Scott Walker To Try To Get Elected President By Making Wisconsin A Right To Work State

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Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) has stated that he has other priorities besides passing right-to-work legislation. Nevertheless, on Friday, a spokesman for Walker, declared that the Governor would sign into law a controversial right-to-work measure if and when it hits his desk. Walker spokesman Laurel Hardy issued a statement Friday that read, in part:

Governor Walker continues to focus on budget priorities to grow our economy and to streamline state government. With that said, Governor Walker co-sponsored right-to-work legislation as a lawmaker and supports the policy. If this bill makes it to his desk, Governor Walker will sign it into law.

Republican lawmakers intend to hold an extraordinary session next week to push through a proposal that would ban employers from requiring union membership as a condition of employment. Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) believes he has the votes to pass the measure, and get it to Walker’s desk, by the end of next week.

Governor Walker has long been a foe of organized labor. In 2011, the controversial Governor stripped most public union employees of collective bargaining rights, setting off massive protests around the state. Outraged citizens organized a recall effort against the Governor, though he ultimately prevailed in the ensuing recall election.

With Republicans now in firm control of both houses of the Wisconsin legislature and the Governor’s mansion, the right-to-work law is almost certain to become law. 24 U.S. States, mostly in the low-wage South and Interior West, are already right-to-work states. The Northeast and Midwest, areas with historically strong labor movements, have, until recently, been union strongholds that have resisted right-to-work legislation.

However, the recent Tea Party ascendancy in the Midwest has permitted GOP legislatures to impose right-to-work laws in the Industrial heart of America. Indiana became a right-to-work state in 2012. Indiana’s law was reaffirmed by the state’s Supreme Court in November of 2014. Michigan passed a right-to-work law in 2013. A court rejected a challenge to that law, in February 2015.

While the term right-to-work implies freedom, what the legislation actually does is undermine worker pay. They also allow non-union members to accrue benefits won by unions, without paying union dues. Because federal law requires unions to represent all workers covered by a contract, including those who do not pay for union representation, right-to-work laws essentially reward freeloaders. The freeloaders get the benefits obtained by a union contract, without paying their share for the union representation.

Wisconsin residents who voted Republican, and those who didn’t bother to vote at all, will bear the consequences of their decisions, when the states wages stagnate or decline. Scott Walker has positioned himself as an enemy of American workers, but Wisconsin voters have continued to reward him for waging war on the unions that fight to protect worker pay.

Now that their Governor has his sights on becoming the Republican nominee for President, he is likely to amp up his war against factory workers, school teachers, and nurses. Tea Party voters like a guy who isn’t afraid to attack the underdog. Scott Walker has shown that he loves being that guy. Hopefully, the rest of America will wake up to the danger of a Scott Walker Presidency, and not succumb to the voter slumber that has turned the Badger State into a nightmare for ordinary working folks.

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  1. Where I live they’re trying to build two bridges between Kentucky and Indiana. Kentucky is responsible for one, and Indiana the other. Indiana is a right to work state and their bridge is always running into labor related problems. Kentucky’s end is moving along smoothly. Who wants to get paid less for doing the same dangerous job the guy’s down the road are doing?
    Can you imagine any union rep really giving it his all to represent someone who won’t pay their dues? I wouldn’t.

  2. It is like he rhetoric of “destroying a village to save it”, from Vietnam.

    Walker will “destroy his state to save it.”


  3. Should joining a union be voluntary? Let me get this straight. Companies that enter agreements with labor unions should not be able to hire non-union workers. Ok. That actually makes sense. But, should the state be telling an employer what to do? They certainly should when it comes to safety, discrimination…the 40 hour workweek.. that sort of thing that unions were very instrumental in, but what are the workers rights? What is to stop a bunch of people, who need work, from offering their services, without forming a union? What if they are willing to work for less, or less benefits? It should all be voluntary, which is what free-market capitalism is, or should be. The constitution guarantees free-association, and for a reason. As much as you socialists want the utopia of collectivism, the only tool that that you have is violence. Maybe you think union thugs gathering at Walker’s parents house was cool, or his kids being followed to school, his wife being followed to the supermarket..

  4. but I wonder if some unemployed job seeker would be fine with his family being intimidated, followed around, or threatened like Walker’s family was???

  5. When the majority of American workers are pushed into poverty and can no longer support their families or hang on to their homes, there WILL be violence – and tools like you will be among the targets. You can parrot all the shitty cliches you want (e.g. “As much as you socialists want the utopia of collectivism”), but “socialist paradises” like Norway, the Netherlands, and Germany are doing exceptionally well. Of course, their citizens are far better educated than ours and they would never be gullible enough to be duped into swallowing the absolute crap you excrete from your wordhole.

