual harassment lawsuit against Bill O.
    Damn, that man is a creep!

  2. Let’s see……Bill O called for the murder of Dr. Tiller on air giving out the doctors address, so of course a RW extremist murdered Dr. Tiller at church! He told a female co worker that wouldn’t bow down to his ego, to “go take her frustrations out on a vibrator!”
    And…..the right loves him because this is who they are. They are like Bill O…..disrespecting women, calling for murder for those who disagree with him, over shouting his guests and they love him, a bully, just like the ones in school.

  3. He is a liar, a bully, and a creep….no offense to liars, bullies, and creeps.

    He isn’t worthy of their company.

  4. He’s got nuthin to worry to worry about. He’ll just write another book about killing someone. He might want to write one about “Killing My Pitifull Career.”

  5. Military sources brought the Brian Williams issues to light. Who, except far left David Corn, have accused O’Reilly of “lying”? What is Mr. Corn’s proof? this seems like a left winger trying to even the score after one of his fellow media liberals was caught in real lies. I need some outside corroboration of what Mr. Corn is saying.

  6. You do know you are a fuking idiot but if you read the Mother jones article you may be saved. Praise the baby jeebus

  7. Although I’d been happy to never see or hear of Bill O’Reilly again, I’m sorry that the vets group chose to compare his situation to Brian Williams because it just ups the finger pointing.

    It would be more effective, especially coming from a veterans group, if they talked about how disrespectful it is for him to claim to understand war based on his so-called combat experience. It’s an insult to the men and women who have actually served that he would ever compare their situation to theirs.

  8. Bill O’Reilly is cut from the same cloth as the rest of the FOX crew. They seem to have a talent or pathological tendency to carefully doctor the truth and conveniently leave off the damaging parts. They artfully create a new story that sounds true, in part because of the way it is stated. This is a very effective technique on the gullible, the credulous, the believers. It is also the way certain national leaders have built a false and comforting reality for its believers in the past and today. Scary.

  9. And where are the corroborating voices that will stand up for Billo? Abject silence from any and all people he’s ever worked with. He’s had years to locate anyone who might confirm his assertions, yet none have stepped forward to back him up. That you can’t even ask yourself that question, shows the depths of your right-wing brainwashing.

  10. Seriously, Daisy or anyone else seemingly looking for proof, read the Mother Jones article. I read it yesterday and it is packed to the gills with proof of Bill on air and in his own books making these claims.

  11. Once a news reporter or commentator, either on air or in the press, lies to the audience about something as traceable as war experience and where he was when and with whom he’s toast. Not to say that you could ever trust many of them – and certainly not Bill O’ Reilly – but this kind of blatant, totally made up falsehood is unacceptable and the liar must be cut loose by the organization. This won’t go away. He’s confirmed as a confabulator.

  12. Lady, Bill O. is a live long lying machine. David Corn is a responsible journalist. Bill O? Not so. Just suck it up and get over it.

  13. Read the comments by CBS Bob Schaefer and the CBS Press organizer.
    Read the statements by BBC correspondents.
    No correspondents other than 30 some-odd reporters from BBC were allowed in the war zone.
    Here’s a question for you: Why doesn’t O’Reilly divulge the name of the “South American” cameraman who he claims to have rescued?
    O’Reilly was a self-centered misfit at CBS so he quit – or was he fired?[wink]

  14. Daisy

    The people who he worked with/for at CBS confirmed that no journalist got within 1200 miles of the Fauklin Islands. They have even rebutted his comments about a violent protest where he was in Buenos Aires, while there was protests going on.

    It’s pretty clear cut, there were NO reporters near that war… so how was Bill there?

  15. As a Viet Nam vet, I so agree he should be fired. But less for his lie about being in combat, and more for the combat of lies he fires off every day. He’s a hypocrite like his fellow right-wing politicians who wear a pin on their lapel while blocking every bill to support vets after the combat is over.

  16. Daisy,
    Other journalists, including his colleagues at CBS, say he was lying. O’Reilly’s own words on tape condemn him. Right after he sanctimoniously accused Brian Williams of lying, he’s caught in yet another one of his self-promoting whoppers. Another clue: O’Reilly’s response is to slander the one who outed him. Just admit it.

