Bill O’Reilly Resorts To Name-Calling And Insults In Response To Mother Jones Story

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During the Friday night broadcast of The O’Reilly Factor, host Bill O’Reilly responded to a Mother Jones story showing he embellished his war coverage as a reporter by throwing out personal insults and accusing the magazine and others of being “far left zealots.” The report that Mother Jones published on Thursday showed numerous instances of O’Reilly exaggerating, mischaracterizing or plain not telling the truth about his experiences as a CBS reporter in the early 80s. Throughout the years, he’s claimed he was in a war zone during the Falklands War, people killed during a riot in Buenos Aires and seen atrocities in El Salvador. However, the facts don’t support his claims.

O’Reilly used the bully pulpit of his show Friday night to personally attack Mother Jones Washington Bureau Chief David Corn and CNN’s Brian Stelter, while bringing up Sen. Al Franken (D-MN), mostly because O’Reilly despises him for writing a book years ago that pointed out many of Bill-O’s lies in the past. (Why not also bring up longtime foe Keith Olbermann while you’re at it, Bill?) The former Inside Edition host provided ‘proof’ that he everything he’s ever said about his coverage was true. The proof — a letter he personally wrote.

Below is video of O’Reilly’s ‘Talking Points’ segment:



O’Reilly is the typical defensive bully. When cornered, due solely to actions of his own making, his only reaction is to lash out and attack. Regarding Corn, he refers to him as a “guttersnipe” and a “far left zealot” whose magazine has low circulation. He also calls Stelter a “far left zealot” who is “masquerading as a journalist.” As for Franken, he just wanted to take some shots at an old enemy, while simultaneously puffing himself up by claiming that those who smear him end up more famous. I guess it was his take on liberal bias in the media or something.

Corn provided an annotated response to O’Reilly’s rant Friday evening, providing point-by-point rebuttals to O’Reilly’s claims. He specifically pointed out that nobody accused O’Reilly of not being in Buenos Aires and getting valuable news coverage during that time. The issue is that O’Reilly has made contradictory and perhaps exaggerated claims about what he saw there as well as stating he had been in a “war zone.” Nothing he showed or said during the broadcast proved anything or refuted the claims made by Corn and Mother Jones. Corn also pointed out that O’Reilly said Corn needs to placed “in the kill zone.” While Fox has asked him to retract and apologize for the statement, O’Reilly has so far refused to do so.

While NBC suspended Brian Williams six moths without pay for his own embellishments, Fox is going to do nothing to O’Reilly. On his show last night, O’Reilly brought on Geraldo Rivera and Bernie Goldberg to circle the wagons and tirelessly defend him. The rest of Fox and the Conservative Entertainment Complex has also shown early on that they have Bill-O’s back. The same group of pundits, commentators and ‘journalists’ who called for Williams’ head once again reveal themselves to be blatant hypocrites.

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  1. Like all bullies, Bill O’Reilly likes to dish it out but can’t take it when comments about his misstatements and ideas are directed at him. He screams and yells and stomps his feet.

  2. Why should O’Reilly refute David Corn’s allegations with facts, especially when the facts support Corn’s allegations? Instead, O’Reilly is turning to the tired, but true method cons use to “refute” the facts – name-calling and getting other cons to circle the wagons, as you put it. Oh, and don’t forget, whining about “leftists” and “liberals.”

  3. Here’s what I take away from all this – Williams lost his job because his audience cares about and expects to be told the truth. O’Reilly will keep his job because his audience neither cares about nor expects to be told the truth.

    It’s really that simple.

  4. At least Brian Williams is a classy liar who just accepts his deserved lumps.

    Bill O’Reily is a three year old screaming “I didn’t do it!” though he’s caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

  5. Isn’t the name calling what they do when they have no reasonable response nor facts to back up their views/lies?

  6. Mighty Mouth (O’Reilly) shows just how much class he has. His tantrum only proves the point that he’s only a legend in his own mind. What I am seeing is God at work. First, Giuliani show is starting to crumble, now O’Reilly and soon and very soon, FOX will be next. Never give up when it comes to hatred and evilness.