  6. Walker deserves to be put into the stocks in some public square and take whatever flying projectiles are thrown at him by the citizenry he has betrayed.

  7. So, just put those who you disagree with into the stocks, and throw projectiles at them. What’s new with socialists?

    Not much….

  8. Who’d he betray? The voters that re-elected him or the 15 percent of private sector workers in Wisconsin who’re probably democrats? Why can’t you just round up the 85 percent of non-union workers and throw stuff at them?

  9. Stocks means stockyards. It’s where dissenters are sent who don’t comply. Maybe mr firefighter is using it another way. Probably as shackles or something to keep somebody he disagrees with stationary so he can hit them with projectiles easier…

  10. Walker made his choice. Do you really think he was putting his family or anyone elses family first? Oh and they take the jobs and then want to bitch about their pay scale or their shitty benefits. Then they want the unions to fight their battles when they screw up.
    Walker, Schneider, and Pence would screw over their mothers if they thought someone would mention their names in the same sentance with president. FUD!

  11. Not exactly. I was talking about actions taken in big socialist countries where dissent was dealt with in heinous ways. But it is very similar to what Southern Democrats were doing to blacks, when republicans were fighting for reconstruction and equality in the post civil-war South, but faced fierce resistance from racist democrats…

  12. They don’t call it “right to work for less” for nothing. Idaho just celebrated 35 years of being a “right to work” state. Last year women’s income, and family income was last in the country, yes, #50. Men’s salaries were #49. You want that in Wisconsin, some in Idaho would gladly change places.

  13. Well it wouldn’t be today’s examples like Nordic states or Germany. It would be the USSR or the National Socialist Party in Germany… IE Nazi’s.. or Mao’s transformation of China into socialism. Hey, I wasn’t the one proposing putting into anyone into stocks and throwing projectiles at them. Mr fire putter outer just proved me right about violence being at the core of socialism. if you have a problem with socialists espousing violence, and making my case BTW… take it up with him…

  14. You really have no idea what socialism is. I suggest you STFU and educate yourself before you go spouting bullshit

  15. Maybe you don’t have a problem with it… Either you do or you don’t. Let’s do a syllogism (logic) on it. I say violence is at the root of socialism. You make the case that it’s not representative of today’s socialist countries.. Fair enough. But how does wanting to throw projectiles at somebody square with that? A=my statement… B=equals a fire fighter (probably in a union) wanting to throw stuff at people and C=you saying that it doesn’t apply to contemporary socialist states… A=B, but not C… So I’m correct and you are correct… but Mr FireHoser throws a wrench into the syllogism… Hopefully he’s not bringing wrenches to throw at Walker…eh???

  16. “You really have no idea what socialism is. I suggest you STFU and educate yourself before you go spouting bullshit.”

    That’s adhominem, or meta argument. Saying I don’t have ideas, or implying I’m uneducated is argument about ME, not my statements, which you haven’t proved wrong, along with ignoring your squad 51 compadre who wants to throw things at people, who clearly proves me right….

  17. But you gave examples of countries that had nothing to do with socialism. If you used Sweden and dare I say I say it the US then you might have an argument. But you didn’t so again I say you have no idea what socialism is. Try again sparky

  18. “But you still haven’t answered my question. And what socialist countries would that be?”

    The country that I’m really talking about is America, where democrats are pushing for socialism. The despicable intimidation and threats foisted on Walker and his family are evidence of the roots of socialist thinking. Fire-Marshall Bill just put the icing on the cake..

  19. So let me get this straight. You want to get rid of Social Security, the postal office, the Highway fund, Medicare, Public schools, the police and fire departments, libraries, the CDC, Employee health subsidies, flood insurance, energy subsidies and a whole lot of things that promote the general welfare of the people?

  20. Now you resort to “straw-man”, which is putting words into people’s mouths. I’d say most, if not all government programs need serious reform, but that’s not where we’re at here. Your avoidance of, or ignoring of, the tactics used against Walker and statements made by Smokey the Bear, who wants to throw projectiles at people, leads me to believe you are in tacit agreement with him… Am I right?

  21. No I am not. You said that Democrats are leading America to socialism what ever the fuk that means. I just listed programs that are socialist in nature, which ones would you cut. And that goes back to my original assertion that you don’t know WTF socialism means

  22. “No I am not.” FINALLY! It’s like pulling teeth around here. So union violence (or intimidation) is wrong and our public servant should project water on fires and not suggest aiming any other sort of projectiles at people. leading America to socialism is all this talk of setting wage prices, lambasting anyone who can do basic math when looking at the trajectory of unfunded liabilities as un-compassionate… etc etc. Oh, do tell this “uneducated”, “idea-less” person who needs to STFU, what socialism is. I’ll listen… (This ought to be good!!..)

