Bill Maher Calls On President Obama To Right Another Wrong By Legalizing Pot


bill maher obama legalize pot

Barack Obama has been a president who has righted many wrongs in our country. With this in mind, Bill Maher urged the president to legalize pot and pardon all nonviolent drug offenders who are currently incarcerated.



Maher said:

You can see the progression. From Clinton copping to it, but still needing to say that he didn’t inhale to George W. Bush not denying it, but just saying he wouldn’t answer, to Obama who said yeah, I smoked weed. I smoked a lot of it, and I looked cool doing it. But don’t all these guys, Clinton, Jeb, W., Obama, don’t they all owe a debt to the 40,000 unlucky Americans currently in jail for the exact same crime?
In David Axelrod’s new book he confirms that Obama actually was always for gay marriage. He just couldn’t say it for a long time, because well, he was already black, and he didn’t want to give Bill O’Reilly a heart attack. So he waited, and then made up some s*it about evolving. Isn’t it time to do that with pot?
Come on, man. You’ve gone down the list reversing the stupidities of the past healthcare, torture, gay marriage, immigration, Cuba. It’s pot’s turn, and not just legalization. Obama should acknowledge that putting people in jail for nonviolent drug offenses was a giant mistake in the first place, and then he should use the power of the presidential pardon, and free them all.
Come on, you know you want to. You’ve been stingy with those pardons, and there’s plenty of precedent. Lincoln, a Republican, pardoned the Southern rebels after the Civil War. Ford, a Republican, pardoned Vietnam draft dodgers. Ronald Reagan signed an amnesty for 2.7 million Mexican illegals. If Republicans can forgive people for armed insurrection, desertion, and speaking Spanish, a Democrat can forgive us for getting high.

Republicans blew a gasket over President Obama’s immigration executive actions. They would impeach him if he pardoned 40,000 nonviolent drug offenders so that bong dream isn’t going to happen. However, Maher’s broader point about legalization is a good one.

Legalization movements on a variety of issues have followed a similar trajectory for decades. In the United States, legalization movements start at the local level, spread to the state level, then the federal level is the last to get involved. President Obama won’t make a top down move to legalize pot, but there are steps he could take in terms of federal enforcement that would help the state legalization movement grow.

Bill Maher’s bigger point that legalization is coming is accurate. One does get the sense that the generational change in American politics is going to lead to legalization. The just say no crowd of the Reagan ’80s are being replaced by a younger generation who knows better than to buy into the Reefer Madness hysteria.

It may not be today or tomorrow, but legalization of pot is definitely coming in the future.

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  1. Right now in Colorado a small gathering of tea party types (read as clueless, disenfranchised low information voters incapable of focusing on how exactly we all got here but know how to find Fox News) are holding preprinted signs of protest demanding the repeal of the law allowing marijuana use in that state.

    Likely unaware as well that the group who formed and fund them, Safe Streets Alliance, is a Washington D. C. lobby which represents private prisons.

    That’s right, the same people who bribe…er…contribute to the campaigns of so many weak state legislatures to increase jail time to draconian levels for small offenses like marijuana in order to make more money also want the weed laws repealed so they can keep their prisons full.

  2. Since weed is legal in Colorado and Washington, it’s almost like you are a political prisoner if you’re locked up for pot. I live in Nebraska, but if I was standing at the state’s border and had one foot in Nebraska, and the other foot in Colorado while I was holding a joint, would Nebraska cops arrest the half of me that was standing in their state for it while Colorado cops let me go? It’s all political, therefore those sitting in jail for weed are all political prisoners. It’s time to turn the page, and legalize weed nationwide.

  3. The issue isn’t about weed for me – it’s about another idiotic call for actions by this president that he can’t do.

    He cannot change the laws. That’s up to Congress. What he CAN do is what he IS doing – being thoughtful about how the law is enforced. He has nuances he can alter. But he CANNOT CHANGE THE LAW.

    Now as for pardons – seriously? Most sentences for USE weren’t federal in nature. That is where he has the right to pardon. So that’s another dumb demand by a stand up comic who isn’t even very funny.

    And if we’re looking for pardons why wouldn’t we start with those falsely imprisoned which makes federal oversight of the cases possible? Those are far heavier civil rights concerns that have cost people decades of their lives.

    So pot as a zinger at this president? Really? Well since what Billy wants is up to Congress I hope everyone into legalization voted last November. Because if you didn’t and let the cretins in, then suck that up. It’s all you get.

  4. The President has said several times that he won’t legalize marijuana. The ship of State turns slowly, and he has nudged the
    steering wheel. In the recent hearing before a federal judge, the lawyers for the government admitted that the definition of “marihuana” is wrong:

    “Congress is not required to be ‘right,’ nor does it matter if the basis on which Congress made its decision turns out to be ‘wrong.’ All that is required is that Congress could rationally have believed that its action — banning the production and distribution of marijuana — would advance its indisputably legitimate interests in promoting public health and welfare.”

    We can call for that definition to be reformed to conform to the Necessary and Proper Clause, the Ninth Amendment, and the Tenth Amendment, by declaring in a simple manner what the uninformed already dislike:

    16. The term “marijuana” means all parts of the smoke produced by the combustion of the plant Cannabis sativa L.

  5. I would like you to know that legal weed is nothing more than a Koch hook to get Democrats to turn on their own during an election and that is all it’s about. Here in Colorado, libertarians used the legal weed gambit against Democrats. I still have two lying robocalls saved on my voicemail from the “Liberty Alliance” that cost two dems their seats, handing them to GOP tea party bible thumpers.

    Moreover, Oklahoma and Nebraska are suing us over pot legalization (so much for “states rights”). Meanwhile, the same Koch cabal claiming to be pro-legal pot is pushing ALEC legislation to drug test welfare receipients and recipients of unemployment benefits:

    AND, without congress, an Obama signing statement on pot legalization would only suffer the same fate as his immigration signing statement… so let’s cut the crap, people:

  6. He’s not supposed to be able to change laws, but he seems to be changing laws, making laws, ignoring laws all the time.

  7. What he needs to do and can do is pardon all the low offense pot sentences and reduce our ungodly prison population.

  8. I’m all for a Senior strength bag, can’t get too damn flappy toed and find out I registered Republican while tripping.[WINK]

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