  7. Faux has a huge investment in this Mr. Magoo looking creep. They spent millions paying off the young woman who accused him of sexual harassment. Now they OWN him. I wonder, since he claims God speaks to him, what God has told him about admitting to lies?Next he will display his Purple Heart, Medal of Honor and all the other medals that he has won in his career as a crime fighter, and war vet. If he gets away with these lies, why not go for broke, Bill?

  8. Conservatives talk loud, attack in group, but they are real whiny cowards.

    Maybe someone should remind O’Reilly that insults, even when shouted, don’t make much of an argument.

    But you are so right: they sure can give it, but they can never take it!

  9. Classic bully behavior. Never take responsibility for your actions….lie, lie, lie, Bill O and get your faux bot cronies to stand beside you so you will feel secure.
    Your time will soon come to a end on faux. Faux may put you in their kill zone! You’re a distraction and liar!

  10. Well, O’Really can not dispute the allegations with actual FACTS, so he yells. He could not dispute that charges of sexual harassment, either, so Faux paid the freight on that. Bull-O kept quiet for once. Most people would have lost their job after that sleazy episode. Instead Faux embraces him as their STAR!!His falafell will get a good workout these days, I bet!

  11. That was actually a fun read. I will never see Bill O’Reilly as anything other than a sexually frustrated self abuser. Too bad he never learned to use his mouth for anything constructive.

  12. He is a distraction. Well put. Distract away from Williams… it’s your job democrats. Classy, lying democrats need cover folks and it’s up to you to do your part. Please share on facebook or twitter to receive your scoobie snacks..

  13. Juan, does the truth hurt you dumbass O’Reilly fans so much you have to take to name calling just like your hero?

  14. Bill got caught in a lie about his socalled battle experience by claiming he was a reporter in a battle zone and risked his life. It is an insult to our combat vets and reporters who do go inside combat zones risking their lives.

    In the Falklands War Argentina allowed no foreign journalists in the zone, only military jounalists were permitted. Bill would have to prove:
    1) he was a member of the Argentina Armed Forces at that time, and
    2) he was one of their military journalists in the zone.

    His other alternative is to prove he was in the British area of the zone. The British did not allow any foreign jounalists in the zone but 50 British jounalists of the BBC. So to save his reputation Bill need only prove two things:
    1) He was a BBC journalist, and
    2) he was one of the 50.

    Simple enough for Bill to silence his critics. Prove he was an Argentine military reporter, or he was a BBC reporter. To be in the zone it was one or the other.

    If he cannot do that he is a lia…

  15. Juan, Bill can save face two ways. Prove he was an Argentine military reporter in the combat zone, or a BBC reporter in the combat zone. The fact Bill is resorting to name calling is evidence of a liar exposed in his lie.

  16. You mean “classy lying democrats”? Talk to your compadre “Shzoosy” first…and then get back to me..

    I’ll wait…

  17. From Media Matters for America (2/20/2015):

    More Embellishments From Bill O’Reilly

    “Bill O’Reilly claims he never said he was in the Falkland Islands while reporting on the Falklands War from Buenos Aires, but over the years O’Reilly has repeatedly created the impression he was in a combat zone.”

  18. “At least Brian Williams is a classy liar who just accepts his deserved lumps.”


    Now come on. If “Shzoosy” can say Williams is a classy liar, I can’t?….

  19. I am getting a serious vibe here. It’s almost as if I’m getting the bums rush??? Hey, I don’t know how to link to comments here???…

    But Johnny got around banishment. Here’s how you do it. Well, that would get me banned again, so that wouldn’t be wise…(and it’s alot of work..basically scrapping your entire hardrive..) My general assumption is that you CAN be reich-winger, and post here, as long as you don;t say stupid birther crap…or crap-ass stuff like what’s said over at FreeRepublic. Juanito, (or Johnny) will stay within the confines of decorum.. Promesa!!!

  20. So O’Falafel was never in the Falklands, as he claimed. But he still has done plenty of war coverage: every year, he does a special on the war on Christmas and, man, that is some seriously dangerous stuff.