  23. I have no idea what that rant was about but I will try. Unfunded liabilities? I guess walker giving away 200 million to the Bucks to build a new arena just grows on trees. While he cut taxes for the rich his state, wait for it, Wisconsin’s 2-year budget hole forecast at up to $2 billion

    How is that basic math working for your bagger ass?

  24. That’s meta… It means a change in the argument. You told me I don’t know what socialism is. I’ll take your word for it. I know what the Webster’s definition of it is, but alas…. you keep me hanging, waiting with unrequited angst, baited breath, and exited anticipation of your words of wisdom on socialism.

  25. Really? That’s your answer? I gave you examples of socialism in America and that’s all you got? Look boy, even though I am a progressive I deal in facts. All you have is right wing talking points. Grow the fuk up and learn before you try to debate me

  26. Using the words of the greatest President of all time, “There you go again”. Calling somebody a boy is not an argument, nor is saying they need to grow up and learn. That’s all adhominem, and listing a bunch of programs or institutions that have become unaffordable and unsustainable isn’t an argument either… What would be nice, is if you could actually tell me what socialism is, if not clear bankruptcy… I’m all ears…

  27. My definition is as follows
    We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

  28. ‘Free market capitalism’ isn’t implemented anywhere in the world. Never has, Not even in the USA.

    If compulsory union membership is wrong, then compulsory membership elsewhere is wrong and should be made illegal as well.

    That means no ‘club members only’ meetings. That means No political party should be allowed to have anything ‘member only’. And on a similar matter, no fundraiser where all seats must be bought, etc.

    Is that acceptable to you?

  29. You think that means socialism? Yikes… We are doomed folks. You think that, which is clearly espousing Laissez Faire… is this???

    “any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods.”

    Say it isn’t so Joe…

  30. I guess “hurting” somebody is how you socialists operate… Not a shocker. Thanks for proving me correct on socialist leaning democrats…

  31. Five reasons Republicans would hate true “free-market capitalism”.

    1) True “free-market capitalism” = no trade restrictions at all.

    2) True “free-market capitalism” = no patent or copyright protections.

    3) True “free-market capitalism” = no product or service may be restricted or banned including drugs and prostitution.

    4) True “free-market capitalism” = no franchising.

    5) True “free-market capitalism” = no corporate subsidies.

  32. Domestic tranquility, General welfare, provide for the common defense. Have you read the Constitution other than the 2nd amendment?
    What is socialism?
    a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.

    Why did we fight for independence? I think the preamble speaks for itself. They didn’t what they did regulated by Britain. But I understand. You cant think beyond what you were told so the words have no meaning to you

  33. Hey Juan I would guess you are Hispanic. Do you even know your own history?

    From 1848 to 1928, mobs murdered thousands of Mexicans, though surviving records allowed us to clearly document only about 547 cases. These lynchings occurred not only in the southwestern states of Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas, but also in states far from the border, like Nebraska and Wyoming.

    Some of these cases did appear in press accounts, when reporters depicted them as violent public spectacles, as they did with many lynchings of African-Americans in the South. For example, on July 5, 1851, a mob of 2,000 in Downieville, Calif., watched the extralegal hanging of a Mexican woman named Juana Loaiza, who had been accused of having murdered a white man named Frank Cannon.

    Such episodes were not isolated to the turbulent gold rush period. More than a half-century later, on Nov. 3, 1910, a mob snatched a 20-year-old Mexican laborer, Antonio Rodríguez, from a jail in Rock Springs, Tex. The authorities had arrested him on charges that he had killed a rancher’s wife. Mob leaders bound him to a mesquite tree, doused him with kerosene and burned him alive. The El Paso Herald reported that thousands turned out to witness the event; we found no evidence that anyone was ever arrested.

    While there were similarities between the lynchings of blacks and Mexicans, there were also clear differences. One was that local authorities and deputized citizens played particularly conspicuous roles in mob violence against Mexicans.

    On Jan. 28, 1918, a band of Texas Rangers and ranchers arrived in the village of Porvenir in Presidio County, Tex. Mexican outlaws had recently attacked a nearby ranch, and the posse presumed that the locals were acting as spies and informants for Mexican raiders on the other side of the border. The group rounded up nearly two dozen men, searched their houses, and marched 15 of them to a rock bluff near the village and executed them. The Porvenir massacre, as it has become known, was the climactic event in what Mexican-Americans remember as the Hora de Sangre (Hour of Blood). It led, the following year, to an investigation by the Texas Legislature and reform of the Rangers.

  34. The picture becomes clearer…..the fog, or really the stinking miasma, subsides, as the great debater shows his true socialist, democratic intent to “hurt”…. Took a little time to reveal the underlying premise of all democrats….. At least the Fireman was upfront about it. Djchefron proved that truth can be elusive, but eventually found….