  17. Hope we see more groups calling out lies in the media. That is something “journalists” are supposed to do, report the truth; however, that does not happen for the most part, and the lies get a free pass.

  18. Bill O’Reilly spit on all veterans. He was 1200 miles from the actual fighting, and claims he “saw combat”? It would be hard even for a right wing anti American moron – his typical supporter – to overlook this…but I see several are already claiming it’s all a “liberal media plot”.

    We have not had any actual “liberal media” in the USA since the mid 1970’s. If you get someone to read some history to you, you will find your “evil socialists” of today support the same things as did moderate Republicans of 50 years ago.

    Right wingers – Learn to read – grow up – get your head out of your ass, and start to respect OUR country.

    US Army veteran.

  19. As soon as someone steps up to take Orally’s place in the wounded worrier project then ask that he be taken off the air

  20. This article is totally based on innuendo an not on the facts. Orielly has produced documentation from CBS that He did report on the Falklands from Argentina. Corn’s article says that Orielly strongly criticized Williams, which he never did. You and Mother Jones are the ones who are doing the smearing.

  21. Fire Brian Williams and O’reilly, both arrogant liars, I so dislike a liar, strange it’s now called embellishing, are you serious

  22. Untrue. Billyboy could only have been in the combat zone of the Falkins War IF he was one of the 50 BBC reporters who were allowed to cover the story from within the combat zone. All other reporters were over 1000 miles away. Where is billyboys documentation that he was:

    1)A BBC reporter?

    2)And once the above is proven, that he was one of the 50 embedded?

    Bill made the claim, the burden now lies on him to prove the two points I made above.

  23. Yeah,he was in Argentina, all right. It’s big. My guess is that he was either in Cordoba, sampling the vintages; in one of the Junta torture centers, getting his rocks off on a disembowelled girl,or both. He was *not* in the Falklands.

  24. Nothing, absolutely nothing will happen to O’Lielly or to Faux as no one believes what they broadcast is either true or honest.

    NBC news lost about 700,000 voters after Williams was outed as a liar. America knows Faux lies and they will lose not a single old white viewer.

  25. He also said just yesterday that David Corn of Mother Jones needed to be shot.

    Just imagine if Williams had said anything like these statements.

  26. Right, as a 100% Disable Combat Veteran and a progressive liberal I really love how righties can’t stand to acknowledge that liberal veterans served America.

    They conviently forget Senators Daniel Inoway of Hawaii and Bob Kerry of Nebraska both Medal of Honor winners and liberals.

  27. I am also a disabled Vet and the one thing I cant stand is these chicken hawks who play call of duty question our service like the draft dodger Ghouliani

    Cheneyesque denunciation of John Kerry?

    “We need to understand how to support our military. We need to understand how to support our intelligence services. He’s been an opponent of our military for 20 years. He’s been an opponent of our intelligence services for 20 years.”

  28. I didn’t realize that there was so much butt hurt over Brian Williams that they had to go back 33 years to have a semantic debate over an largely unknown war. The thing I don’t get is why are they going after O’Reilly. Crew members on the 159th Aviation Regiment are the ones who started questioning Brian William’s story. Guess they don’t have the courage to mess with soldiers.

  29. fired from ABC after arrogantly saying he would be replacing Peter Jennings. Quit CBS when his agent realized he was about to be fired and was advised to take a job in Boston before it disappeared

  30. I believe that Bill Sheiffer came out and said that he was also a correspondent in the Falklands at that time, and that NO reporters were allowed in “combat situations.” That makes O’Reilly a liar.

  31. Maybe we’re getting what we deserve. There have been so many stories about Bill O’Reilly’s conduct and misdeeds.This time we need to put pressure on Fox to fire him. Fox has let him get away with despicable behavior throughout the years, by allowing him to pay off the victims. Please contact Fox, you can do it through social media if you are more comfortable with that method.There can be no more saying, it’s powerful Fox and they are capable of getting away with everything. We have a military organization which has called Fox out. The least we can do is have their backs.

  32. Faux News lives and breaths lies so O’REILLY is just feeding the beast and the ignorant viewers. It’s just Business as usual for Faux……

  33. Remarkably similar to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s false claim in 2008 that she came under sniper fire as first lady during a 1996 visit to Bosnia. As it turns out, an American dignitary was shot at in Bosnia — just not Clinton. Rather, it was then-Sen. Olympia Snowe, six months before.