  21. sounds like this is just a hit piece. must not have much real news to report on. so Williams went down, so what your going to try to take Bill-O out now. lol yeah kind of desperate I think. he’s right you know. none of you are reporters, and could only hope to be the success he is. [Snipped for redundancy]can never win with a liberal. nothing WILL ever be good enough ever….. why are liberals so full of hate. I don’t understand. ……………………………………GOD BLESS AMERICA

  22. “Juan, Bill can save face two ways. Prove he was an Argentine military reporter in the combat zone, or a BBC reporter in the combat zone. The fact Bill is resorting to name calling is evidence of a liar exposed in his lie.” ~P.W.M……….

    I wasn’t justifying, or backing up O’ Reily. He’s a blowhard, and it looks like he’s full of it too. Now the post I liked best was Carol’s, even if I trolled a little with the paraphrasing of the “classy liar” comment made earlier…

  23. I will straighten all this out for you. I never get sick, my bones do not break…really… I played football, skateboarded and have been in a coupla knarley motorcycle accidents..

    But Kriptonite? That’s a problem for Juanito…

  24. “Leave a Reply
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    Required fields are marked *”

    Not kicked to the curb yet! Take that Mr “No way”…(or maybe you’re really Lex Luther…???)

  25. In the old days, where I used to hang out… on a certain political blog site..not gonna say which but it has the most traffic of all.. There were 70 to a 100 posts a day in the politics section.. It was pretty awesome. Right-wingers battling it out with lefties.. Kindof like a crazy roller derby. Lots of punches and scratches…. It was lots of fun and most html was supported so big pics… giffs and super sized text where common… But then it got moderated into a sort of sanitized, clean, PC correct doldrums… Oh well, the old days of the internet eh, (???) where you could call somebody a commie bastard and they’d call you a corporate shill capitalist… The good old days… *sigh*

  26. After O’Reilly had to pay Andrea Mackris an undisclosed amount, he threw his weight around at Fox by banning all discussions about what he’d done to her. He’s 100% authoritarian. The dude tried to get a NY police officer fired because O’Reilly’s wife left him for the guy. He contacted the Police Commissioner about the man. O’Reilly is a lying, nasty, vindictive POS.

  27. Thanks for commenting at Politicus, Jim. You add more evidence to the pile that republicans have no relationship with the truth and oftentimes, avoid it at all costs. Even though you’re always among the first to talk about how much you “love the Lord,” you think nothing of violating the 9th Commandment. With you guys, it doesn’t matter whether one of your own is wrong or has lied because the most important thing is that you like him/her, you really, really like them!

    Haven’t the power-brokers in the GOP/TP abused you enough recently? You found out earlier this week that many of them have been taking your money and lining their pockets with in, giving you nothing in return, and a few weeks ago, you learned that one of your “favorite persons in the world,” Sarah Palin, grifter-extraordinaire, was a big old empty-headed, foul-mouthed fraud!

    Keep supporting and defending O’Reilly, but if you think he really gives two sh*ts for you, you’re dumber than I thought you were.

  28. yeah I know tit for tat, I don’t think it will ever get solved to be honest. two sides who believe they are right. maybe we should just split America down the middle… then we don’t need to worry about it anymore. you guys can have the lower border states by Mexico and us reds can stay up by Canada lol. that’s going to happen sooner or later u watch lol. that middle ground we are told so much about… well it will never work…. to much hate. to be honest Im not sure who’s more at fault but Im sure the liberal will just blame a republican like every other problem in the world. I was told today those darn pesky republican’s are now taking the food right out of the kids mouths. can u believe it, or was that last years talking points cant remember. hey tomato tamato right. all kidding aside I think the political system is broken, and this gov has not been one for the people for a very long time, and I doubt the next president whoever he,or she may be can fix it.

  29. I really can’t figure out a lot of your cutesy smug verbiage, but if one liar goes down, why shouldn’t they all? You seem to be saying righties can fabricate but anyone else should go down. Right? And every nasty slur thrown by the right is automatically true, but ANY criticism from center/left is automatically untrue. Question – did Williams act like a spoiled brat when HE was caught out? You right-wingers are such a riot.

  30. I hope O’Reilly holds Hannity’s hands when he is pushed out the door and over the cliff. Siding with Guilliani is another nail in their coffin. BTW….see what happened to Glenn Beck? He was kicked overboard, and is now in TV Siberia. The same should happen to those two. But you know it ain’t gonna happen anytime soon.

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