  35. I smell? Wow is all I can say. How did I hurt you? By telling the truth? And you still haven’t explain what is a socialist

  36. So the term “boy” was not meant to hurt… Mmmmkay… but I distinctly remember reading somebody posting “hurts, doesn’t it?”.. I see what I’m dealing with now. But I don’t know what a socialist is either, according to that “somebody”, who wants ME to explain it, when they’ve already said I don’t know what it is…

    and that certain somebody oddly posts clear Capitalism as some sort of description, or proof of socialism…

    Welcome to bizarro world…

  37. Oh, goody, it appears that I may be able to get a word in between the dance going on.

    I just wish to add that Walker is also cutting 300M from the University of Wisconsin. Which will probably cause layoffs and tuition increases. I find it interesting that President Obama is trying to get free community Collage and Walker is cutting it.

    Why is it that one of the first things to go under a GOP/TP president or governor is the education system. One can only guess it is to keep the young brain dead so the right can raise them right, you know, like the Duggars and the Westboro Baptist Church do.

    With all the crap he has pulled with the state workers and the teachers union, I think it is a pretty sure bet that Wisconsin will turn out just like Kansas and Louisiana.

    Frankly I don’t believe he is qualified to clean pig pens let a lone contend to be President.

  38. You’re like the “journalist” here who said defense spending is 55 percent of the budget, when it’s really 55 percent of the discretionary budget, and less than a third of the overall budget. Or that domestic spending hasn’t increased by much in 15 years when the budget in 2000 was 1.7 trillion and it’s now almost 4 trillion. All semantic wordgames played by sophists, who rely on ignorance….

  39. Walker is spearheading the movement for fiscal sanity. It will eventually reach Washington, no matter how hard democrats fight against it. The question is if we continue on this road to serfdom and destruction, or if we pull back on the stick in time to avert disaster. Unfortunately, progressives have proved they are hell-bent on auguring America straight into the tarmack…

  40. Cut and destroy is what Walker is doing. And not paying the upcoming deficit bill while ignoring his lies about saying there was a surplus. Hey, did you know population increases and if we attract more people to WI with good paying jobs we will need to increase school funding? Oh good lord I could go on and on about the damage to education so stupid with low wages could keep voting for republicans. And WI has been a spearhead for research with direct input into jobs, particularly in medical research (we discovered vitamins) and our great agricultural extensions all over the state that help farmers and home farmers. But enough of your ignorance.

  41. If you don’t know what “stocks” are and what “putting them in stocks” means, then you do not know early America’s history. And since that’s the case, you really need to just give it up.

  42. Seems to me many people are forgetting, Walker was kicked out of the university, he did not quit. Cheating was the reason.. I then ask: what makes you think or believe he will be honest, fair or balanced in any job. Be it Gov or Pres.
    To Juan, the one who wants jobs and hugs to people. I would not want a hug from him, he may have a knife in his hand and stab in me the back. That is the usual way for cowards to handle a problem. Nicey, nicey to your face, but watch OUT!!

  43. A right to enslavement if we get a President Walker.

    The middle-class and poor will hardly have any rights, and lord knows what they’ll do to our voting rights if they gain more power, while, as always, the Tea Party will have their heads in the sand rewriting history and expecting a better America out of this while ending up shocked that they’ll end up being thrown into the volcano like the rest of us.

  44. They’ll blame the Democrats and the Democrat President. FOX will make up stories and the FOX parrots will go around repeating the lies and MSM will do the same.

  45. Thirty eight percent of the union voters voted for Gov. Walker. While 80% of the total union vote stayed home. The union officers in this country best get off there over paid asses and get out the vote. There is no, not one, zero excuse for union members not to vote let alone vote for a TBagger who is proud of crushing union workers under his black knee high SS boots.

  46. It’s all about “Freedumb”. And the “Freedumb” to supplement your income by living on government assistance while calling everyone else “Takers”.

  47. The new governor of Illinois is trying the same thing. He spent millions of his own money to get elected. He will work for free, but gave his wife a high paying job in the administration. He hired his own aides, at a higher rate than the previous gov. He claims he will only serve one term, but I highly doubt that. He is loving all the publicity. Bruce Rauner is a rich arse.

  48. Union bosses all over the country need to be fired and allow a new fresh modern approach for the US labor movement. The right to work proponents have used propaganda to their advantage and the union movement needs to fight fire with fire.

    Push the democrats to pass Federal legislation that disallows any non union dues paying worker to be left out of any benefits and wage gains directly abtained through collective bargaining. They should call it the no right to benefit of no slacker law.

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