    They all lie.

  34. When you post words that you copied from another source, you are supposed to attribute that source. Otherwise it’s plagiarism.

    Here, I attributed the person whose words you copied. It is Leonard Pitts.

    “The incident was remarkably similar to candidate Hillary Clinton’s false 2008 claim that she came under sniper fire as first lady during a 1996 visit to Bosnia. As it turns out, an American dignitary was shot at in Bosnia — just not Clinton. Rather, it was then-Sen. Olympia Snowe, six months before.

    Then, as now, one is tempted to ascribe the lapse to false memory, that phenomenon where you recall with clarity things that never happened.”

    Read more here:

  35. It’s quite simple. Bill went on air and lambasted Williams for doing something that Bill himself has done for 30 years. Once Bill hypocritically called Williams out, he became fair game.

  36. Bill also wants the “HOLY WAR” to begin. (See previous statements). So, I wonder….will he be leading the charge against ISIS with the Holy Warriors, or sit back in the FOX studio and claim that on the weekends he goes into battle with his cadre of secret Holy Warriors.

  37. “David Corn, who works for the far left magazine Mother Jones, smeared me yesterday, saying I had fabricated some war reporting. Mother Jones, which has low circulation, is considered by many the bottom rung of journalism in America. However, in this Internet age, the defamation they put forth gets exposure, so I have to deal with this garbage. David Corn, a liar, says that I exaggerated situations in the Falklands War and Salvadoran War. Here’s the truth: everything I’ve said about my reportorial career is true. 33 years ago in June, Argentina surrendered to Great Britain, ending the Falklands War. I was covering the conflict from Argentina and Uruguay for CBS News. After learning of the surrender, angry mobs in Buenos Aires stormed the presidential palace, trying to overthrow the government. I was there on the street with my camera crews. The violence was horrific, as Argentine soldiers fired into the crowd, which was responding with violent acts of its own. http://www.billoreilly

  38. I appreciate and agree with, but I think they’re confused about Fox News. They have NEVER worried about lying Bill O’Reilly or other on-air talent. Why would they start worrying about them now?

  39. This is why I always call the network Faux News. It is phony news. Faux News is worse than The Onion. At least The Onion says it is made up.

  40. What I like most about this is the setup nature for Hillary’s campaign. Isn’t she the democrat that flew into war-torn Bosnia under Sniper-Fire?

    Yeah, tear down Williams and O’Reilly both. And let’s not stop there… Let’s bring it right on home to the Queen Liar Herself, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    None of these liars should have the public’s confidence again.


  41. All journalist should be subject to vetting of the the things they say . So should all politicians , what a wonderful world that would be . Opinions can be open ended . Facts are facts , easily proven or rejected . Most attacks on Mr O have been proven to be politically driven or just repeats of something read on the net . Do your homework , do not post things you cannot back up with facts . Do not make yourself look like an idiot .

  42. It’s about time O’Reilly got caught @ his game .Being from Boston I have seen his antics before, Are there no scruples @ FOX ? Mabey old Rupert Murdock needs to cash in his chips,FOX is going the way of the Republican Dinosaur political agenda he needs the Big Gorilla hand like in Laugh in ,or the big hook to yank him of the stage,find him a nice quiet island with monkeys that he can preach to,but make sure he has plenty of Bananas.[WINK]

  43. In 2003, I wrote a book called “Spinning Out Of Control,” subtitled, “The Unauthoried Biography of Bill O’Reilly”.

    My publisher and I, of course had to allow O’Reilly an opportunity to respond to all of the negative information which was uncovered.

    O’Reilly’s response was a series of lawsuits, none of which had an opportunity to succeed, since all of the information contained in the manuscript were documented truthful facts, supported by thousands of hours of interviews, hard copies of incontrovertible evidence, and other information which simply could not be denied. The last conversation our attorney had with theirs, included a threat to the publisher to the effect that if the book sold “A BILLION COPIES” we would spend every penny, defending more lawsuits.

    The publisher opted to shelve the book.

    All I will say here, is that during the research, and at the time O’Reilly was being confronted with evidence of his lies…his OFFICIAL FOX NEWS RESUME & BIO, CHAN…

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